Hello frnds….. I m here to say something to all d readers and writers…..


Frnds many new ffs are coming…. New writers are coming up with very nice story line…. But they are getting very less comments…. Due to the less reponse either they discontinue it or finish it….. Readers pls comment on every ff…. I know many readers are reading the ff selectively….. Pls dont do that….. Read all the ff guys….. Barely it take 5 to 10 minutes to read and comment….. I m not saying u have to give lengthy comments…. Just a thumbs up or a smiley s enough for writers….. And pls dont say u dont have time to read all d ffs…. If ur fav writer starts a new ff u will read right??? In d same way u too read d new ffs and comment frnds….


There are wonderful writers in swaragini telly updates….. U guys all are rocking….. But i just want to say u also to motivate newcomers by commenting on their ffs….. I have seen many writer not commenting on others ffs….. U guys too selectively reading 1 or 2 ffs that too ur frnds ff only…. Dont tell that u dont have time….. U guys can chat on comment section but for commenting u will not have time???? U guys know how tough is too write a ff…. After knowing all this y u guys are not motivating d new comers??? I have seen “sree harini” motivating d new writers….. She also suggest them not to stop d ff bcoz of comments…. She motivated such persons….. I m saying all d writers to motivate the new comers….. All d ffs are good…. We cant say any ff as bad…. Bcoz all have its own story line uniquely……. Writers pls u too comment on others ff…. Many writers are writing more than one ff and all their ffs get good comments just think of others also….

For eg)if xxxx gets 100 comments in her/his ff then xxxx comment in any new ff then other readers who c dat comment and say that dis s nice bcoz xxxx has commented….. Even the writer will b happy seeing that comment…. That a great writer commented on our ff…..

Pls give that happiness to the writer…. U guys pls motivate the new writers…..


Frnds pls comment on all d ffs…. I have seen many comments saying that i didn’t read ur ff at first but now after seeing the comments now i m reading and its a beautiful ff….. C guys many are reading the ff only after seeing the no of comments so pls dont c d no of comments and read….. Pls comment and encourage new writers….

Guys i m not a writer…. I m a regular reader….. I have read all d ffs of my fav pair and even commented in every ffs….. I havent written any ff…. But seeing the writers stopping the ff in d middle or finishing it hurriedly due to less comments even though the story line is nice i thought to write this one…. If i hurt anybody unknowingly then i m sry guys…..

I m not saying all the writers and readers….. Dont take it personally…. After reading this pls writers and readers comment on every ff…..

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  1. Accepting the fact dear…

  2. i will surely read all of them and comment each one of it

  3. U r right
    My favourite ff’s writer stopped writing
    her ff because of low comment
    The ff was swasan d best epi


    That’s for understanding our plight dear and people its very depressing when we don’t get comments I had even left my one ff incomplete just because of this

    1. Don’t say it is “Is this justice “.

  5. Hey I am so sorry but as I don’t like the pair ragsan and swalak and even can’t imagine it so I don’t read as not to hurt the writer with harsh comments so I cant read every ff as I am an 8th grade student so….I am thankfullb that you wrote such a hearttouching thing but I am really sorrt ???and if I hurt any ragsan or swalak ffwriters then I am sorry I just presented my point of view again sorryyyyyyy??????????

  6. I’ll defo try my utmost best to comment on more FF’s ?

  7. Nivika

    u r right dear..

  8. What u said was emotionally correct but yaar reading and commenting on all ff is next to impossible.
    I m a writer too and l know we get dimotivated when we don’t get enough comment. But personally l too don’t read many ff ,even of my fav fandom too.
    Hope u will understand.?

  9. Dafsi

    So true dear I totally agree with you if you dont mind once your article misses the line upload it once again so it would be more convinient that all the readers and writers read it 🙂 good stand 🙂

    1. dr cant understand…..whether i have to post this again???

      1. Dafsi

        Post it again once it is not at all visible in this site so it would be more convinient that each of the writers and readrs read it 🙂 cuz more than alaysiss I find this kind of inspirational posts are needed to each writer and reader good job 🙂 hope you got cleared 🙂

      2. Dafsi

        I am a RagLakian and I manage to comment on all raglak ffs and yeah i do read ragsan ff and do comment but ver rarely but unfortunately Im not able to accept the pair swalak (if swalak fans are hurt Im sorry ) so I dont read their ffs Im sorry but ai do love SwaSan too 🙂 Im sorey if anyones is hurt it is just Im grabbing thisbopportunilty to explain myself 🙂 Im sorry again

  10. Yes I agree with you and I can’t read swalak and ragsan ff as I can’t imagine and I will try to comment on ff

  11. Jwala

    you are right dear.. I understood what you are saying. . I comment on majority of swasan ff’s which I like. . if I likr one ff I will suerly comment it.. I like raglak ff’s also.. but can’t see swara as villian and all.. and it is very sad to see good ff’s are discontinueing because of less comments. . I’m also writing some ff’s.. so I know it very well.. how it feels if we don’t get much comments for our effort. thank you so much for this post dear

  12. You are very correct…
    I never thought that way… I was a silent reader till now but from now I will comment on every ff that I read…
    I promise… and thank you for this…..

  13. Divyanshri

    I also read maximum stories each n every ff is one of its kind…… I comment as much ff as I can…….

  14. Deeksha

    Truly said dear……?????

  15. It’s so true
    If commenting using big choosy words take time write something quickly what u felt (like awsm amazing nyc ) ???
    Hardly it takes 5 seconds time yaar

  16. Yes dear what u all said was absolutely right. Not only readers but writers too should comment on other ff. I think u did crct by writing this page.

  17. Alisha

    Being a writer I know how hard it is to imagine first and then write it down. When you start writing na, you get into another world. A world totally different world. I still remember when I was a beginner I never thought that I would be able to get more than 4 comments (LOL), but people here are so encouraging and appreciative that I got about 7 comments on the first episode. Here I did like to say that the number of comments actually don’t matter… Just think of the fact that there are many silent readers, that might be reading your fanfiction or some people who might not be able to comment. Even I have seen many writers, who decided to discontinue their fanfictions because of the less number of comments. That’s really sad. But on the other hand, it’s kinda impossible to comment on all the fanfiction although I feel like commenting on each of them because all of the writers are so good at this that sometimes I don’t have words. I will certainly try to comment on all the fanfictions and will try to read all of them.
    For the new writers: Keep on making our Telly updates family bigger and bigger. Stay motivated and please, please, please! Never give up! ❤️?
    Love to all the writers and readers! ??

  18. frnds thanx for taking this positively…..i m not saying to read all ffs……i mean if u are swasan fan then read all d swasan ffs nd comment in it…..just read all d ffs of ur fav pairs nd comment in all d ffs of ur fav pair…..thats it frnds….even i cant read anyother ff than swasan… guys just read all ffs of ur fav pair nd comment in it….

  19. Abirsha

    Ya dr…. U r absolutely correct….. Thanks for the stand yaar…. Many fav ff of mine have been discontinued in d middle….. Even i cant read other than swasan ff…. But i mostly comment in every swasan ff i read…..

  20. Divya shankar

    Hey u y can’t u say first only dis ur 200% true dr bec v r spending lots of time in chatting y can’t u spend 5 min to d beloved friends they spend 5 to 6 hours for our sake atleast we can say nice continue and all..really i used to comment swasan ff almost but not even single comment given to ragsan swalak really i missed their story really u open my eyes..Def I will comment everyone for ur sake..and to their efforts really if u say in beggining only i would hv open up dr..pls try to motivate or share as possible u can dis msg pls..

  21. Abirsha

    I mean many ff of my fav pair…. Its not my ff

  22. U are right…. I was a silent reader but from now I will try to comment on every ff that I will read….

  23. Pavani

    I got ur point dear it is really true that for a writer comments were also imp as a writer I can understand but every one can’t read every ff really do u think it takes only 5to 10 min to read nd comment noo nd we can’t read every ff but ya from now I definitely will comment the ffs I read .nd u told they were stopping due to less comments then definitely I should say writer should be ready to face any type of circumstances they they should not stop for others it is our passion to write we should write for that one who is liking it

  24. Tamanna

    U are absolutely right…. I was a silent reader till now but from now I will try to comment on every ff that I will read….thanks dear for realising me…

  25. Rain_Lightwood

    Thx for saying this. I’m a writer and I’ve just started posting a ff which my friend and me write together and I get such few comments it’s disheartening. I make it a point to comment wherever possible tho:)

  26. Thank you for motivating all writers very good article pls read my FF dil ko doka. Thanks.

  27. Sanskriti ?die hard fan of swasan?

    U r Right Dr even I m silent reader I read some selected stories but I can’t read all the stories as I m in 8 class and even my unit exams r going on sometimes while studying secretly I read some stories and when my mom saw this she starts scolding me ? * poor me * and as per CBSE rules I need to write board exams in 9 and 10 also so I m not even having enough time to read all stories so pls pardon me
    From next time I make sure that I read all the stories and it is my promise
    Stay happy luv u all ?

  28. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    You are right dear.

    1. Sanskriti ?die hard fan of swasan?

      Hi uma u know what In our family I became ur hubby exciting na I will chatting with u in Eva bhabi’s samjhota ss do reply here

  29. U r write I myself a writer . I sometimes see more than 30 comment but sometime only 10 to 15 Comments . I really got upset . And which ever fanfic I read I always comment .

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