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So I am back again. Looking at the results it seemed there are many stalkers who have been reading the story and voted. This made me forced to make another poll and that is for special bonding in the story be it real siblings, jiju saali, friends or sister in laws. I limited options till 6 choices if you have more than one answers and again comments are most welcome for everybody. I have nearly added all the sibling bonds I explored in story but in case if I missed any please let me know. Here are few examples for this polls. the very common one in show and my FF, Luthra brothers share extremely beautiful bonding and could do anything for each other same with Arora sisters Preeta Shrishti gives us real life sister feels. Then comes another bonding where heart relation matters in form of Sameer Tanya who shared more than real siblings from beginning itself. Kritika Ruchika have not been explored in show much but I tried to form their bonding as well like other siblings. The new ones are friends Karan Tanya who share friend vs foe type friendship which makes them more unique than other ones. Here is the poll hope you all enjoy this new one

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  1. Nisha kashyap

    I have read all ur stories all paerts r just fab…..can’t explain enough in words …u r amazing writer…so plz keep posting as can’t wait for long. ..hope to read next part soon…

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