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I am too much overwhelmed from the last poll so added another one. Poll is about which character has been most inspirational character to you and how. All the leads are very strong in every situation. Karan Shrishti are usually shown very smart in judging people and inspirational. In my story they are joined by Tanya and Dhruv who are another prankster who also craved for some love. Preeta, Rishab and Sameer are too innocent to believe any person and emotional but have capability to control their respective other half’s temperament. Sahil Roo are young to include in poll but gives another feel of today’s youth love. Dhruv and Kritika’s character also shows reality of conflict between love, friendship, family and society. My most favorite is Shrishti in show and story too, best sister one could have love her funny antics and fights with shorty. Her character gives me vibes of real life sister and a girl who is beauty with brains and spunky. Tanya is another example of girls out there who thinks boys and girls are equal in everything.¬†Sorry this time no all of the above but options are limited to four choices so you can choose your favorite ones. Lets rock guys

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  1. It was so difficult to choose 4 because u have portrayed every single character so beautifully It has become difficult to dislike anyone
    Post ffs too
    Keep smiling???

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