Reaching towards the destiny (part 1)


Reaching towards the destiny ( !! ) part 1
Hi guys..this is second ff…hope u all like it

My characters of the story are
1. Bihaan paandey – the young charming romeo in the college…dare to do anything for sanskar and laksh.

2. Sanskar – best friend of bihaan…dashing hero like appearance..spends more time on studies than for the girls…dare to anything for bihaan sake.
3. Laksh – charismatic hero like appearance…interested in girls rather than boys…wants to get more popular than bihaan in the college..
4. Arnav – a perfect looking guy..whose aim is to become a great business never interested in making friends or girls..but respects bihaan sanskar and laksh to some level.

And the story going to start at newdelhi university…bihaan and arnav were roommates..where sanskar and laksh were the dayscholars..they are the richest students in the universities…they are called as fantabulous 4…everyone loves to get along with them…but no one is interested in making new friends..they were together..since childhood.

And the intro about the heroines are here
1. Thapki – a very charming girl…who is having innocent face…very good at heart..has a stammering problem since her childhood..gonna join business studies in newdelhi university
2. Swara – best friend of thapki..who can do anything for her..and she is going to join newdelhi university business studies..she has no interest in studies..she is joining the college only for the sake of thapki…her interest is to do modeling..she is a amazing dancer as well..
3. Raagini – she is also a new student…but going to join business studies…in newdelhi university..she will easily draws attention due to her bold nature..never get worried for anything in life..her best friend is kushi kumara gupta..
4. Kushi kumara gupta – she is raagini best friend..she also joins in the same university..she is such a bold girl with a beautiful face…she is very sensitive..her biggest dream is to get in to college like newdelhi university..she is coming from a very middle class family..because of her marks she got a seat…

Here the story goes…
And it’s the first day of the college…thapki was dressed up in a blue cotton churi with a fish tail..she looks so simple..thapki went to temple and got blessings from the god…and she has a bike…his dad gifted her for getting good marks in the board exams…she got in to the bike and she drew the bike in to swara home…which is nearby her home..swara was getting ready…she urges her to make things fast..swara was in a jean skirt with yellow top…she looked like a model…swara and thapki get on to the bike and they reached the college..
And on the other side…

Kushi was confused with what to it was her first day in college..she wants to give a good look….Raagini was dressed up in a blue jean with black top..and with a free hair..and she came to Kushi home…and sees kushi in a dark red churi…and laughs continuously…
Kushi : why are you laughin raggini…
Raggini : who will not laugh by seeing you like this…wat a color ( laughs )
Kushi : (fold his hands and says…pls forgive raagini devii..and turns and says )its my first college I wear the same one as god..
Raaggini : stop u we need to leave..its getting late..we need to get the college bus..

Kushi : sure come..
They both left…
The four of them reached the college…as it was their first day…they were asked to wait in the auditorium…unfortunately the four of them was sat next to next..they introduced themselves…
Raagini : hi am raagini…she is my friend kushii…we are going to join in business studies..what about u ?
Thapki : I am thapki…we are go..going to do business studies oly..she is my friend sw..swara
Raagini : do u have stammering problem?
Thapki : ya since my chi..childhood
Swara : that doesn’t matter..she is the best in our class till now
Kushi feels sad for her…
Swara : kushi…where did u get this dress by the way ( laughs )

Kushi : my mother got it from the market…as it resembles my god deviii
Swara : atchaa devii…( laughs continuously) thapki stares at her angrily and then she stopped
Raagini gets irritated with swara nature…and asks kushi to stop speaking unnecessarily
Swara clicked a selfie as it was their first day…and later on so many people gave lectures about the dress code and the rules about the college..they got irritated over the speech
Raagini : swara..i guess u need to change ur dressing..
Swara : I know these guys wont leave my college lyff peacefully…
Raagini : don worry..we will come in jeans once a one will notify us
They give hifi to each other…

Swara : thank god…I got a girl like u..if ur not here this time..then mahan aatam who is sitting near me will make me to wear saree everyday
Everyone laughed…and the speaker asked the students to go to their respective classes…
Swara : come fast..we need to grab the last bench
Kushi : right said…jaldiiii

Thapki : swara..uuu sta…started again..i don’t want to sit in the last bence…we will sit in the middle
Raagini : I support thapki.
Swara : oh hooo…. first we should reach the place..come on

Precap : fantabulous 4 entry….they call kushii and start to rag her..on seeing this remaining three comes to her rescue…(cold war started )

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  1. Nice love ragini

  2. Suhana

    Aaliya…it’s gud… keep writing like this…waiting for the nxt.. 🙂 🙂

  3. Cutiie

    nice but plz make ot swasan

  4. Mica

    interesting dear luv it

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  6. superbbb dear..loved ragini!!! waitng for d nxt episode eagerly…keep rockng 😉

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