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“Hey what do you want to have for dinner?” Shivay asked while Anika was busy writing something on the paper.

“Shivay I am very busy… please you have dinner I won’t have” she answered.

“Anika work is super fine but you must have something or else how will your weakness go away?” Shivay asked.

“Okay okay… I will have food but not now, you go and have food now and keep my food in the fridge I will have it once I am free” she answered.

“Then what should I make for you?” he asked.

“Khichdi… your’s hand made khichdi is heaven” she answered with her eyes closed. His lips curved up.

“Okay… you just wait for thirty minutes I am making it for us” he soon went to the kitchen. After around thirty minutes he came back with a plate of khichdi smiling widely.

“Hey take it” he extended the khichdi filled spoon to her mouth. She was to take it when she noticed just one plate “hey where is your’s?” she asked.

“You at first have it and then I will have” he said.

“Okay wait” she got up from her place and went towards the kitchen. She returned back with another spoon. “Here you go” she extended her hand towards his mouth with khichdi filled spoon. He smilingly took it in and signed her to have it too. She had it from his hand.

“Okay you resume your works, I will feed you” he said putting up another spoon of khichdi. “Haan best option” she said and resumed her work while he was feeding her one morsel and another morsel to himself from the same spoon.

The khichdi soon finished but she again opened her mouth to have the next morsel. Shivay looked at that and realised that they have shared food from a single plate. She closed her mouth and looked at Shivay and then at the plate.

“Aur nahi hai? (Is it finished?)” she asked very innocently.

“No… no no you just continue with whatever you are doing, I will get some more” he said and went towards the kitchen. He came back with another plate and started feeding her again the same way.

“How was that?” he asked after their stomach was full.

“Nahhh… not that good” she replied. “Ohh okay” his face fell and he got up to go and clean the utensils. “It was super good Mr. MASTER CHEF” she said. His face lightened up with joy.

He returned after cleaning up the utensils but Anika was still working.

“Anika enough of work, now just go and sleep” he said ruffling her hairs.

“Yeah… yeah yeah just this last file study is left and then I will go and sleep, you go na” she said.

“You never shared about your work with me Anika. What is your work? What do you do?” he asked sitting on the other chair.

“Shivay I will of course share about my work once the right time comes, I promise” she said smilingly and got back to her work. Shivay did not disturb her more and went to the hall and sat on the couch waiting for her to go to sleep. He fell asleep over the couch as the night went darker. She kept on working and fell asleep over her files.

The morning knock at their door and she opened her eyes rubbing them and she realised that she has slept the entire night there only. She went to the hall and found Shivay sleeping over the couch uncomfortably.

“Shivay… Shivay get up Shivay… get up go to your room and have a proper sleep” Anika said jerking Shivay.

“No you sleep beside me” he said and pulled her hand and as a result she fell above him. “Please go to your room” she requested brushing his hair.

“Ufff… disturbing biwi” he said irritated and went to his room. She went behind and sat beside him ruffling his hair while he went into deep slumber again. She tried to get up but her hand was intertwined with his. She rested her head over his chest and closed her eyes.

After two hours or so she got up and found her lying over Shivay’s lap and he is ruffling her hair and staring at her.

“Wo… I was just… wo” she tried to explain but he put his finger over her lips and nodded a no.

“Good morning” he wished.

She checked the clock and it showed 10:30 and she turned back to Shivay answering him “good morning”

“Haa..aa.. when did you get up?” she asked yawning.

“An hour ago… now you make morning tea for me” he said and she narrowed her eyes and answered “ohh hello I am not your wife to listen to your orders”

“You will soon be” he winked.

“Shivay… listen I don’t want to raise false hopes in your heart but Shivay we can’t get married” his smile died as she completed.

“Why can’t we get married? Yesterday also when Rudra referred you as his bhabhi you went away from there… why you don’t want to get married to me? Don’t you love me?” he asked holding her face.

“I don’t want to talk over this matter now Shivay. Please you go and get freshened up I am making tea for you” she said trying to free her from his hold.

“No I want an answer today. Last time also you just went away missing on the day of our engagement and when you returned you always tried to go away from me. Why Anika? What do you want just make it clear to me today. You are there with me but you are not allowing me to come to your close. Why? Why are you doing this to us?” he said holding her face tight.


The bell rang saving that time Anika from answering.

“Someone is at the door. Let me open it” she said. He left her and went away from there and she went to open the door.

“Arre you? When did you return? What a pleasant surprise dude” came Anika’s voice to Shivay’s ears. He went to hall to check who is the person.

“Shivay he is Inesh… Inesh Ahuja my BOY-FRIEND” Anika introduced the guy.

“What?” both Inesh and Shivay asked together. Rage was clearly visible in Shivay’s eyes.

“Inesh relax relax, you are my friend and you are boy… so you became na… my BOY- FRIEND” she sarcastically explained.

“Why are you so sarcastic always haan?” Inesh asked Anika hitting her head joyfully.

“How dare he touch Anika? Only I have the right to touch her” Shivay muttered fuming up in anger.

“I am to like that only. Do you want to have some tea or coffe?” Anika asked while Inesh sat on the couch.

“I came here to share some details. Please ask him to go inside for some time” Inesh wishpered in Anika’s ear. Anika looked at Shivay and then back at Inesh.

“Ohh you want to pee… okay okay come with me” Anika said and took Inesh near the washroom. Inesh narrowed his eyes.

“Why did you take me here?” Inesh asked being confused.

“See Shivay would have asked question if I had advised him to leave us alone so I thought this and brought you here. Now you tell me what you want to say” Anika cleared Inesh’s doubt. He shared what he wanted to.

“But Inesh, we cannot wait for more than a month” she said cutting off something what Inesh said.

“I know Anika but we cannot take a step until they takes so. Please try to understand.”Inesh tried to explain “Inesh it might cause much harm” she tried to clear her point but alas he was stick to his words “Anika we have waited for around two years now so… can’t we just wait for one more month?” Inesh asked. Anika’s face fell.

“Okay” she replied sadly.

“It doesn’t take more than two minutes for a man to pee” Shivay’s sound came from the hall.

“Your Romeo is getting jealous Juliet” Inesh teased Anika.

“Shut up… let’s go” Anika went out and Inesh followed her.

Inesh bid bye to Shivay and Anika. Anika asked for tea to him again but he refused and went away. As soon she closed the door Shivay captured her and locked her between his arms over the door.

“Now explain it to me Anika. Who is this Inesh? What were you two discussing in front of the washroom? Did you ditch me and left me alone on our engagement day for this man? Answer Anika… I want an answer” he slammed his palm over the door.

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    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Pakhi
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    1. Nilash

      Yes entirely different babe. Haan time to hai but sachme koi waisa revelation nai hai. Isme past zyada important nai hai but future zyada important hai. To I am damn sure you will enjoy.
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