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“Mr. Shivay, she had fever from past some days. And due to getting drenched in rain she has fallen unconscious. Don’t worry I have injected her medicine but just make sure that she drinks warm milk after gaining back consciousness” doctor handed over the prescription and went away.

“She had fever then too she behaved as if she is super fine, why she always tries to hide things from me?” he thought looking at her.

He went out to buy the medicines and milk for her. After an hour he returned exhausted as he got lost and google was also of less help that confused him more.

She was still sleeping.

He went to her and pecked his lips over her forehead muttering “I love you chudail, now get up soon” smile adorned her lips.

He went to make food for her. He came back and noticed her speaking over phone and is very tensed. “Shivay listen, I need to go you please stay here and I will come back in an hour or two.” Anika hurriedly said and rushed to change her clothes.

“You are not going anywhere” he said calmly. But she was so lost in arranging clothes that Shivay’s words slipped out. “Anika…” he went towards her. “I know Shivay you don’t want me to go but please don’t stop me it’s really urgent” she said and went into washroom.

Shivay pushed the door and went in. “I said you are not going anywhere” he said and she collided with the wall. He locked her between his arms and stared at her face while his breath fanned over her nose dangerously.

Her phone rang breaking their trance. She looked at the phone and it showed up an unknown number.

She picked up the phone and soon ended the call in just one “hmm..” she looked down.

“What happened? Who was that?” he asked.

“Wrong number… the man said sorry wrong number so I just hummed and ended the call” she explained.

“Aren’t you going anywhere now?” he asked. “If I want to then would you let me?” she asked. “Yes…” he looked at her eyes and his eyes turned to deepest shades as he leaned more to her face “…but I have one condition” he whispered in her ear dropping a kiss over it. She clutched her fist as her body shivered.

“What? What are doing?” she asked breathing heavily. “Kissing the woman I love” he said in his extra husky voice fanning his breath over the crook of her neck. “Just say I love you once and I will let you go” he said as he took her clutched fist between his finger and intertwined her fingers with his. She closed her eyes as he looked at her face and smiled looking his effect over her.

“Say it Anika” he said eyeing her lips while his breath was falling on her nose. “I… I… love… I love…” he cut her in between becoming restless “say it Anika” she continued “I… I love OmRu…”

“What?” he immediately asked and she pushed him away realising that he has loosened the grip and ran away. “This is not right Anika” he said and ran behind her in order to chase her but she was also in no mood to give in and she kept running around her bedroom. “Stop there… just stop there” he said. “No…” she replied smilingly and continued her running.

Then only Shivay’s phone rang and he had to stop. “Offo… who is now disturbing us?” he asked irritated looking at Anika.

“Hawww… just check the phone, it might be OmRu… my love… or your own love that is work” she answered and got settled over the couch. He checked the phone and yes it was Om calling.

He received the call and converted it to video call and sat beside Anika. “Hello didi” Rudra excitedly wished.

“Hello Rudy… how are you?” she asked back. “Ohh hello Rudra Singh Oberoi I am also here” Shivay said sounding jealous.

“Rudra aren’t you getting some badbu (bad smell)?” Anika asked winking at OmRu. “No didi… I bathed twice today” Rudra answered smelling himself.

“You duffer will never change” Om said hitting lightly over Rudra’s head. “Why? she said badbu… so I just checked is it from my body or not” Rudra pouted.

“Offoo… I meant that don’t you think someone is burning in jealousy?” Anika asked.

 “Yes Anika… the man with beard beside you” Om said as AniOmRu started laughing. “Om…” Shivay sounded irritated that made them laugh more.

“Hey Anika we have informed at home that Shivay went to some meeting in London and due to some network disturbance he is not getting to contact anyone” Om said.

“But Om why did you lie?” Shivay immediately asked.

Om looked at Anika. “Wo… wo I asked so that no one gets to know that I have kidnapped you… yeah… yes” Anika said and huffed.

“You three are hiding something from me right?” Shivay asked. “Why will we hide anything Shivay?” Om tried to cover up but alas “Om… don’t ever try to lie when you can’t” Shivay said.

“Arre yaar… let’s share it with bhaiyaa” Rudra said in his cool dude way. “Shut up Rudra” Om tried to stop him but Rudra being Rudra said “arre bhaiyaa… from past two days I have worked out less, and yesterday evening I cheated my diet and as a result I gained some weight” Rudra pouted after completing.

“What?” all the three asked narrowing their eyes. “Ohh haan yes yes… this was the matter” Om said looking at Shivay.

“Dumbell Oberoi you will never change” Shivay said.

“Hey no words against my Rudy boy” Anika soon retorted back.

“Wahhh… shaadi ke pehle hi bhabhi supporting this much to shaadi ke baad kya hoga?” Rudra commented smiling widely. Anika and Shivay turned to each other after hearing the statement and Anika said “wo… I have some work, I need to go… talk to you two super soon… bye love you both” Anika got up and went away.

She turned back at Shivay whose eyes were still on her.

“Shivay you too go and take rest… we should also go now” Om said. “Hmm…” Shivay just hummed looking at the door. They cut down the phone.

“Are you mad Rudra? You know that Anika would never agree to marry Shivay and please do not raise hopes in Shivay’s heart” Om said.

“Par O… Shivay bhaiyaa aur Anika didi ke saath hi aisa kyun? (But O… why only with Shivay bhaiyaa and Anika didi)” Rudra asked very innocently on the verge of crying.

“Don’t be sad Rudra… there is someone above all of us watching us and he will only do justice to this lovers… have faith on him” Om explained ruffling Rudra’s hairs and caressing his face.

“Okay okay enough of your philosophical baate… now go and get chocolate shake for me” Rudra said in an ordering voice. “You will not change ever” Om said and got up to make what his brother demanded.

PRECAP- ANIKA’S BOY-FRIEND… think think think girlies and boiisss

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