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“Shivay come… how much time will you take to get ready?” Anika asked getting into the car. “Yeah just wait for two minutes… actually my hair isn’t looking good… so let me set it first. Yeah… no not this” he said and then again got busy in setting his hair.

After around twenty minutes he came down. “Hey I am here… let’s go” he said occupying the driver’s seat.

“Hello… hi… Hola” he said doing actions to ensure Anika is listening to him but she was waiting for the car to start so that they go for the planned trip at least.

“Hey… listen to me… I am not late…” he was explaining when Anika cut him in middle “Shivay… aapko nahi jana… okay fine” she opened the door lock and was about to open the door when Shivay at last started the car.

“Ohhh yeah… close the door properly” he instructed.

“BTW let me tell you Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi… no one is going to look at you and get flattened by your charm so just stay cool and stop your swag from overpowering you” Anika said looking out. “Ohhh thank God at least you agreed I am much handsome that girls do die on me… I am…” Anika again cut him in middle “Shivay Singh Oberoi… right? Listen you are just Shivay now” she said.

“Hmmm… it seems someone is getting jealous haan… I can see the lava coming out from the volcano beside me” he teased her.

“Listen I am enough beautiful. And why would I be jealous huh? Guys die over me… huh..” she said justifying her side.

They soon reached their first planned place VICTORIA MEMORIAL HALL.

“Wow” Shivay said getting into the memorial. He went to each corner and checked the historical things kept there. “Anika this is so beautiful” he said showing her a portrait. She smiled and nodded yes. They moved forward checking out the entire royal gallery. He was stunned to visualize the amazing moments of the life of queen Victoria and her husband through the portraits.

“They look so happy together… just as if they are made for each other” Shivay said admiring the beauty of the portraits and statues. “Just like us” Anika muttered. “Did you say something?” Shivay asked looking at her. “No… nothing” she said and looked away. “It is said it’s good to share your pain with the person you are with” Shivay said holding her hand. “Pain? I mean just see I am so happy that you are enjoying the beauty and you are talking about pain” Anika said smilingly and in taunting voice. “Okay fine Ms. Anika… take your time cause I know a day will come when I will get to know why you did those” he stopped living her hand.

They moved to the sculpture gallery to witness some amazing sculpture collection. Shivay went awe looking at the beauty of the things and stuff kept over there. They then after checking another gallery named Calcutta gallery went out and travelled towards their next destination.

“Now where are we going?” He asked raising his eyebrows. “INDIAN MUSEUM” she said excitedly. “Okay now let’s visit more of history.” He said and they reached the museum. They got in and noticed some amazing historical stuffs kept.

Shivay carefully read the below descriptions of the stuffs and smiled widely.

“Anika… our history is so nice right?” He asked her while getting out from the museum. “Yes… and it feels great to be a part of such culture and history” Anika answered proudly.

They reached their third destination soon SHAHEED MINAR

She showed him the MINAR and explained it’s significance. He seemed very happy after the entire trip.

“Hey I am hungry” he said moving his hand over his tummy. “Okay let’s travel to PRINCEP GHAT since it’s getting dark now… there we will get some food.” Anika answered and heeded towards the car. She got down from the car and looked at the vast water body in front of her that is resting calmly.

“Didi..” a small child called from behind. She turned to the child and sat down to her height. “Yes” Anika said. “You are very beautiful” the girl said smiling cheekily and kissed Anika’s cheek.

Shivay saw and heard this. He soon walked up to her and sat down too. “Am I not handsome?” He asked showing his face. “Yes you are handsome uncle” the girl answered and ran back to her parents.

“Uncle… I am uncle? No… hey girl… I am not uncle… she is Aunty” Shivay said pointing towards Anika while she is having hard time controlling her laughter. “Uncle… shall we go and have some Phuchka… bole to Paani Puri” she taunted.

“Hey I am not uncle… and you are aunty” Shivay said looking away. “Awwwwww…” she said and pulled Shivay’s cheeks. “Ahhh… it hurts” he said. “I know uncle ji… waise someone is now really jealous… I can see lava coming out from the volcano” she taunted and cracked up.

“Hey stop it… stop that… it’s not funny… Anika… stop it” he said and held her face in his hand. Her smile died as she noticed their proximity. He came close to her and travelled to her ears and whispered “this didi still looks the same beautiful while laughing like a maniac.” She immediately closed her eyes as blood ran to her cheeks.

He could feel the growing warmth of her cheeks. “Stop blushing” he whispered back and dropped a kiss on her cheek. She could not control more and soon hugged him to hide her face from the entire world around and him.

He smiled looking his effect on her and quickly reciprocated the hug grabbing her more close to him so that their heart can communicate to each other.

After few moments Shivay realized it is raining. He soon left her and checked his car parked. “Anika come” he said and held her hand. “No” she said in husky tone and left his hand. He soon went to bring the car. The rain droplets fell on her face.

“Anika come inside the car” Shivay shouted but she was lost in her own world. Nothing got registered in her ears. She started to dance with the rhythm of the droplets. “Anika come in” Shivay again shouted but this time too she did not listen.

After some time Shivay got down from the car and forcefully took her inside the car. He started the car while Anika pouted and said “bagad billa.” He smiled at her and speeded the car.

“This was my Anika… whom I loved… I love and will love forever” he said. He turned towards her but her eyes were close. “Anika…” he called Softly. She did not respond. He called her more two times, but again no response. He soon went to their flat and rested Anika on the bed and called the doctor.

PRECAP- SHIVIKA COMING CLOSER.… maybe something intense coming up. Stay tuned friends.


I must specially thank my PKJ gang ( PIC- CHIMPANZEE love you) for being there to support me every time. And of course my family thanks a lot dearies for always being there. And yeah…. HAAAAPPPPPPYYYYYY VALENTINES DAY… LOVE YOU EVERYONE


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  1. Qwerty123

    Uncle…..?????….. i forgot everything else….????

    1. Nilash

      He he he… uncle 😛

  2. Okay.. … . . . .. So finally we toured Kolkata!!!!
    This chappy was amazing?? as always…… .
    Shivaay takes longer time to get ready than Anika…. . ???
    Girl called Anika-didi but shivaay as uncle ????
    It seems his heart is melting for her….
    Shivika coming close…… .intense moments.. .. .. .. Super excited about it
    Post the next? soon
    And wish you a very lovely?? Valentine’s Day and also happy SHIVRATRI!!!

    1. Nilash

      Yes finally I posted a small tour.
      Thank You so much
      He he he… yes yes.. full popat of Shivay 😛
      Next one posted Pakhi
      Happy Belated Maha ShivaRatri 🙂


    Words are less to praise very nice

    1. Nilash

      Thanks a lot Manav, this means a lot

  4. Banita

    Hayyyy…. ab main kya karungi… Meri PIC ne mujhe dhoka de dia…. Main apni PIC ki Cutee wali Sweet wali PIC hun bt phir vi usne ek Chimpanzee wala PIC alagse bana dia ( Jo manti hain ki wo hain)… Chal jo vi ho tu mere liye special hi hain… HAPPY VALENTINES DAY my dear PIC…. LOVE U dr….
    Ab yanha bethe bethe hi Kolkata ghuma di, but yeh sochna vi maat ki main isse khus ho jaungi nd jb jaungi tu mujhe nahi ghumayegi… Main toh teri saare money khatam kr dungi… Saare jagh phirse ghumane mujhe nd Khana…. Khana ki bare mein toh bolna hi nahi , hum bane hain toh isliye hi na… Saare road side foods like Gupchup bole to Panipuri nd al khane wali hun wo vi tere paason mein… Adhi tu bol ke ghuma dia nd adhi main apni khyalon mein ghumli…
    Mujhe Shivika ki golgappe competition dekhna tha…. Chal koi nahi intense moment toh aaraha hain na… Waiting 4 that…

    1. Banita

      Tu cheena ke baare mein kun bolti hain Pagal Bandaria… Ab meri ghar mein vi lemon nahi hain nahi koi video hain…

      1. Nilash

        He he he… ab tadpo tadpo uss din bahut sataya tha mujhe… he he hu hu ha ha hi hi ho ho

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      Ro ro aur zor se ro… awaaaz sunai nai de raha hai. 😛 😛 Aillaaa beta itna pyaar kahe ko? Kaa chahiye? Pizza treat mai nai de rhi 😉 Love you too. Bahut sara but less then Pizza and Cheena 😛
      Haan pakka ghumaungi na. Mai apne paise chupa dungi… phir you have to pay… he he hi hi hu hu ha ha ho ho… Haan yaar sab khayenge sab sab sab
      Okay kabhi na kabhi mai phir likh hi dungi about Gupchup competition between Shivika. Ye point maine note kar liya. Next part posted baby

  5. Hi di
    A chapy full of fun and kolkata tour through u. Loved it a lot. Shivay uncle lol. He takes more time to get ready then anika didi.
    Actually di I don’t want anything big just their flashback completly with their 2nd meeting and bond developing and ya my fav caughting by media and press. If u like then its ok….
    Happy belated valentines day and CONGO for 1yr and 25days in TU
    lots of love
    Bye di

    1. Nilash

      Hello Ritu
      Thank You so much Ritu. He he… he is an uncle yaar 😛 yes yes…
      Ritu flashback parts down but getting caught by media I cannot include because then it might risk Shivay’s life and the reasons about it you will come to know in the later episodes. But I promise to include flashbacks.
      Thank You so much.
      Love to you too… Bye, take care

    Dear nilash
    It’s very interesting episode??????
    T C A S S ?

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much UF

  7. Hi di A chapy full of fun and kolkata tour through u. Loved it a lot. Shivay uncle lol. He takes more time to get ready then anika didi. Actually di I don’t want anything big just their flashback completly with their 2nd meeting and bond developing and ya my fav caughting by media and press. If u like then its ok…. Happy belated valentines day and CONGO for 1yr and 25days in TU lots of love Bye di

    1. Nilash

      Again a big thank you

  8. Niriha

    Awesome…Each and every scenes was fabulous dear???loved it

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Niriha. Thanks a lot lot lot

  9. Aashi9

    The chapter was awesome. Their visits were nice. Well, did they eat anything or not? just thinking. Maybe you should take them to the Bali’r bridge to dakshineshwar. Shivaay’s popat was full time masti. And I liked his afterthoughts. Take care and update soon

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Aashi. Ha ha ha… haan they ate of course 😛 but I did not highlight. Haan that place is also awesome… arre yaar I missed. Thank You. Next part posted
      You too take care and keep smiling

  10. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely my rocking girl

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Niki darling

  11. Ashwinee

    Lol what an update Ash!!!!!

    1. Nilash

      Thanks a lot Winee

  12. Interesting story n feeling good to read. hoping all is well n shivika ek Saath ho

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Raji. Shivika ek saath honge ya nai wo abhi tak maine hi decide nai kiya hai kyunki the story will proceed in a much sensitive way

  13. ItsmePrabha

    firstly i am going to save this update kyunki mein jab bhi kolkata aavungi this will be my guide to have a tour..and this update is cutely amazing darling..ha ha ha billu ki toh chop ho gayi hai..bichare ko uncle bana diya..par banda ekdum CC hai sahi pakadtha hai..he very well know how to turn naughty anudi to a blushing anudi..aur baarish.. yaar baarish mein koyi gaana baja liya hota..koi anudi bimar hai to we will get to see caring singh oberoi taking care of anudi..will be waiting for the jaldi post karlo darling…

    aur jaise ki tumne kaha hai ki tumhe iss forum mein aake 1 saal aur 25 din ho gayi hai..congratulations for that…and pata hai i am going to have a treat for myself in your style..iss update mein tune paani puri ki yaad dila di toh mein woh khane wali hoon..agar meri bhaiyya khaane ke liye maan gaya toh..

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Prabha but mai to hu na tujhe guide karne ko. I will be best guide I promise. But agar gum ho gaye then not my responsibility 😛 😛
      Ha ha ha… banda sabse bara CC hai. Wo ye baat hai ki phone baarish me bheegta to kharab ho jata isiliye usko car ke andar hi rehne diya Shivay Anika ne 😛
      Wow… see see sab kha rhe hai paanipuri ab meri wajah se 😉 jao jao khao khao. Zarur khilayenge and agar nai khilaye to ziddi maa ki jai bolo and do zidd. No one has right to stop us from having pani puri 😛
      Waise unko mat bolna ki ye stubborn banne ka idea mera tha 😛

  14. Aayushi_kul

    Sbse phle to thank u hme kolkata tour krvane k lie…dusri baat gol gappe ka naam lia fir unhe khilaye kyu nhi…ab to mra man ho gya khane ka???chal koi na kha lungi sham ko hi jaakr
    Amazing se bhi amazing wala epi..n luv u too nilu???

    1. Nilash

      Waaahhh tujhe bhi golgappa scene chahiye tha? Chalo theek hai likh denge phir kabhi gol gappe ki scene 😉
      Khaya golgappa? Agar nai to kal pakka kha lena warna mera pet kharab ho jaayega 😛 mera matlab Shivay-Anika ka
      Thank You so much Aayu baby
      Love you too

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    Amazing update

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Alekhika

  16. Pushpa

    Hey ……..u called shivaye uncle ji……..hw dare u nilu……luved the scn he whsiper into her ears and the rain…… in flat???i know u….he he he he….

    1. Nilash

      He he he… but he is uncle ji… no dear nothing hot is on way just a moment 😛
      Hot scenes are not the priority but some other heart breaking turn will be the priority so just read read 😉

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