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The night ended as the two souls started their journey.

“He looks so adorable still while sleeping” she murmured ruffling her hairs. She went close to him and sat beside him.

“I know Shivay… you can’t pass through the same heartbreak again but I am again getting prepared to do that” she thought as his peaceful face changed its position. “I don’t know this time I will get back to you or not but I promise the time that we will spend together in this one month will be the best for you.” A tear oozed out of her eyes and landed on his cheek. His eyebrows got narrowed. “I love you” she said dropping a kiss over her tear. She got up and turned to go but the gentle tug resisted her from going away.

“Turn towards me” came out from back in a shaky voice.

“You say na I am listening” Anika said in wet voice hardly trying to stop the tears from her eyes.

“You know I prefer people looking at my eyes when I speak to them” his shaky voice converted to arrogant one. She slowly turned towards him.

“Look at me Anika” his husky voice and his grip on her hand made it difficult for her to control more and she broke down collapsing on the floor. His tug became soft as her hands dropped down.

He soon went down and sat in front of her. “Don… don’t don’t cry… you know I cannot see tears in your eyes… stop… stop crying” he said wiping her tears but her tears continued to flow as if it is getting released after gulping down much of it. “Shivay…” only came out of her mouth as she hugged him tight.

He was shocked to reciprocate. Her tears pierced his soul aa they traversed deep down through his kurta. “Stop crying” he said trying to calm her down. “Please stop” he pleaded. After sometime she composed and pulled out of the hug looking down.

“You hate me only na?” She asked looking straight into his eyes. His eyes looked away and he spoke “yeah I hate you… after what you did how can you expect I will love you… I have given myself to you… my heart to you but you have just used them… what you wanted was just money… for money you..” he stopped as she cut her in middle “say all these looking in to my eyes” his eyes met hers. “Say…” she said.

“I… I ha…hate you… I hate you” he stammered and looked away again.

She smiled “when you know you can’t say lies looking in to my eyes then why do you even try?” She questioned

He got up “I… am not lying” he said and slipped into the washroom to escape the situation. She smiled and got out of the house to buy some food.

“Yeah… I know I love you… but I can’t afford my heart to rule over me again… I cannot… you have hurt me… broke me down… how can I then accept that yeah I love you… only you… I fear if I admit my love again and if you do the same… no Anika… I won’t let you and your memories rule over me” he thought getting drenched down the shower.

He bathed and then he realized he has forgot to take towel inside. “Oh shit…” he said. “Anika… Anikaaaa… Aniiiikaaaa” he called her name three times as if singing lullaby. He got no response so he thought to peep out and check. He slowly opened the door and peep out. His sight perfectly travelled through one corner to the other of the room.

“She isn’t there” he thought when his eyes fell on his luggage and towel kept beside it. “Oh thank God” he left a sigh of relief and tip toed towards it. He just wrapped the towel then when he heard Anika’s voice from behind.

“Shivay… chee” she spoke closing her eyes immediately looking Shivay in that condition.

“Hey… get out… get out from here” he said closing his eyes too.

She soon rushed out of the room. “Did she see anything?” He thought and put his shirt. “I just hope I have wore the towel on time… what if she has seen me… no Shivay what are you thinking” his thoughts came to an end when Anika called from outside clearing his doubts “relax I did not see anything… you were in towel and was taking the shirt to wear when I went in… now calm down and come out. Have some food.”

“How did she know I was thinking these” he muttered to himself wearing his trousers. “Because I know you better than yourself” she answered again pushing him to amused reaction again. “Yeah maybe she knows me better than myself… or maybe she is antaryaami and can read minds… whatever it is my must go out.” He went out wearing a shirt and trousers down.

“Wow…” came out from his mind looking at the beauty standing in front of him. Her hairs perfectly tied up in a unsolved messy bun. Her front curls falling on her face. Her deep necked top showing most part of her neck and her ripped jeans showing the milky skin beneath down her knees at some spot. “Hello… come and have food” Anika called aloud breaking his trance. Then when he realized he is smiling foolishly staring at her. He avoided her gaze and sat down to eat.

“Hey what should we do today?” Anika asked stuffing Parantha. “We should go out for sight seeing… what say?” Shivay asked. Anika nodded her head with much excitement.


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  1. Ori

    A awesome update and i personally loved your idea of anika going ill and shivay taking care

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Ori. πŸ™‚


    fabulous,very nice, khidkitod

    1. Nilash

      Thanks a lot Manav

  3. Qwerty123

    Embarrehment??… oops… anika really knows shivaaye wellk then others…. now it sgoing to be fun to see how their journey goes

    1. Nilash

      He he he… nai dekha usne kuch… relax relax πŸ˜› Will try to make it pakka wala interesting

  4. Banita

    Kuch log apne ap hi khyali pulao banate hain… I never accept that word Chimpanzee ,like u accept that U r a Pagal Monkey in ur pre ff… Nd for ur kind information I want to clear one thing that Chimpanzees r d most intelligent animal in earth… Ab baar baar Cheena ki yaad maat dila yr meri halat abhi teri jesi hi hain… Haawwww!!!!!!!! meri shy bhaiya kya kya soch rahe hain… So some Shivika romance… Waiting 4 today 10:30pm my Pagal Bandaria….

    1. Nilash

      Baby… next update me you are highlighted πŸ˜› πŸ˜› mujh par chappal mat phenkna uske liye… haan I still acceot uske liye hi to I am part of pkj… πŸ˜› ooohhh aisa kya? Good research, Yaarrrrr bahut yaad aa rhi hai Cheena ki. Mumma nai banakar de rhi and ghar me lemons bhi nai hai… halat kharab ho raha hai. Tere wo videos abhi bhi hai unko dekhkar kaam chalana par raha hai… mummmmeeehhhyyyy kya hoga hamara. Haan Shivika romance to kut kut ke bhara hai jaa 11:35 baj gaya hai padh le πŸ˜›

    Dear nilash
    It’s very nice episode???????
    T C A S S ?

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much UF

  6. Niriha

    Awesome fabulous update dear…

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Niriha

  7. Lovey-dovey ?? chappy.. .. .. ..
    Anika kissing shivaay….. Their convo….. His self talk in the bathroom……….This baggad billa can’t be so easily tamed
    He forgot to bring towel…… Tip toed to the room.. .. .. .. Anika didn’t see anything but Nilash did you see something?? ?? ????
    (Say the truth) ???
    She indeed knows him very well?
    They are finally going for sight seeing….Excited for it….. It would be great to watch SSO taking care of sick Anika

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Pakhi
      No no… I mean i cannot accept publicly na… that’s a secret… will let you know when we will meet in person πŸ˜› but Shivay is my jiju and i am his saali and saali is aadhi gharwaali so just guess it now πŸ˜›
      Chalo sick Anika done dona done done…

  8. Aashi9

    And like this- they admitted. The room scene was funny and Shivaay checking her out ? wow. Anika looks so emotionally unstable. I wonder what’s happening at OM. And Nilanjana, please write longer chapter

    1. Nilash

      Thanks a lot Aashi. Yeah Anika is a bit emotionally unstable but she will get over it though not fully. That’s another twist about OM. πŸ˜‰ an interesting one πŸ˜‰ Will surely try to write longer chapter than this.

  9. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Niki darling

  10. ItsmePrabha

    khidkithod epi darling..anudi kitni emotional ho gayi hai…par bhagad billa hai ki mantha hi nahi hai ki woh anudi se pyaar kartha hai..waise agar woh humara jiju hai toh hum uski saali matlab hui na aadi ghar wali ? ? ? ?..loved the towel wali scene??…and sach mein anudi knows him better than himself..billu bas thaad tha rahega hamari anudi ko…abb mein unki outing ke liye wait kar rahi hoon..waise yeh kaunsa treat hai jisme mein hi khaun aur mein hi bill bharu??..par yeh sach hai ki bhokkad aur pizza lovers ki jori mein hum zaroor 1st hi honge..well who wouldn’t love to see billu taking care of a sick anudi.. next epi jaldi post karo darling..will be waiting for it..

    1. Nilash

      Wo maanega na… wahi to maanega and Anika didi tadi dikhayegi baad me… tab dekhna bahut maza aayega. Haan of course bande ko bahut din se unhone jhela jo hai πŸ˜› πŸ˜› outing to mast hoga fulltu fun wala
      Tum ne pucha you want treat so I said ki chalo theek hai… ab paise i am not paying… now you make any plan then if you don’t wanna pay πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› πŸ˜› ye hai mere type ka hatke treat…. he he he…
      Haan wo to hai sabko chahiye.. next part posted darling

  11. Hi di an emtional epi di U can call me Ritu my real name is Ritika actually but friends call me ritu only U know what yesterday I was waiting for ur reply as I had for 1st time do u know excitment hi hi hi…..silly me Di I know that it is urs ff and I dont have any right to interfare in its storyline but as I m not on wattpad I cant write stories so will u add some my wish in it pls, pls, pls And ya if someday if u dont want to update post then its Ok I can understand no need to post Di once I had searched about u then I got to know from ur watty Id that ur bengali and sayad from WB then after reading this epi I m conformed u know I m quite close to u (statewise) I m from Jharhkand Ranchi OPPS AAJ PIHR LOOONNGG HOGAYA padh lena ha Sorry Bye di love lots

    1. Nilash

      Ritu yaar… ek to di bolte ho upar se you say that you don’t have any right… you have everything… right left side up down sab hai tumhara… isme puchne ki baat kya hai of course i will add. I will be overwhelmed ki you are helping me out. Thank You so much ki you thought so. But I just want to discuss the story line personally then with you so that you can let me know freely what you want me to add more.
      Baap re itna research… okay okay yes I am from WB and we are seriously close. Long ke liye sorry nai bolte.
      Keep smiling and take care dear

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    Lovely update

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