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“Okay so let’s start…” Shivay now started to describe how they got married but got interrupted by his son “but papa I have a condition” he said as like his mother says before agreeing to any of his father’s decision. Shivay smiled on the resemblance of this trait of the mother-son duo.

“Yup… what condition?” Shivay asked.

“Omi di will not ask a single question in between before you complete” this was Shivay’s trait that his son perfectly got. If anyone comes and says something then Anika always interrupts in between by asking her question and he thinks that how many questions she has in the pitara of her hypothalamus and similarly Omisha, she keeps on asking question if anyone narrates a story or something.

“Hehehehe… okay our billa” Omisha said and teased her brother as she knows how much he gets irritated listening to this. Other two little heads were also laughing but yeah hand is there on their mouth to hide it from Kush.

“Papa… scold Omi di, she is calling me billa” Kush complained frowning. Omi showed tongue to him and asked Shivay to continue with the story. Shivay was all giggling seeing his daughter (Omi) and son (Kush) fighting and remembering his and Anika’s fights.

Kush a boy who is not exactly like someone but he has traits of everyone in built in him. He really can sing amazingly, his mind is sharp to understand the terms his father uses while cracking some deal over phone. He loves to discuss about business with his father and he also gets training from his Rudra Chachu about flirting with girls.

“So…” Shivay now started.


Shaadi in Oberoi Mansion can never go softly. Anika was missing and a note was their beside her bed “WILL RETURN THE BRIDE ONLY WHEN MY DEMANDS ARE FULFILLED” everyone was astonished at the fact that last time in Shivay’s marriage, Shivay got kidnapped and now in Shivay-Anika’s marriage Anika is kidnapped.

Pinky sat on the bed and started crying “Mummy ji… my Anika… bring her back… Mummy ji…” this continued and daadi and Jhanvi sat beside Pinky to console her. This time Pinky was also unaware that who have kidnapped Anika.

On the other side the bhola bhala kidnapper was getting constant punches on his back as he was putting Anika up and she has not seen his face.

“Luchcha tuchcha ghar me biwi nahi hai jo dusre ki biwi ko chura kar lata hai, chor mujhe kamine (stupid, cheap, idiot, don’t you have your own wife that you have stole someone else’s leave me idiot)… leave me…” her punches and the attacking point his back.

“Uffff… it’s enough” at last the kidnapper put her down after bearing all the hard punches. His face was covered by a black cloth.

“Hey wait wait… I have heard this voice, and wait your figure also resembles someone” Anika said touching his body from shoulder till waist as her eyes were covered by black cloth.

“Hehehihihehehe…” the kidnapper started laughing as her hands traced his curves because it was tickling him, wow nice kidnapper did not get aroused.

“Shivay… you stupid, idiot, fool haan haan… wait lemme think of words… no… no more words left in my English dictionary… so what hindi mata di jai… ullu, gadhe, bhagad bille, kanji naino waale stupid maharaj how dare you to kidnap someone else’s bride from her marriage?” she stopped after showering him with not so pleasant but cute words.

“Arre you are going to get married to me only you stupid, ohhh sorry maybe your brain went to litter” he teased him back.

“Open my eyes and then I will show you” she howled back trying to open her eyes by her hand but Shivay stopped her in middle.

“I have something for you, I know that this is nothing to what you have gifted me but I want this to be ours, us forever” he said and held her shoulders in a firm grip and removed the clothing from her eyes, the entire surrounding was dark.

“Shivay…” she said and all the dim lights lightened over her portraits, yes portraits… some are made by Yuthang and some by Omkara. The big portrait was adorning on the center stage that Shivay admired during the art exhibition in London.

Suddenly a spotlight fell on Anika and another on the band standing at the stage.

“Today I will narrate our story in my own way…” he smiled and made Anika sit over a chair and went to the stage.





The female singers of the band sang and stopped while Shivay started his narration “I met a girl in this coffee shop, a carefree, bubbly and sweet girl… yeah daring too, no one has ever dared to call me the great Shivay Singh Oberoi according to some as billu… other than my Daadi, but she did… I was amazed and mesmerized by seeing her dance and then I noticed that her friend is going away because she was embarrassed as everyone were staring them when she was dancing, I opened the coffee shop door to get in when she landed in my arms, a strange feeling I felt… that feeling I never felt before, but somewhere I liked that feeling… she stood straight and ran after her friend to calm her down but she turned to me and said we will meet again… I said as if she is doing the bavishyavaani, but she said correct, we met again… she met me to save our family” he stopped when the singers started to sing again…







Shivay started and the female singers stopped “we met at my friends engagement party the second time, she was so sweet that she ran to me and asked about my well being, but I was such an egoistic and arrogant person that I insulted her and I am sorry for that Anika… but thank you for being there to accept me as the way I am, changing my bad habits into good one and introducing some new habits too… that time falling in love was nightmare for me and now, going away from you is nightmare…be it whatever Anika please don’t leave me and I will be there to take almost all the share of your frustration, anger and sorrows”















The singers repeated the lines and stopped, Shivay started “her officers advised her to be with me always; everywhere as my shadow… she promised my daadi that if she dies also she will not let anything happen to me and my family. She came to our house as a PG and now she will become the elder daughter-in-law, my wife… she always irritated me but whenever she was close I always felt that I am the special one to her and one day she went away from me for two days… I was restless and was enquiring about her to everyone when I realized that I have fall for her… I was a person who was never good at expressing feelings so all the feelings were getting stored in the deepest corner of my heart but she never seemed affected by my presence, it was her duty to be close to me and so she sided her feelings too”











The singers stopped, Shivay’s narration continued “Anika became my employee; I thought I was paying her but little I knew that she was there to ensure my financial security not hers. One fine day Tia another friend of mine along with her husband returned from Toronto and Tia directly came to my office to meet me. I was so overwhelmed and happy that I ignored Anika on that day without even realizing that I have hurt her unintentionally. I spent the night with my friends and returned the next day. She thought…” he stopped and chuckled looking at Anika. She looked down feeling embarrassed and he continued “…she thought that I like to spend nights with girls… I hope you got the meaning Anika… but then I confessed no we confessed that we love each other, so deep was our feelings that staying away from each other became impossible for us for longer time. Daadi fixed our marriage, but then an unfortunate call separated us… made me to hate her, made her to ran away from me on the day of our engagement. But she came back again, because we were destined to be one but this time… again to save me, she accepted all the blames I showered on her, she saved me again and again” he stopped as the singers started again.











He started as the singers paused “she shot me to save me… she saved me and went through many unwanted incidents but now we are together… today is our marriage, we will become one officially. I love you Anika… will you marry me?” he asked as he sat on his knees in front of her.

“Yes…” she said and hugged him sitting down. Her tears went down, she relieved all the moments together in just few minutes. He is gem she knew but this man is much more than that. This man never fails to surprise her and he always makes her fall in love for him, again and again.

They entered the big wedding venue… THE OBEROI MANSION hand in hand, smiling looking into each other’s eyes, Shivay narrated everything and the entire environment turned to happy again.

Romantic music started to play again in the back ground. The time for shaadi arrived. Groom and Bride sat side by side.

Mangalam bhagwaan Vishnu… Mangalam garuradbhajam… Mangalam kundarikaksha… Mangalaya tanohari… Mangalam bhagwaan Vishnu… Mangalam garuradbhajam… Mangalam kundarikaksha… Mangalaya tanohari…” chants echoed through the wall of the big mansion, two souls, and two hearts got tied for ever.

Seven rounds were taken and the promises were kept in front of the holy fire of their love, her hairline was filled by him, the nuptial chain, mangalsutra, adorned her neck. “I love you…” he muttered before he clicked the lock of the chain. She was happy to be his, thus a tear drop went down her eyes.

Now it was Om and Rudra’s turn to tease Shivay before he goes in to celebrate his special night. Daadi scolded them and shooed them away and allowed Shivay to enter.

Anika was sitting on the bed and veil has covered her face entirely. He went to her and lifted up the veil and he muttered “you are looking so beautiful my queen” she blushed on his comment. “Hey Anika…” he called she turned to him and hummed “kuch nahi” he replied smilingly. She rested her head over his chest and he pecked over her head. Sessions of discussions continued as they discussed about the turns of their life the entire night. She dozed off to sleep soon while he kept on saying about his and her friendship. He then also slept.

Next morning she woke up first “good morning Shivay” she wished him and pecked over his forehead. He pulled her over him and kissed over her cheek and locked her between his hands.

“Choriye mujhe… sab kya sochenge” she said blushing and hiding her face in his chest.

“Yehi ki Shivay is romancing his wife” he said and looked at her. They smiled together as he pushed her more to him.

Her treatment was going on; she was recovering gradually and slowly. Shivay has still not touched her because according to doctors her condition can get worsen if she becomes intimate to him. But everything gets healed up with time, her condition too healed up as they become one in every sense without any fear.

It was a bright night in London, she is here for treatment. Dr. Smith has declared that she can become mother. She was very happy and so was he. She wanted to give Shivay the best gift of his life, their first night. She arranged for everything. Shivay returned from the hospital after collecting every positive report of Anika. The room was dark as he entered. A cold hands wrapped him from back “thank you so much Shivay… for everything, you have given me everything… you know from my childhood I wanted someone to love me and protect me as my father, you do so… you are my everything” she said. He turned towards her; she was in the same dress that she wore on the day of their marriage.

“Anika you are the most beautiful person I have met in my life, you taught me to be me, you taught me what actual love is and you know we can still wait” he said. She rested her head over his chest and continued “Shivay I know we can still wait, but I want to get loved completely by you” she buried her face in his chest and he wrapped her in his protective embrace.

He slowly lifted her chin up and made her look into his eyes. He bent down and placed kisses over her eyes and face followed down. He traced the lips that were so nicely painted over her face. He never wanted to hurry so he put her up and went near the bed. The lights were still off, he switched on a dim light, all the candles were arranged in row, and he smiled and lightened up one candle keeping her down over the bed. After lightening up all the candles he switched of the light and came back to her with a candle in his hand.

“I promise you Anika in front of this pure flame that I will be gentle… I will show my love today, if I ever become rough please do stop me because I want to love you forever” he completed. She kissed his forehead “Shivay I know you will be gentle and soft because for you I am your heart and no one becomes harsh to their heart” he put down the candle on the bed side table and captured her lips. She too pushed him more towards her. The kiss was passionate but not wild, their love kept it as soft as possible.

The night witnessed the respect for her in his eyes, the love for her in his eyes and her trust over him. He made her completely his. The wails gave them pleasure and marked their eternal love. They were complete in every sense.


The bachcha party has gone back to their room long back after Shivay narrated the story of his marriage to complete their task when Shivay and Anika were busy thinking about their first night. That night was so special that they can never describe it in words.

“I love you Shivay” she said resting her head over his chest.

“I love you too Anika” he replied with a smile of contentment as he wrapped her in his embrace.


Here comes the end doodles. Please for the last time do like and comment and read the down written paragraphs. I request, for the last time.

Hello to everyone, this is Nilanjana… your dear friend. Maybe this is the last time I am posting the note for my gratitude to everyone of you. You have given me everything what I dreamt off once, when I joined this site. I have got so many friends that now at this point of time, I just can’t stay away from this site. All the love and support that I received was much much more than I expected and I am grateful to everyone of you. This story has taught me many things, I hope I have portrayed all those which I learnt. Everyday whenever I used to open the submit new article tab I used to go through many thrilling emotions, previously in every stories all the emotional and sad parts I wrote just like that (we say na haste khelte). Many pop songs used to play in the background whenever I used to type any sad part but this story has taught me to be sad when it’s needed and happy when it’s needed. There were many days I used to stay low but every part had some magic for me and so at the end of the day my face used to glow with a soothing smile.

I owe all the smiles I had on my face because of this story to all of you.

Thanks a lot to everyone who read and commented sparing their time.

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