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Days passed and there they reached Kolkata. She smiled looking at the Howrah Bridge. “Welcome to KOLKATA” she cried out pressing her eyes deeply. She inhaled a deep breath and put her head out of the window.

“Hey stop doing that, come inside” Shivay said pressing the accelerator and pulling her in.

“Hey wait… arre don’t pull me… nothing will happen to me relax” She said frowning and jerking her hand.

“Putting out the head like that is not at all safe and moreover the vehicles are running harshly so just sit inside quietly” Shivay said concentrating on his steering.

“Awwwwww” Anika made eyes as she admired the man and gave a 440 V smile.

“What?” Shivay asked looking at her reaction.

“You look so cute when you are Caring Singh Oberoi”she said and pulled his cheeks while he immediately applied brakes and the car stopped with a jerk at some corner on the road. “Can’t you see I am driving…” he asked looking angrily at her while she just nodded cutely and smiled pressing her lips. He could not help but smile looking this cute girl of him.

He tried to gulp down the smile but then the same taunt followed “when the smile is tickling your lips it is advised to smile” Anika said and upped her invisible collar. And this time he really smiled looking her actions but soon wrapped up and replied “hmmmm… okay now sit quietly and let me drive” Shivay said and started to drive again.

“Sadu Singh Oberoi” she mocked making faces.

“This girl is impossible” he replied back and speeded the car more. She just made face and looked out of the window.

The roads turned right and left as they reached in front of a nice apartment.

“Tan Taraaa…” Anika said showing him the apartment. He looked at her confused and then again stared at the apartment. She asked him to go inside and he did as instructed. She showed him a garage down the apartment and he parked the car. She came out twisting her hands and arching her back.

“We will stay over here?” He asked looking around.

“No… we will stay there” she said showing him the room at third floor. She soon took out the keys from her bag and went inside the apartment. A middle aged woman came out of the lift and smiled looking at Anika.

“Bhalo acho?? (Are you fine?) She asked half hugging Anika while she too reciprocated and said “yes… you?” The woman nodded and went away buh byeing Anika. Anika and Shivay soon got into the lift. They reached third floor and Anika soon opened the door and welcomed Shivay inside the well maintained flat. “Wow…” involuntarily came out from Shivay’s mouth looking at the decorations.

“Shivay” her stare turned serious as she looked into his eyes. He looked at her while she continued “I am sorry… I should have booked a hotel for you but actually there are some problems so you have to manage a bit” she said looking down.

“It’s fine… and you don’t worry I will perfectly manage” he replied smilingly while she looked at him with shock with an open mouth. “Close your mouth” he said and closed her mouth. She smiled and replied “thank you.” He smiled back.

The day passed and the night arrived. Anika looked at Shivay while he was busy on phone. “Hey… feeling hungry” Anika said caressing her stomach. “Hmmmm…” Shivay just hummed. Her anger and hunger both increased.

She again repeated “I am hungry Shivay” and again he hummed. He knew whenever she is hungry her anger reaches the peak but this time no special response showed in his behavior. She started walking up and down to release her anger and started blabbering as usual.

“Ting… tong” the bell rung almost after thirty minutes. Anika made face and sat on the floor. Shivay noticed this and went to open the door. He returns back after five minutes with packets of Pizza in his hand.

“Pizzzzaaaaa……” she screamed aloud as he passed on one. She soon grab it and started having it. After finishing a quarter she realized he isn’t eating rather staring at her. “Hey have your own… don’t stare at me like that… or else my stomach will betray with me tomorrow morning” she said biting. He too started having after listening to her stupid thought.

She finished the entire large pizza in a moment while he was suffering having his. “Hey can I share?” Anika asked smiling widely. Shivay made face and folded his hands in front of her “Meri maa… aur mat khaa” (my mother… don’t eat this now) he replied while she took one piece and stuffed into her mouth.

After having the piece she at last felt full and noticed still a quarter is left. She instructed Shivay to keep it as she will have it later the next morning. “Nothing can happen to her” Shivay murmured and put the quarter inside the refrigerator.

PRECAP- AND SHE KISSED HIM… will they start to fall in love. What will happen now. Will Shivay accept her without knowing the truth. Stay tuned to know more friends.



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  1. Ori

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    Do word hi toh use kia hain Bengali ka nd ase bol rahi hain jese puri ff bengali mein likhi ho… Chod… Pizza ki yaad dilana jaruri tha tujhe… Isliye mein bolti hun tu Pagal Monkey hain nd meri dimag khati hain…

    1. Nilash

      Ha ha ha… haan do word hi use kiya par sab hamare tarah bandar family se thori belong karte hai… unko bura bhi lag sakta hai na 😛 😛 man ki bhavnaaon ko samjho maate 😉
      Haannn yaar mujhe bhi koi khilao piiiiiizzzzzaaaaa hamara all time fav. Haan but abhi mujhe pizza khana hai…. mummmmeeyyyhhhh aur CHEENA bhi
      But i doubt CHIMPANZEE me dimaag hota hai kya?

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    Dear nilash
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    T C A S S ?

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  9. All I can see about the beginning is Awwwwe!!!
    The driving scene was so cute?….. Looks like Caring Singh Oberoi is enjoying too in his girl’s company ……..
    Anika seems to be really hungry??…….
    In the eating scene, shivaay shocked⚡ ?Anika rocked……
    Awaiting for the next?
    Post soon

    1. Nilash

      Ha ha thank you so much Pakhi
      Yes he is but after all Sadu Singh Oberoi won’t accept it this soon 😉
      Yes yes… a big bhukkar like me 😛
      Actually in real life that’s me and my friends 😛 (secret secret 😉 )
      Next one posted Pakhi.

  10. Aashi9

    Really, the small touch of Bengal made my day. Shivaay can’t really hate her when he loves her so much. The mystery which is eating me what has she done to Saahil.
    Hi Di, I have been busy with college work so have been unable to comment much. Take care and update soon

    1. Nilash

      Awwwww thank you so much. I am feeling proud now.
      Nope he won’t hate her… and Saahil’s mystery will not be revealed so soon because it needs a build up before that… 🙂
      Hey Aashi I am not your Di. We are of same age… I am in college too and 1999 born

  11. ItsmePrabha

    awwwwsome epi darling..always love this cute caring singh oberoi..anudi bhi meri tarah bhookad hai..par now i am angry with you for making me remember tum mujhe pizza treat do..waise sirf do hi sabd hi tho use ki hai tune..agar yeh kolkata mein ho rahi hai tho bengali tho bolenge na..aur waise bhi iski wajah se i learnt a word from bengali..and tumahari disclaimer from the previous reply made me to expect something will be waiting for the soon darling..

    1. Nilash

      Thank you so much baby. Haan I also love 😛 but Anika hamari di hai to Shivay hamara Jiju hua… sirf you are allowed to love him as jiju… zyada sapne mat dekhna 😉 😉 😛 😛
      Yaar I am a big bhookad too… And I die for pizza… hum dono bhookad and pizza loving jori me bhi first aayenge. Pizza party treat pakka mai dungi par uske paise tu dena 😛 😛
      Awwww thank you again haan haan bengali hi bolenge but phir bhi kisiko bura lag jaaye to isiliye safe side. Haan as always expect the unexpected… that’s my style 😉 Next one posted baby

  12. hi Nilash di,
    I m commentig for 1st time in anyone’s ff but I loved ur every ff they are just awsome se bhi upar….
    ur 1st ff the journey of love was having a lot of suspense.
    2nd the obros love story was quite funny I used to love reading that.
    3rd exotic love mixed emotion wala tha.
    4th the seven days story an emotional plus suspense one
    5th finding him (personaly my fav) a thrill, suspense and funny at last.
    6th this one OMG quite intersting with a lot of suspense…
    Di I m confused a bit in exotic love u didnt reveled the shivika part completely only one flashback
    Must say di u r a great writter
    I m a great fan of urs writting
    I think u r in class 11 so di as I m in 10
    U know everyday wait for ur ff till 11pm agar aap nai post karte ho na tho sad ho jati hu… hum har ten min me TU kholte hai aur apka post hai ya nai check karte hai and as far as I know every I m the 1st one to read it but commenting at this time as I dont have much data pack so was waiting for father to come and I am using my friends email ID to comment as I dont have mine
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    1. Nilash

      Hello Ritu…. hello girl welcome to my family. Thank You so much Ritu. Can I call you Ritu? I hope you don’t mind.
      Tumne to pura summery genre bol diya. Frankly after reading your comment I just can’t express how happy I was. Sach me you made my Valentine’s Day much much much more special girl. I wanna share something… I hope you won’t mind knowing that… today frankly I was dull and sad for some reasons and I was to stop posting the story for some days but then at evening your comment flashed up and I was forced to change my decision and frankly you pushed me to post the next episode. You are my sister from today because my readers are my family and not fans. Arre nai I am not that good… I just try and all your unconditional love makes it possible.
      I know I ended Exotic Love in an incomplete way leaving many loopholes but I had no other option as I had my exams so had to finish it. I am extremely sorry for that.
      Yeah you can call me di but I am not in 11 but 1st year college in BSc.
      Aaj se I promise that I will try to post my story by 10. Aur har das min me mat khola karo kyunki agar aapke mumma ne daanta to I will feel bad. No need to comment dear to prove your unconditional love kyunki you love me enough and that I got to know from your comment today.
      Request nai jo bhi puchna hai puch liya karo. Never request me kyunki family me request nai karte order kiya jata hai.
      Ye bhi bahut zyada bara ho gaya… please padh lena and thank you so so so much once again.
      Love you.
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