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“Shivay please think twice, I can never become the mother of your child, please Shivay don’t just take decisions in hurry” Anika said brushing Shivay’s shoulder with both her hands.

“Anika… Dr. Smith has said that after your treatment, you will be able to conceive so please don’t think all these and if we don’t have a child too… then also our love is enough pure to hold us back together, forever.” He replied ever so calmly.

“Shivay…” she tried to say something again but he shushed her “shhh…” he said putting his finger over her lips. She just hugged him as she knew this man love her enough and if this man is with her then she will pass away from any and every stage of her life. She trusted him more than enough as he has won her trust and they deserved to be together because they were made for each other.

It’s the sangeet and mehendi day. First threat came from Daadi was that Shivay will apply the first stroke of mehendi on Anika’s palm. Shivay denied remembering his not so good drawing class memories. He remembered how he used to get scolded in his childhood for making the great sun of oval shape.

“Daadi I called the mehendi girl” he tried to get saved but not to forget his two brothers are always there to fail all his plans.

“Yeah bro but according to our rituals you have to draw at least a line” Om teased but yeah this was truth. But one thing has changed a lot and that is Rudra-Soumya’s relationship. They are no more best friends but much more than that. Soumya has become a part of the family but unfortunately she isn’t here for her didi’s sangeet and mehendi as her duty didn’t grant her leave on that day. That was the first time she cursed her job but Anika managed to make her agree but she will be joining everyone on the very next day after making all the required reports that she was being asked.

Rudra’s mood and face was not good as expected but he was trying to be cool and happy as it’s his bhabhi and bhaiyaa’s wedding. But as usual Shivay had surprise for his brother.

Okay so back to mehendi function, Shivay was sitting beside Anika but unfortunately Anika’s face was covered by a veil as instructed by daadi. He now cursed himself that he made mistake by announcing that their marriage will be performed with every rituals because with every ritual daadi is making them go more far yet tying their hearts close for ever.

“Anika… lift you veil up a little na” he said trying to peep down the veil.

“Sit straight billu” came daadi’s voice and Shivay’s posture immediately became erect.

“Wo… a bee was getting inside, so… I was just…” he tried to justify his act but miserably failed as daadi interrupted “Billu the flowers used for the decoration are all false… nakli you see… so basically no bee is attracted to nakli flowers so please stop lying to your experienced daadi”

“Urrghhh… she is my wife, yeah I know would be but then too my wife, I have my rights on her… no one can say anything” he shouted no he just said sounding irritated which he thought that he was shouting.

“Billu shut up… or else daadi will give you more punishments” Anika whispered down the veil but wait is it Anika… no the voice seemed of someone else’s.

“This is not Anika daadi” Shivay immediately replied and looked at the girl sitting beside him with narrow eyes.

“I know it’s not Anika… it’s Ishu, and I  knew that you would not leave a chance to see Anika’s face if you are allowed to sit beside her so this was small punishment for you though I know you did not do any mistake. “Come puttar” daadi called. Anika now came wearing a red coloured lehenga, looking like a bride. But now it had surprise for Rudra also as Soumya was beside Anika smiling widely looking at him.

“Sumo…” he softly said and miserably failed to hide his excitement and went to Soumya and dragged her before hugging her in front of everyone. “…I so missed you” he completed stressing the word missed. By this act Anika got pushed a little and because of loosing balance landed in Shivay’s arms.

Wait everything happened in just nano seconds that daadi was so confused that whom she should drift apart.

“Billu” she said realizing Anika in Shivay’s arm and her veil has already slipped off. Shivay was so happy that the moment he heard billu, he left his bride and turned to daadi and kissed on her cheek. Unfortunately Anika landed down crying “ahhh…”

*HO GAYI SHAADI KI OH MY MATA* special dialogue from Rudra and Pinky’s mouth together grabbed Shivay’s attention towards Anika.

“Arre re… I am sorry, I am really sorry… I didn’t mean to leave you, wo daadi called me so I just… I am sorry…” he was chanting incomplete sentences ending with sorry but yeah not giving his hand to pull Anika up.

“Bhabhi come…” Om extended his hand and Anika stood up. Anika simply walked away, settled her veil over her head and went beside daadi. Rudra was still looking at Soumya and has already intertwined their fingers, Soumya was busy understanding her didi’s situation so she pulled apart from the hug long back.

Shivay was confused as his mind now banged on one question that is she angry? If so then she should shout or fight but she walked off like as if nothing has happened. The function started, he though not a perfect one but drew a circle in the middle of her both palm. Rest design was completed by the mehendi designer. Now came the turn for him to find his name. He started to find but unfortunately maybe Anika forgot to put his name as he is unable to find.

“Is she so much angry that she purposely skipped off my name from her mehendi?” he asked to himself. And unknowingly joined both her hands, yeah his name is there, yes it’s there adorning her palms. He brushed his fingers feeling proud that be it whatever, she will remain his, only his.

“I love you…” he whispered. She smiled down the veil and kept mum. The day ended. Next day haldi and then shaadi.

Haldi knocked on the door with peeping of white blissful, romantic light from the heaven. Shivay’s haldi rasam started. But fortunately daadi did not ask Anika to put a veil over her head on that day, maybe it’s because the partners should see the shine on each other’s eyes while becoming one, slowly and gradually through rasams and rituals.

“Shivay without being naughty you will be applying haldi on Anika after we are done” daadi instructed, but the major twist was created by Anika “but daadi, I have a condition, he left me yesterday and I fell down so for that before the marriage gets over he is not allowed to touch me, if he can apply haldi on me without touching even an inch of my skin then he is most welcome” she said and smirked looking at Shivay.

She and her punishments, everything is always weird. “Hmmm so Ms. SP is challenging me?” he smirked back. Not to forget they are takkarbaaaz as well. “Huh… yeah” she replied and went away.

“All the best billu” Daadi wished and went to apply haldi on Anika. Her rasam was completed. Now the twisted part comes. Everyone went back to their room to clean up themselves from the messy haldi but Shivay-Anika are allowed to clean up once they apply haldi on each other. He went to the pool side where Anika was already present dripping her foot into the water, smiling thinking about something. Yes *DIMAAG KI BATTI JALI* is the perfect dialogue to be used as he smiled getting the idea to apply haldi on her without touching her.

He soon called someone and ordered something. Being Shivay Singh Oberoi, the order came in an hour and he received big two bags. Anika was still sitting there fortunately, he started to empty the bags over the pool and thus making the pool yellow. The yellow coloured powdered turmeric touched her feet as the turmeric travelled with the ripples of the water. He smiled widely feeling proud on his hypothalamus, brain.

“I completed my punishment Anika…” he said coming out of the pool and locking her between his arms at the edge where she was sitting. Her trance broke and she looked around to see the entire pool to be yellow and her feet have also turned yellow. She smiled and looked down into his eyes. His hands reached to her waist and he pulled her over him inside the pool.

“I completed my task” he whispered against her wet skin fanning her breath over her skin making her shiver. He then softly brushed his hand over the haldi on her hand and said “I will clean you” and started to clean off the haldi softly gradually taking his own time to discover her soft skin. Her breath became uneven with passing seconds and at last she hugged him to pacify the raise of hormones in her.

“I love you Shivay” she said entangling him. Their wet figures collided and they smiled thinking that no one can ever snatch away this happiness from them. After a lot they are together, smiling, fighting and relishing the life. Their bond was only created by them in their own heaven. The two souls who met in an unplanned way is now planning their life ahead, together.

Next day arrived but again the shaadi in Oberoi Mansion can never go softly. Anika was missing and a note was their beside her bed “WILL RETURN THE BRIDE ONLY WHEN MY DEMANDS ARE FULFILLED” everyone was astonished at the fact that last time in Shivay’s marriage, Shivay got kidnapped and now in Shivay-Anika’s marriage Anika is kidnapped.

PRECAP- LET’S MEET ANKUSH AND AASHIYA… hmmm so doodles what do you think that who may have kidnapped Anika? And what are his demands? Well answer down.

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