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“Anika… media is getting hyper, various rumours are getting spread… Inesh needs to get punished soon, Anika beta do something” Mr. Chatterjee remarked from the other side of the phone.

She was listening to him but thinking about the previous day bomb blast. That bomb blast the previous day was something mysterious. This one news have been disturbing her and she is getting no one to ask to get a correct answer. Lastly she thought to visit Inesh as he can be the only one who can guide her atleast a little. When all these are going through her mind, Shivay entered with a letter in his hand.

“Anika… this is for you, it came from some unknown address” he settled back and extended the letter to her. She opened the letter, nothing was written and a blank page it was. She tried to get hold but it had nothing, then she remembered once Sahil has told her about magic pen, using that pen you can write anything and only it will show up when light falls over it. She flashed the flashlight of her phone over it but to her surprise nothing was written other than just a name. Sudha was scribbled over.

“Sudha?” she narrowed her brows.

“Is it related to something happened in past Anika?” Shivay asked.

“Shivay Sudha… is this some kind of clue or just a joke?” she asked him.

“Joke… no it can’t be, no one at this point of time will joke and moreover we are Gonzalez so who will get to know?” he tried to justify but she was not satisfied with his answers.

“Wait Shivay, let me call sir once again” Anika said. She dialled Mr. Chatterjee’s number but no response came. She dialled again and this time one mysterious voice replied.

“I know Ms. Anika you have been thinking about the letter, I have sent that to you… it is not just Sudha… look deep into it, you will find it out… and yeah I am your well wisher” the phone went blank thereafter.

Anika tried to think hard about the connection.

“Shivay Sudha was the name of the girl whom I was suspecting to be with the antagonist group previously, yes she died almost two months ago when the bomb blast took place in front of our appartment. But she was dead… what can be related to her?” this was getting more deep as she tried thinking more. The worst part is she cannot ask for the files related to the case.

She made plan to go and visit Inesh because only his words were clue to her if she gets one. On the other side Inesh’s phone rang. His burns are still fresh but the news he heard over phone was nothing respect to those that burnt his head.

“Sir, we are sorry to inform you that…” the caller paused.

“What happened?” Inesh asked.

“Sir all our savings are transferred to government banks… and…” before the man could have completed Inesh shouted “what?” “yes sir… and many organisations have planned to surrender… and sir, all of them spread over the entire world is surrendering one by one… sir do something” the man’s voice was sinking slowly slowly.

“What are you saying? What has happened suddenly? And everyone surrendering means?” he got up in anger and thrown up his hand, as a result his burn rubbed the wall.

“There was some world wide warrant sir saying that cops will burn everything of everyone working in our organisations and all who are connected to us will also have to suffer. They all got scared so they decided to…” Inesh shouted again before the man completed “shut up… just shut up, Anikaaaaaa I won’t leave you for this”

Yes it’s Anika who still worked for everyone when she was lying on the bed of the hospital getting cured for the deeds of this man named Inesh. Secretly her meeting was fixed with the higher authorities of the world veto power countries, she requested everyone to look into this serious matter or else everyone will have to suffer one by one. They all agreed to a consent that all the unwanted organisations will be treated secretly until Anika returns to India. Till the time Inesh was enjoying his so called power on the other side many unwanted groups were taken down and attacked secretly. A large mass was covered before Inesh could have known. Yes it’s said correct when everyone around the world decides to do something and if they do it together than success will touch their feet without even showing tantrums.

Inesh’s black savings were also transferred to government’s account. His men were getting caught day after day. Here when he was planning to teach Anika a lesson, there she was making plans to make the world pure and clear though its not that much easy.

“Hello Mr. Ahuja, I am Mrs. Gonzalez” Anika came in and said.

“Stop this drama you bl*ody woman… why are you doing drama still now? Everything is over… just stop it” Inesh howled and opened the saline and tried to get up to touch her but he fell down.

“What are you saying Mr. I just came to visit you and you are behaving like this with me?” Anika asked.

“Yesterday’s bomb blast… say it was your plan… say it” he shouted on the top of his voice.

“No sir… I was there in my hotel when my husband went where you invited him, and I am just a simple woman… why will I do bomb blast?” she asked ever so innocently.

“Ohhh okay… so you won’t accept, fine just let me go out of here… I will show you… you screwed me… I will screw you more… go away, get away” Inesh pushed her and she looked at him in disbelief. But still her anger was boiling inside.

Inesh sat down over the bed to think something but now he can do nothing.

“So Ms. what was his reaction?” Shivay asked smiling.

“Don’t worry, he will gradually learn to bear with these shocks… it’s just the beginning” she replied.

“But Anika who do you think has planned the bomb blast?” Shivay asked.

“Yeah I am also thinking that… even it was not known to us that Inesh has planned another bomb blast to kill more people but there is someone who is helping us, who just changed Inesh’s game and did the bomb blast when no one was there and only Inesh was there” she said.

“Do you think that it was against Inesh and not the force?” he asked.

“No… I am not sure but it seems so, and moreover the Sudha thing is making me worried, well let’s wait and yeah from tomorrow Inesh will be under my charge” Anika said.

“Anika listen, speak to Mr. Anand and get every information about Sudha’s body and after that contact her family I think you will get your answers” Shivay gave a nice solution.

“Yeah but I can’t go… let’s ask Soumya, she will do everything in need… don’t worry Shivay I will find out the behind parts in just one day” Anika promised. Shivay knew Inesh was near his end. Morethan anyone he was waiting to punish Inesh.

PRECAP- INESH TRIES TO TOUCH ANIKA IN WRONG WAY… Inesh’s punishments are to get worse day by day so if anyone is uncomfortable than they can skip the next 3 parts. And rest who were waiting let’s enjoy it together doodles.

One last question. How do you all want the end to be? I am giving options-

1) Anika and Shivay to remain unmarried

2) Anika and Shivay to marry (twist lies darlings *wink*), but promise they will get married.

3) Anika and Shivay to become parents. And if this so, choose- a boy or a girl.

My personal preference is third option as this will give the story a cute ending, though previously I loved first option but now I have changed my mind.

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  1. Ashwinee

    Abh yeh kon hai badi Jhalli ???? Aur aap yeh multiple choice ke questions Kyun pooch rahi hain???
    Waise, Lagta hai ki 3 number ke choice khidkitodh hote hain ?? waiting for the next one eagerly!!!!

    1. Nilash

      Arre ye to Sudha hai jiska death ho gaya tha in initial episodes. Heeheeheehee… arre episodes likhna hai to opinion mangna to banta hai na boss. Hahaha haan shayad waise khusi ka level to deere dheere hi badhta hai na 😉 thank you so much.

  2. May be option 2 is ok but 3 will be cute…

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Sukeer for sharing your views. Will surely try to write something interesting

  3. 3

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Ritu for sharing your views. Will surely try to write something interesting

  4. Wow are very awesome n mind blowing that everyday u keep me with suspense n in thrill mood.actually with those suspense I can’t suspect anything n I decide not to read further more but I can’t wait to read further everytime I bowled with that suspense.thats totally creditable u are totally agreeable n happy with your nice n cute ending.i too prefer with 3 option.because i vote for a boy this time .last time you gave a very cute baby girl shivanya so this time I vote for baby boy like print of shivaay as just like him with including kanji aankhon as a gift to anika.why I wished the marriage of shivika means here you showed a different n pure love of shivaay to Anika after her defeat like death of originalty she got true immense love of in order to prove its great love they should be married then only their love reaches 100percent real by parents that it got win practically or otherwise it looks like showing of sympathy a bit more of it as a lover I think so. because through marriage bond they can be ek Saath Hain its the indication of true love they share n there is chance to till end of life they will live together. n again I’m thrilled with precap again that inesh ready to touch Anika obullshut.that means I can’t tolerate any more that blo*dy inesh.n what about skipping of next 3 means u r going to say happened r*pe attempt or again there is happening r*pe attempt .so sorry I’m not so dare to go on with these present means.

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Raji. Hahahaha… please don’t leave reading because suspense has ended now only last mystery unfolding part and Shivay-Anika parts will be there. Thank You so much and I will definitely try to make it as good as possible. Awww you remember Shivanya… that’s so sweet. Okay done, let’s see who comes out from Anika’s womb. Raji frankly the way you described why you chose third option swayed me away. This point never came to my mind, but you have perfectly convinced me and yaar I am so moved. Yup true this marriage is indeed needed. Nope he will not do such thing but something else. And don’t worry nothing will go wrong. Thank You so much again for loving and supporting always.

  5. Now I got won’t skip next parts bcoz I’m very much comfortable with the punishing of inesh.but little bit scared of precap n very much happy this time shivaay is with Anika n nothing goes wrong.ab shivaay iss inesh kaa band baajegi

    1. Nilash

      Raji nothing will go wrong, I promise, And next parts maine try kiya hai ki bahut simple yet intriguing ho so agar kharab laga to I am sorry. Shivay nai Anika khud bajayegi iska band.


    To become parents after marriage ,update is very nice and awesome

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Manav for sharing your views. Will surely try to write something interesting. Thanks again.

  7. Anusha Appadu

    Anika and Shivay to become parents. And if this so, choose- a boy or a girl.means their get twins

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Anusha for sharing your views. Will surely try to write something interesting

  8. Another mind blowing piece… Continue yaaro… I think 3rd one was the best one with 2nd option wala twist…

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Jannat. Waahhh dono hi chahiye… hehehe… chalo mai kuch amazing sa likhne ka koshish karti hu. Thank You so much again.

  9. Ori

    Awesome waiting for next option 3

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Ori for sharing your views. Will surely try to write something interesting and next part is posted dear

  10. Banita

    I m liking ur this type of thriller parts… Ab yeh new entry…. Kisse le aayi tu??
    About ur que last one will be gr8…

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much mera Chimpanzee. Arre new character nai hai, ye to ek ladki hai jo mar gayi thi initial episodes me. Yaad kar. Haan haan chal tere Shivay-Anika ko bachcha udhaar me hi de dungi…. hihihihi

  11. Option 3 ?

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Maha for sharing your views. Will surely try to write something interesting

  12. Niliash..last one will be great…..
    Cut little Ansh or Shivika…..????????…

    1. Nilash

      Hehehe…. okay chalo dekhte hai kya hota hai. Aur naam kuch aur rakhte hai kyunki Shivika or Ansh to couple name hai na.

  13. my options 3 one is better

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Brisha for sharing your views. Will surely try to write something interesting

  14. Niriha

    Awesome…option 3 is the best one update next part soon dear

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Niriha. Will surely try to write something interesting and next part is posted

  15. Option 2 n 3 is best…

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Farjuman for sharing your views. Will surely try to write something interesting

  16. ItsmePrabha

    Darling..ab yeh nayi well wisher kis aasman se tapak padi hai..full on suspense chal raha hai..precap.. uss inesh ko toh mein..khair chod dethi hoon uske liye tu aur anudi kaafi hai..well meri option phirse tum jaanti hai..will be waiting for the next…so jaldi jaldi post karlo..Love you..take care..

    1. Nilash

      Hola darling. Arre nai nai tapki nai hai, ye to thi na initial episode me, iska death ho gaya tha and Anika took the charge to investigate her case. Haan Inesh ka to mai hi dhyaan rakh lungi. Hahaha…. haan shayad guess kar sakti hu. Chalo dekhte hai tujhe pasand aayega ya nai jo mai likhungi 😉

  17. very….nice..???

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Sadia

  18. Nikita_jai29

    All options are awesome in a certain way… But i want three

    1. Nilash

      Yes yes they are. And Thank You so much Niki darling for sharing your views. Will surely try to write something interesting

    1. Nilash

      Thank You Alekhika

  19. Pushpa

    Sudha,,,,,…………who is this ????? Not another twist nilu…..can wait to end this inesh…….

    1. Nilash

      Push the episode of Inesh’s end is posted. Its episode 46, do check it out and Sudha is an old character but her mystery got solved in chapter 45.

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