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Anika was sleeping while Shivay was thinking about all the turn of moments that changed their lives in just few days. She turned to a side pressing her eyelids.

“Is it paining?” Shivay asked coming out of his thoughts. She just nodded a no and continued her sleep.

“Excuse me” came a voice from the door after a knock. He turned to see Mr. Omkara standing at the door steps.

“Yeah… come in” Shivay answered smiling widely.

“I am sorry to disturb you… actually I got to know about your wife’s condition from Yuthang so I couldn’t stop myself and came here, how is she?” Om asked looking at Anika.

“She will be fine, doctors said that it will take time but she will recover” he explained and asked Om to sit on the couch.

Om’s phone beeped. He checked the message and continued his conversation with Shivay.

“Mr. Gonzalez… right?” he asked after a pause to which Shivay nodded his head.

“Mr. Omkara, where is your brother Rudra?” Shivay asked with shining eyes.

“He… he is busy” Om said smiling back.

“Wo… actually Mr. Gonzalez… I want a favour from you, I mean… I know I am just a stranger to you but… I just wanted a help, please… just listen to me once” Om requested.

“Yeah… okay, go ahead” Shivay hesitated a bit but agreed to listen to what he says.

“Mr. Gonzalez… this may sound very sarcastic to you but I had an elder brother, who looks exactly like you… you can say your carbon copy, Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi was his name” Om took a pause to analyse Shivay’s expressions.

“Yeah so?” was Shivay’s cold reply as if he knew that he has some carbon copy of his.

“So… some days back, actually he had a girlfriend whose name was Anika and… and she also looked exactly like your wife” Om again paused looking at Shivay’s laugh which Shivay is trying to hide but he is failing.

“Are you kidding me?” Shivay asked stopping his laughter at last.

“No… no Mr. Gonzalez, wait I will show you a picture” Om said taking out his phone. He opened his gallery and showed a picture of Shivay-Anika from their engagement diaries. Mr. Gonzalez’s expressions changed to shock as he looked at the picture.

“Yes Shivay… I am sorry Mr. Gonzalez, for this reason only I want a help from you two” Om requested again.

“Hmm… I think something fishy is there” Shivay said.

“Actually…” Om narrated everything about Shivay and Anika, how Anika was a cop and was trying to catch all the terrorists who are trying to destroy everything of their mother land just for the sake of ruling the land.

“Mr. Omkara, see in my opinion I am completely an outsider… I even don’t know what help you want from me, so please don’t drag me and my wife in all this. Please” Mr. Gonzalez requested keeping his tone enough soft.

“I know Mr. Gonzalez that you are a family person who is selfish towards his family… but this is not only the matter about my brother or would be sister-in-law but it’s the matter about my country. Please try and understand. I badly need your help. Please” Om was continuously requesting and Shivay was denying.

In all these they did not realise when Anika got up and was staring at them with confused looks.

“Okay okay stop” Anika shouted from her bed.

Shivay an and Om instantly looked at her. Anika could see a thin layer of water surrounding Om’s eyes.

“Who is this Shivay?” Anika asked. He explained how they met at the exhibition.

“Mrs. Gozalez… please please listen to me once, my family badly needs the support of Shivay and Anika now. My daadi, she is very sick after she came to know about Anika’s condition before her death. Please help me” Om was almost in the verge of crying while folding his hands.

Shivay held his hand in middle and nodded a no.

“Okay fine we will go” Anika said.

“But Anika…” Shivay tried to say something when she continued “…Shivay don’t forget that that is our motherland too. These people wants our help and we will just deny fearing about the danger? No Shivay you know me right? I can never deny anyone’s request” Anika completed.

“But your health is not good… please try to understand” Shivay tried to explain but Anika was stick to her words. At last Shivay gave up and agreed to Anika.

“I will just go because my wife wants to help your family… but only after she gets perfectly fine” Shivay now put up a condition expecting that Om will at least leave them denying his condition but Om nodded and smiled.

Om got up and thanked them again. She smiled and bid bye while Shivay just kept staring her.

After Om went away Shivay headed to Anika’s bed and bombarded her with questions “why did you agree?” was his first question.

“What’s the problem Shivay?” she asked in a very innocent tone.

“What if he is just fooling us… or maybe this is a trap for us?” he had his next question ready.

“Why will he fool us? And why will anyone trap us from India… you are not that much rich too” Anika answered his second question.

“But Anika…” he tried to say something but Anika started to speak “Shivay relax, I know you are tensed about me… you just don’t worry I will be fine and about going to India, there is time my darling and don’t you believe on Jesus? He can never do anything wrong with his children” Anika explained.

“I do believe on him darling but I care about you because…” he was again cut in middle by her “because you love me and I love you too… just believe me, the man came here few moments ago wasn’t fake… I can clearly see the pain of loosing his brother in his eyes, he was saying truth Shivay”

“Okay fine I won’t say no neither I will argue with you because I can never win an arguement” he at last gave up but he was still not satisfied to agree and go to India just to an insistence of a stranger.

Anika wrapped her hand around Shivay and made him sit beside her and rested her head over his shoulder.

“Bhagad billu… just relax, I and you both will be fine there… after all it’s our motherland too… and we love our India right?” she whispered while asking.

“Yes” Shivay whispered back and kissed on Anika’s cheek to which she kissed on back on his cheek.

PRECAP- AN ATTACK ON ANIKA… what do you all think guys? Will Shivay-Anika at last go to India? And who is going to attack on Anika. Think think.

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