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“I am not going back” Shivay said. Everyone’s jaw dropped listening to this. Om smiled within himself.

“What?? I am not going back because I also don’t want to get married to that Nag…” he stopped and looked at Anika whose eyes were sparkling with tadi, he continued “Ragini…uff yaar always her words affects my accent” he said in a low tone.

“Yeah that’s because you love her… my bhabhi” Rudra said and soon hugged Shivay. Shivay couldn’t deny this and smiled hiding his face from everyone.

“Okay… so we are going to Kolkata” Anika said

“Anika… is that the same…” Om tried to complete but Anika nodded a big no and continued “yeah… and Om don’t worry your brother will be fine… no one can cause any harm to him” she completed eyeing Shivay.

“I know bhabhi… all the best” Rudra exclaimed happily.

OmRu went away wishing them luck and advised Shivay to stay calmly with her. Shivay nodded in agreement.

“Hmmm… so when is our flight?” Shivay asked.

“What?? Flight?? No we are travelling by car and you will drive the car” Anika said handling him his car keys.

“My car?” he asked narrowing his eyebrows.

“Yeah… it helped me a lot in kidnapping you” Anika chuckled.

“Yeah… how can I forget you blo*dy kidnapper” his voice reflected his rage but she least bothered and went inside the car. He after going in is shocked to see his luggage is also ready.

“She is not bad…after all she is my Anika… hey Shivay… what are you thinking… you just hate her, and you are going with her because… because it’s your decision” he thought and started the engine.

It was night. She leaned backward and closed her eyes. Shivay stopped the car and stared at her. A hair strand fell on her face. He leaned closer and blew her strand. She pushed him and woke up with shock.

“What are you doing?” she asked and continued “and don’t even think of taking advantage since I am alone”

“Hey… I Hate You… just hate you… my love died that day when you did that with Sahil… and listen… you are not worth to get loved so just stop overthinking” he completed and went out of the car and slammed the door.

“How will I tell you the truth Shivay… I am again going to play a game… before you come to know… I may go far away… from you Sahil… and… and everyone” Anika thought as tears went down her eyes.

“Why did you do that Anika?? Just a day and all my trust, love and understanding over you died… I have loved you… loved you like a mad… I would have given everything but just for money you…” his thoughts stopped as he couldn’t think more about what had happened.

He went into the car and noticed Anika weeping.

“Don’t… don’t cry now…” he said while his hands extended to wipe her tears but she wiped them and smiled looking her crying effect over him “why can’t you tolerate me crying?” she asked.

He without answering anything started the engine. She turned on the radio.

“Yaaron…… Dosti…….. Badi Hi Haseen Hai…… Yeh Na Ho To……. Kya Phir…… Bolo Yeh Zindagi Hai….” song started to play.

She looked at Shivay and remembered their first meet. Shivay too reciprocated her looks and got lost in their past.


“Yaaron…… Dosti…….. Badi Hi Haseen Hai…… Yeh Na Ho To……. Kya Phir…… Bolo Yeh Zindagi Hai….”  song was playing at the back.

“Chanda… this song is just amazing… haina?” Anika asked and got up from her seat.

“Now just don’t start dancing over here… we are at a coffee shop and remember that” Chanda muttered looking down.

“Yaar… I fail to stop my feet yaar… this song is just awesome blossom super clossom” she said swaying smoothly.

“Anika… sit down people are looking weirdly at us” Chanda said pulling her. But she did not sit down. “Okay fine I am leaving… you entertain people by your dance” Chanda said and got up.

“Chanda wait… hey wait” Anika shouted and ran behind her. As soon she was to open the door another man opened the door and she fell in his arms.

“Billu…” she muttered looking at his eyes.

“How do you know my name?” the man asked.

“Whatt???? That’s your name?” Anika cracked up listening to this. Shivay left her and she stood straight.

“Hey I am Shivay Singh Oberoi… The  Shivay Singh Oberoi…. stop laughing…” he rolled his eyes.

Anika somehow controlled her laughter and ran behind Chanda “sorry Mr. Billu I mean Mr. Shivay… will talk to you nicely the next time” she looked back and said after stopping Chanda.

“She said as if we will meet again” Shivay muttered and went to his table. The flashes of her laughter came in front of his eyes. But he chucked off the thoughts and concentrated back on his work.


They were still staring at each other.  ‘Beep… beep’ came sound from behind breaking their trance.

PRECAP- GETTING ATTRACTED…. Ha ha ha… keep on thinking about the past. Not going to write it up soon. And please don’t throw Chamelis as I used the location Kolkata… as I am a Kolkata girl so thought to use it because I wanted an Indian location out of Mumbai.


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