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Morning peeped. He got up and noticed her sleeping cuddling to him. He pecked her forehead and caressed her traces.

“Get up…” he whispered. She nodded no pressing her eyes and clutched his  kurta while going close to him. He smiled and wrapped her close. “It’s late” he whispered again while caressing her traces. She again nodded a no. He was staring her and was entirely lost in her beauty. It has been long that they were this close cuddling each other away from every tension.

He was so lost that he could not understand when she started weeping. His trance broke feeling her hot drops. His smile died and fear of her going away almost paralyzed him. Her sudden change in behaviour the previous day seemed mysterious but her tears mattered to him more.

“What happened crying doll?” he asked trying to smile.

“Nothing… I have got everything I wanted… thank you for loving me and Re-LOVING me” she completed and the words sounded like speech.

“Okay fine… leave it, enough of suspense and all… just tell me what you wanna have in breakfast?” he asked followed by getting up.

“My favourite…” she took a pause and they both continued together “…Aloo Puri” he and she smiled.

“What about having Pizza in lunch?” Anika asked.

“You will get fat if you have this much junk food, today Aloo Puri… and Pizza tomorrow” he said.

“No…no no today” she was stubborned and he was forced to accept her demand.

She went to get freshened up and sat down the shower thinking about everything, her life…her brother, Sahil…her Shivay… OmRu, Prinku, Shivay’s family…their love for her. Her job and her responsibilities. She was gathering courage and on the other side he was happy thinking he got his Anika back. Her plan was ready and his Aloo Puri too.

“Heyyy… come out, it’s already late… your hot hot food is getting cooled… come” he said knocking the washroom door and thus breaking her thought chain.

“Yeah… coming” she answered. She came out after five minutes with entire wet hair from which water is dripping. A very casual shirt and a loose denim.

“Woohoo someone is looking gorgeous” Shivay said.

“Yeah…hungry too” Anika made faces brushing her hand over her tummy.

“Come” he said invitingly and arranged Puri in her plate and aloo in a separate bowl. She was eating when Shivay saw her wet hairs causing her problem.

“Ohhoooo…you should have tied them up” Shivay said “…okay wait lemme just try to tie them” he continued and completed. He went inside and brought a hair clutcher. She leaned back allowing her hair to fall freely because of the pull of the great gravitational force. He started checking out each strand.

“Wait… arre don’t… wait… yeah here you come” he was instructing the hairs and was trying to tie them up but every time its coming out from the either side and this time left side hairs slipped out.

“Ha ha ha ha…” Anika’s laugh continued and she started to cough.

“Arre relax relax… ohho drink some water” Shivay extended the glass and held it to her mouth while brushing her head and patting her back.

“You fine?” he asked but as a result she started to laugh again thinking about his instructions to her hair.

“Yeahh… he he he…” she managed to say between her laughs.

He was standing confused yet proud that she is laughing and all because of him. He was caressing her head just as a father does to his daughter. She wrapped around his waist muttering a thank you.

Hours passed and as ordered by Ms. Anika, pizza came on time. She was not feeling like to eat and her vision was becoming blurry more often and it is getting harder for her to behave normal. Either side he was really finding the Pizza awesome and tasty. He had his share while Anika was busy checking him that how he eats, taking the first piece in her hand.

“I know I am hot” he said trying to sound normal. “Yeah but you are more cute… can’t you feel?” she asked. He asked what by his expressions while she answered using her words “wait… one minute” she paused and took out her phone and opened the camera and said “…say cheese…” she clicked the picture even before Shivay could react and yes he had a cheese moustache which is impossible to have while having Pizza but he had.

“Hey… no don’t send it to OmRu” he said.

“Arre yaar… my cutie pies they are… see see… they have immediately reacted… ha ha ha” her laughter continued when she showed how OmRu reacted to his picture with the cheese moustache.

“Aren’t they coming over here today?” Shivay asked cleaning the cheese.

“Hmm…” her reply again sounded mysterious. He did not ask anything because somewhere he wanted to be with Anika and enjoy the moments together without anyone’s interference.

It was evening when the clock showed 6:30. Her gun got filled up by three bullets. She was ready.

“Shivay let’s go to the terrace please” she said in a requesting tone.

He too agreed and they went up to the terrace locking their flat back. He went up when he saw some men standing there back facing them. She casually went in when he thought to dismiss the idea.

“Anika let’s go down” he said not getting in.

“Arre come in na… just for five minutes and we will go down” she assured.

He thought  to go in and tell her that he is feeling uncomfortable. He went in and then a man closed the door.

“Hey… what are you doing?” Shivay asked trying to push the man but then two more man held him.

“Exactly what I instructed them” Anika said and turned towards him pointing a gun.

“You… you are joking right Anika?” his throat’s voice almost died but no he managed to say.

“Why will I joke? It was my plan to kill you… now you will die and your family will be mine forever… your money, your buisness… everything will be mine” she shouted on the top of her voice.

Still he trusted their bond and with a last hope spoke “what happened suddenly? Please tell me? What’s the matter? You are doing this because they asked you right?” he pointed to those men.

“No Shivay… listen, truth is what I just siad… and one more thing before you die… Whenever I will need you… or you will need me… just don’t forget to call SHIVAY” she completed and bullet sound pierced his heart. Nothing got registered in his brain and everything went blurry in front of his eyes. The men left him when he fell down eyeing the hatred in Anika’s eyes for him. But somewhere her eyes showed some pain but before he could understand… darkness spread around.

The men opened the door when Oberoi Family walked in and Pinky ran to Anika.

“Mat ro beta… wo theek ho jaayega (Don’t cry beta… he will be fine)” she said caressing Anika’s back.

“Maa… I almost killed him… my hands were shivering while doing this, he has to get fine… for me, for us” Anika said. Both Pinky and Anika were consoling each other when the ambulance came down and Shivay was taken to some hospital.

Hours passed.

News started to get flash everywhere which stated “The famous Industrialist Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi… who was missing from past some days is dead now… his ex-girlfriend, Ms. Anika herself killed him. He was kidnapped by her from his marriage, and at last she killed him. Where is she and why she did all this is still not known. Police said they are finding her but when we tried to speak to Mr. Shivay’s family they did not open their mouth. What was the agenda? Why is one innocent soul got killed? Stay tuned to our news channel for more updates. Shivay’s body will be taken back to Mumbai for his last rituals tomorrow.” the reporter concluded the news and advertisements started to air.

PRECAP- IS SHIVAY REALLY DEAD… stay tuned to know more. Here I open another suspense. Sahil’s kidnapping suspense will wrap up super soon so guys please stay tuned and I promise you will love it. And yeah indeed it’s separation track but reunion also coming soon.

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    This was emotional for me………
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    And for Anika – must be so difficult????
    To kill her love, her life….. It must be very painful……..
    But now this *SHIVAAY* thing is mysterious….. Which she mentioned before shooting…..
    Everyone except the hero knows about the plan…..
    SaaS and bahu (to be)consoling each other….Now this is something great which you can’t see very often….. ???
    I hope that asi saas sab ko mile….. Asa chamatkar ho jai toh life aur kya chahiye??
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    Precap – shivaay is not dead for sure…. This all seems to be a plan, precisely a trap for the enemies……..
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