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He looked confusingly towards her while she brushed her lips over his cheeks.

“What happened Anika?” he asked as she rested her head over his chest.

“Nothing… just want to be safe, held in your arms… naah in your protective arms” she said.

“I am there, for you, always… I am yours always” Shivay said caressing her head.

“Aaj … aaj ek hasi aur baant lo … aaj ek dua aur maang lo … aaj ek ansoon aur pee lo … aaj ek zindagi aur jee lo … aaj ek sapna aur dekh lo … aaj … kya pata, kal ho naa ho… (Today … today share one more smile … today pray one more time … today drink one more tear … today live one more life … today see one more dream … today … who knows, there may be no tomorrow)” Anika said as a tear perfectly traced the curved path down her face.

“Waahhh… Shahrukh Khan’s dialogue?” he asked with a smile pressing her between his masculine chest and his arms. She inhaled his fragrance and wiped her tears.

“Do you remember our second time meet?” she asked ever so innocently looking at him.

“Ohh… god… please, you were seriously looking like a ghost” Shivay said to which Anika pouted and hit his chest while saying “are you mad? I was looking like ghost? You were looking like vampire… no actually… actually” she was thinking when Shivay immediately retorted “ohh hello… I was looking hot… girls and ladies were dying to dance with me”

“Haan that’s true but you were behaving so rude with those poor souls” Anika said.


It is a mask party thrown by Siddharth Vikram Rana, businessman  and to be husband of Mallika Kabeer Chaoudhary. It is Siddharth’s and Mallika’s engagement party. Chanda being an employee in Siddharth’s company is invited just as all other employees. She was feeling bored to go alone into the party so  she took Anika along with her. And here Shivay is invited too being Mallika’s friend.

“Hey billu… billu… ohhh billu ji” Anika called spotting Shivay busy talking to some high profile men. And here Chanda is trying to stop her but she being she ran towards Shivay.

“Hey Mr. don’t you have ears? Or they are defective… I was calling you… leave it… say how are you billu ji?” she asked smiling widely.

“Wow bro… you are really a brave girl… I mean calling the Billu, Billu… seriously needs guts, hello Billu ohhh sorry Shivay” Mallika said smiling widely while Anika mistook Mallika as his girlfriend.

“Hey Billu’s girlfriend… nice to meet you… but I have one question… is he always like this? Behaving like a robot?” Anika asked patting Shivay’s back, he was irritated to the core then.

“How dare you touch me… and for your kind information she is the bride and not my girlfriend” Shivay shouted when everyone stopped and looked at them to find what is going on. He started to walk off the party when Mallika went to him and apologised for teasing him. Chanda scolded Anika in turn making her clear about the  bride and the groom.

“Phail gaya raita” Anika said and went to Shivay. She apologised and Shivay went away congratulating the couple after they exchanged their rings.


Roles of laughter followed thinking about the incident.

“Seriously you had guts to call me Billu” Shivay said hitting her head.

“You were so robotic… what would have happened to you, if I was not there” Anika huffed.

“Yes…” Shivay said exhaling his breath over her ear in his milky husky voice and went close to her, holding her hand… “I would have been alone and unromantic always” he said looking at her lips.

“Shut up…” she pushed him and got up. He pulled her and she fell down. She sat beside him intertwining her fingers to his and resting her head over his shoulder.

“Ufff then remember… the day you came to our house to stay… I still wonder why did Daadi allow you to stay at Oberoi Mansion” Shivay said.


Three long moths passed of the engagement incident. Anika was busy with her works and Shivay was with his. Both of them has almost forgotten about each other. Anika then got instructions from her officer to be with Shivay Singh Oberoi and make sure about his security as a major group is behind doing something wrong to his company secret data which held an amazing GDP share of the country. From then Anika and Shivay’s journey started. Kalyani Singh Oberoi was informed and she promised to keep Anika’s identity a secret to everyone.

“Daadi ji… I will try my best to save your grandson’s company” Anika said when she met Kalyani Singh Oberoi first.

“Anika puttar… I respect you… and believe me I trust you” Daadi said caressing her face.

Daadi took Anika to Oberoi Mansion and introduced her as a PG to their house for some days. Shivay frowned looking her at his place.

“Hello Billu” Anika greeted him. Everyone broke down laughing holding their stomach looking at Shivay’s expressions.

“Daadi… ask her to go out, she is not staying with us” Shivay said irritated.

“Puttar… we should help a girl when she is helpless right? Please… you just concentrate in your works and I promise she will irritate you… but not more” Daadi said suppressing her smile.

“You all are just impossible” Shivay said and went to his room.

Like this she started staying at Oberoi Mansion. Days and months were passing by. He too realised that she is a pure soul. He started to fall for her but because of her duty she had to chain up all her emotions. She always tried to avoid Shivay which increased his desire for her each passing day. One fine day she and he was alone at the big mansion.

“Anika…” he called her from back when she was busy preparing her reports. “Yeah…” she replied as her heart started to beat fast.

“Wo… no one is at home” he said and came inside. “Yeah…” she said and left a deep sigh. She got up setting the papers and started to leave when he held her dupatta. “Wo… you look beautiful in salwar” he complimented her while she muttered a thank you and blush took over her cheeks.

She ran away.


“Waise tell me… why were you running away?” Shivay asked.

“Arre yaar… I never ran away, it’s just that I was showing my attitude” she said upping her invisible collar. “Yeah yeah… of course” he chuckled.

“What? I am saying truth only… and FYI don’t forget… you proposed me” she said

“Ohh hello… you were upset because I went out with Tia… and I did not realise when I confessed” he said.

“Ohh achcha… listen nothing of that sort, I was not upset” she tried to say but still it is visible that she was jealous.

“Look at your face… you are still jealous” he chuckled.


More months passed. One fine day Shivay was at office when Tia came there. Anika was checking all the securities of his office which she used to check everyday secretly as she ensured to get employed in Shivay’s office as an employee. Tia went to Shivay’s cabin.

“Hey Shivay… how are you?” Tia hugged Shivay while greeting.

“Arre how are you? After so long… babe I missed you” Shivay said hugging her back.

A normal conversation started between Shivay and Tia when Anika knocked. Shivay allowed her to come in. She informed him that she is going back home. He just hummed and again got busy with Tia. Anika thought he is ignoring her. Moreover he did not return that night as his long time friends Tia and Dushyant returned from Toronto after long. They were chilling out. Anika got to know about Shivay’s night out from Daadi.

Shivay came back at evening the next day, all tired and Anika thought may be he is a guy of that kind who likes to stay out with girls. She was all upset. Daadi informed Shivay that Anika has not eaten anything from last night. He made a confused reaction about why Daadi is informing him but then Daadi asked him to take food to Anika’s room for her after he gets freshened up.

“Anika… have food” Shivay handed her the plate. And was going when he noticed that she kept the plate aside.

He went close to her and sat beside her. He tried to understand the matter and tried hard to make her believe that he loves her but she was adamant not to believe and at last he confessed holding her face “I LOVE YOU damn it… do you just get that? Tia and Dushyant… they are married… they are my college day friends… nothing else. I love you” he said while the world stopped for her.

She was shocked to respond anything. “I love you” he said and jerked her.

“I hate you” she said and captured Shivay’s lips. This was another utter shock but now for Shivay. She confessed her love like that. They broke apart.

“Crazy mad girl” he said and pulled her into a hug while she rested her head over his chest listening to his heart beats that beats only for her.


“Ohh god… I was so sensible to confess” Shivay said.

“No… I was a beautiful, sensible and amazing girl whom you fell for” Anika now boasted.

“Did I deny that… you are hot too” he said again going close to her.

“Excuse me… have control over your hormones… nothing of that sort is gonna happen” she said pushing him away again.

Their conversation continued till the moment sleep surrounded their eyes and took them to the dreamland.

PRECAP- ANIKA SHOOTS SHIVAY… Shocked? Wanna kill me? You all can… and most welcome, I won’t mind keeping the story incomplete and die… he he he… no no just joking, next part will be an exciting one… so here from the next part THE SEPARATION TRACK starts.

Credit for the dialogue number 4 from Anika’s side goes to the movie…KAL HO NA HO… No copyright infringement intended.

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