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 “Shivay… wo…” Inesh started to speak when Shivay showed his palm to stop him.

“Inesh… I don’t know how to say a sorry but I am really ashamed of all my previous behaviour… I just overreacted. Please don’t keep those in your heart… please” Shivay said.

“It’s okay, I can understand how it feels when someone hurts the person you love… I also just overreacted” Inesh said.

Anika smiled.

“Now shakes hand” Pinky said. Shivay went forward and they side hugged.

“Ahem ahem… Anika didi he is straight… don’t worry” Rudra said.

“What?” Anika covered her blushing face with her palm and started smiling while Shivay came and hit Rudra’s head lightly. Elders were in awe mode.

“Okay we should go now… OmRu Prinku… you all just come back soon” Jhanvi said.

“Where are you all going to stay?” Anika asked them leaving them at the door.

“We have booked hotel… you don’t worry… bye beta” Jhanvi said and kissed on Anika’s forhead, Pinky too pecked her forehead and went buh byed them.

“Hey what about Ishu Om?” Anika asked sitting down over the couch.

“Arre yaar she is busy with her dance workshops… so she went to Delhi for some days” Om said.

“Ohhoo… I have not met her since long” Anika said.

“Arre ask about my girlfriends also” Rudra pouted.

“Haan haan… say say… if we don’t ask then also you will say… so say” Shivay said.

“Soumya” Rudra pouted again.

“Arre haan… wo Soumya… ” Inesh just started when Anika nodded no with big round eyes.

“You know Soumya… Soumya Tendulkar?” Rudra asked jumping off his spot.

“Yeah… no I mean no” Inesh tried to say but then his lie was caught.

“Yaar… you also in police?” Rudra asked as his curiosity level increased.

“No… I mean yes… I am in CID” Inesh understood there is no point in hiding.

“You in CID?” Shivay asked. Here Anika was all dumb and was silent when Shivay looked at her and asked “…you never said me that Inesh is in CID” Shivay asked.

“Just… just slipped out of my mind” Anika tried to answer.

“Hey man… I am so overwhelmed to be here sitting and chatting… you all seriously do an amazing job for our country” Shivay admired him when he just smiled.

“Now please don’t embarrass me” Inesh said smiling and looking down nodding his head.

“Ohh I am sorry” Shivay said sipping his coffee.

“We were at Soumya” Rudra said and then everyone noticed Rudra waiting for his turn.

“Ohhh yeah… say say” Anika said.

“Soumya got so busy these days that she even does not pics up my phone calls” Rudra said.

“Yeah… there is something… and she is Inspector you know… so she is busy these days” Inesh said.

“You work with her?” Rudra asked curiously.

“Yeah… I am her boss… I mean just a rank leader to her” Inesh said.

“Hey… Sahil why are you silent?” Prinku asked.

“You all elder people are busy with all police, detective blah blah games… and I am busy with my video game… that’s it” Sahil answered.

“Video game… is it that one? Shivay no… you cannot full fill all his wishes… Sahil, how many times have I asked you not to act stubborn?” Anika was really angry. Sahil asked about this video game five months ago. That time Anika said no and made him agreed to it but then after Anika went away and Sahil started to live with Oberoi family, Shivay gifted the video game to Sahil.

“Arre didi… jiju had conditions before gifting me this… so chillax babe” Sahil said.

“Shut up… you are ruining my brother” Anika sounded irritated.

“It was his gift when he scored top in his exam” Shivay explained to which Anika sat quite as she only had promised him that she will gift the game to Sahil once he tops, Shivay winked.

Soumya’s call then suddenly came on Inesh’s phone. Inesh recieved the phone and smilingly informed everyone about Soumya’s arrival to Kolkata very next day. Rudra was so happy that he kissed on Om’s cheek. Anika understood that definitely Soumya is coming there to visit Anika.

“Anika you should meet Soumya… she is seriously a nice girl and responsible officer” Shivay said as if Anika didn’t know. Rudra laughed. “Bhaiyaa bhi na… kisse kya bolte hai” Rudra said.

“What? What do you mean?” Shivay asked.

“Wo… he meant that Anika met Soumya during your engagement day remember… so… he just said that” Om explained.

“Ohh yeah” Shivay remembered. Long hours passed. OmRu Prinku Sahil and Inesh got up to go.

“Bye” everyone wished Shivay Anika and went away. Shivay twisted his hands and Anika fell over the couch.

“Hey let me check… what’s in news” Shivay said and switched on the TV but the news that were actually flashing shocked the hell out of them.

The news reporter was saying “today’s breaking news… The most famous and successful business man of 2017 Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi who went missing some days ago from his own marriage is still missing but today his family was spot by people in Kolkata and we got the news from a very trusted source that they went there to meet someone. We tried to contact DGP of Mumbai Police but he remained unavailable to comment anything. We also tried to contact Mr. Tej Singh Oberoi and Mr. Shakthi Singh Oberoi but they also avoided to speak anything. The case of Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi is getting mysterious day by day. How will he be recovered? What were the basis of his kidnap? Why no phone call came from the kidnapper till now? What turn will Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi’s case take? Stay tuned to our news channel to know about the further information about this case” the reporter ended and shifted to another news.

Anika’s phone rang. She knew what is coming up. She received the call and with shaky voice said “time has come sir… they will take major step now… and this will be our last chance to reach the culprit” she said. Mr. Chatterjee also knew her condition but their duty is duty.

“Anika…” Shivay called from back. She ran to him and hugged him.

“What happened?” he asked rubbing her back.

“Media won’t leave this topic now…they will ask various different questions.” Anika said.

“Don’t worry… we will handle it, no one will ever come to know that I am here… but the people of this society… if they inform media about my whereabouts then?” Shivay asked as his actual identity was still not revealed to everyone in that society.

“Shivay… in this society, everyone is trustworthy, don’t worry” Anika spoke.

She broke the hug and stared at those pair of eye which were looking at her back ever so lovingly.

“Can we behave like the way two lovers behave tonight? Can I sleep beside you tonight and remember all our past spent awesome memories?” she asked holding his face from one hand and clutching his kurta from the other.

“Why are you saying like this?” he asked holding her face. She did not reply but pecked over his forehead and caressed his face.

He looked confusingly towards her while she brushed her lips over his cheeks.

PRECAP- LAST MOMENTS SPENT TOGETHER… here comes the end to this chapter. Only one more chapter and then let’s see what happens. To everyone don’t be sad thinking about the upcoming episodes because I promise not to disappoint you all.

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