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Hours passed and it was dinner time. Anika was eating silently unlike to her behaviour rather Shivay was stealing glances and was dying to say something.

“No Shivay you have to say it to her…” he thought looking at the plate and suddenly called aloud “Anika…” his voice was high and ordering type but next moment stammer and low tone replaced it “wo… I want to say… wo…” his stammer continued.

“What? You need more chapati?” she asked.

“No… wo… tomorrow… tomorrow is… I mean this is month of Feb… and tomorrow is… 14th of Feb…” he was trying to complete but Anika’s cold reply was making it more difficult for him to make his point clear “yeah so?” she said as the reply to his sentence.

“So… tomorrow… I mean… any plan for tomorrow?” he asked looking at her occasionally and stuffing chapatis in his mouth occasionally.

“No, I want to stay at home… why you wanna go out?” she asked.

“Ohh okay…” he replied and his thought process took over “uuffff… Shivay be a man… yeah she is Anika… she is angry and hurt… I know but just be a man and ask her out for a date, what if she throw me out of the house… no, I cannot take this risk… she wants to stay at home… okay fine I have to make her feel special… but at home… what should I do… uuuurrggghhh… this girl, why is she so confused… no wait I am confused….” his thought chain was broken by the interference of her words “are you done… can I take the plate?” she asked jerking him by shoulder.

“Yeah… no… I mean no… I will have two more chapatis” he said and she immediately started checking his temperature with weird looks “are you fine?” she asked.

“Yeah… perfectly fine… why?” he questioned back.

“Instead of three you already had four and now you want to have more two… I mean… your entire system is okay?” she asked upping her eyebrows.

“Yeah… yeah yes… I am… I am just hungry” he explained and took two more chapatis and started eating them. She made weird faces and went to wash the utensils. After some time she returned back and still he was lost in some thoughts.

“I am going to sleep… good night” she wished but only a “hmm” came out from his deep manly throat.

He went to his room after cleaning up his own plate and started to walk up and down. Suddenly something amazing lightened up his face and his expressions changed to most happy one as he started to dance… “oyee balle balle… ooyyee shawa shawa… oooyyee dhinchak dhinchak” he did bhangra steps and uttered these and soon called someone.

“Mom… I need your help” he did not let Pinky speak anything and said.

“Shivay beta… I cannot gos there rights now to just brush my hand overs your hair so that you gets your sleep” Pinky said yawning.

“Arre no… who cares about sleep so early” he said smiling as wide his face allowed.

“Beta if you can reads the time then please kindly have a looks at the watch… it’s sayings twelve thirty of midnights” Pinky yawned again completing the sentence.

“No need to sleep… just listen to me” Shivay said becoming irritated by his mother’s words.

“If I go backs to sleeps than also I knows you will keeps on calling me… so no problems… just tells me fast” Pinky said scratching her head so that her sleep vanishes for few moments.

“Haan, so I was saying…” he narrated everything to which Pinky’s reaction was “Oh My Maata… no… it’s not possible”

“Yes it’s possible, I am asking OmRu and they will make it possible” he smiled widely thinking about the advantages he gets for being the eldest son of the house.

“Okay now lets me sleeps” Pinky hanged on the phone and went back to sleep but here sleep is far away from Shivay’s eyes. He went to Anika’s room and checked her sleeping peacefully.

  “oyee balle balle… ooyyee shawa shawa… oooyyee dhinchak dhinchak” he did again his steps and jumped over the bed.

Morning arrived. Anika got up as usual and went out of her room. Someone was standing there with a placard in her hand reading ‘A VERY HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO OUR VALENTINE’

“Maa…” Anika said and ran to Pinky and hugged her. “When did you come?” Anika asked. Pinky smiled and directed Anika towards another placard that read ‘YOU ARE A PETAL OF THE FLOWER OF OUR FAMILY WHO MAKES US LOOK RAVISHING EVERY MORNING’

“Papa?” Anika narrowed her eyes and went towards Shakthi. Pinky and Shakthi did not speak a single word and directed her towards the next placard held by Jhanvi which read ‘A SUNSHINE THAT LIGHTENED OUR LIFE BY HER SMILE’ Anika got teary eyed, Jhanvi nodded a no and wiped away her tear and took her to another placard held by Tej.


Lastly it was Daadi standing with the last placard in her hand ‘WE LOVE YOU ANIKA FOR WHAT YOU ARE AND FOR KIDNAPPING OUR BILLU’ Anika ran to Daadi and hugged her. Jhanvi and Pinky wrapped them both from either side. They left her after sometime and Daadi wiped Anika’s tears away.

“Anika/Didi” OmRu called from behind. Anika turned towards them teary eyed. They both sat on their knees and extended their left hands. Anika gave her hands to them and they continued

‘We are no one to value you…

No one knows what we meant too…

But believe us, the day you will leave…

We will be proud because only we will know how you tried to decieve’

Anika sat down and hugged them. Prinku came from behind “Anika di… we love you, willl you be our Valentine?” she asked extending a bouquet of rose.

Anika called Prinku close and she too joined in their hug.

“OmRu… you two know that after my departure you have to take care of this family… you will make them understand and please never let Shivay to feel lonely or alone” Anika said holding OmRu’s face.

“But di… bhaiyaa will never allow you to go away” Prinku said as tears fell from her eyes.

“You have to be a strong girl Prinku… for your family… not much time is left to me… and I know that there is ninety percent chances of my death if I start my fight with those people” she said. The trio broke down leaving all others in dark.

“If everyone is done than can I get some attention please?” came Sahil’s voice from behind.

“Sahil” Anika said smilingly and Sahil came running towards her. Anika caressed his face dropping hundreds of kisses. “Di… no crying crying… chalo now go to Shivay jiju and forgive him” Sahil said.

Shivay then slowly came out from his room. Anika got up and looked at him.

“Thank You bhagad bille… I cannot bind you with me but believe me… you will always be my Valentine” Anika said in a go.

“Are you happy?” he asked.

“Why will I not be happy when you got my family to me as my gift” she said.

“Did you forgive me?” he asked

“Well Maa… after what he did should I forgive him?” Anika asked looking at Pinky.

“Naahhh naahhh… but he did so much for you… he made those placards… he collected those roses to make the bouquet… so for the last time forgive him… but next time no forgiveness granted… and I will make it sure” Pinky said.

“You have shared the incident with mom also?” Shivay asked with an helpless reaction.

“Yes she is my maa you Billu ullu…” she cut her tongue as soon she called him owl and hid behind Pinky.

“What? I am ullu… means owl… I am owl?” he asked.

“Did I say that OmRu?” she asked looking at OmRu.

“No no… not at all didi” Rudra and Prinku said together. Shivay started chasing them when Anika Rudra and Prinku ran downstairs as fast as they could wishing not to come in Shivay’s hold. Om and Sahil followed Shivay and elders remained there laughing their heart out.

They reached big garden at the back… then when Anika’s eyes fell on the rose plants. Two rose plants were cut. “Hey wait… these rose plants?” Anika asked huffing. Shivay looked at Om and Om at Rudra.

“Rudra” ShivOm said together.

“What? I went out to buy roses… I got twenty eight… but you two instructed me to buy thirty so… so I just took two roses from this garden” Rudra explained.

“Awww… it’s okay Rudra” Anika went to Rudra and caressed his cheeks.

“See only Anika didi loves me” Rudra said side hugging Anika.

“Nautanki” Shivay said. After sometime they all went up and there Inesh was sitting on the couch waiting for Shivay.

“Shivay… wo…” Inesh started to speak when Shivay showed his palm to stop him.

PRECAP- INESH’S REAL IDENTITY… any guess about how would Shivay react on Inesh’s arrival? And how was today’s episode? I wanted to portray something which will be Valentines day gift also as well as Shivay’s apology also. So did you all like it?

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