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“Anika…” he said and held her hand, pain was clearly understood through his voice.

The hard skin of his fingers caressed the sides of her burn while tear dropped over her burn. She looked at Shivay and yes he was crying.

“I am sorry… I just overreacted… please… please forgive me… I am extremely sorry” he said while his tears continued to roll down his cheeks.

“See… you are doing the same, at first you had hurt me and now you are apologizing… should i forgive you?” Anika asked.

He looked at her. His words came back to him to which he had no answer. He sat down with a thud. His eyes were red, his cheeks were warm… his tears were not stopping when he suddenly got up.

“Uuuuuurrrrrrrggggghhhh…” he shouted and started punching the wall in front of him.

“Stop it…what the hell are you doing…stop it” Anika tried to stop him but he continued to punch and started saying “my mistake… I should get punished… my mistake.”

Anika went in front of him and hugged him as tightly as she could and tried to calm him down by caressing his back and his hair.

“Please stop…” she said, her voice was wet. He wrapped her in his embrace.

“I am sorry…” he said while she continued to stroke his back “it’s okay… leave it… calm down” she said.

She tried to break the hug but be was in no mood and tightened, his tears were still flowing.

“Show me your face” she said with utmost love just like a mother.

He nodded, she felt it through his head movements.

“Show me” she said stroking his hairs.

He gradually left her and showed his face but still he was guilty to face her so he kept his stare down.

“Stop crying like this… it will worsen your health condition… you take your medicine first… then we will discuss” she said and wiped away his tears and turned to go to bring his medicines when he stopped her holding her hand.

“Please don’t go…” he said like a child.

“Will be right back…” he nodded no and held her hand with both his hand. “…okay come with me” they both went to Shivay’s room. Anika took out Shivay’s medicine and holded it to him.

He took it but was staring her without having it. “What?” she asked ruffling his hair. He again nodded no.

“You at first wipe your tears away… stop crying… be a good boy” she said caressing his face and ruffling his hair.

“I am not a small child that you are behaving like a mother” Shivay said and had his medicine.

She smiled listening to his comment “okay you sit over here… I will prepare the lunch and will call you” she got up but again he tugged her wrist “when you show that you love me this much then why don’t you accept it?” Shivay asked.

“Shivay… I have no answer to this but please don’t ask this question ever again. Our relationship ended on the day of our engagement” Anika tried to free her hand from his hold but he stood in front of her.

“Why always this happens to us? Why always you try to go away whenever I want to come close… why you always push me away from you?” he asked and broke down with every passing word. “Why you don’t want to love me? What have I done… just tell me what is my fault… I just can’t take this anymore please” he said.

Her heart throbbed, she wanted to tell him everything that she has been hiding from long two years but no she has a duty, she closed her eyes and then opened after controlling the tears from falling down “you are just my friend Shivay… yeah I love you but just as a friend… I do care for you… but just as a friend… and make your heart, mind and soul to believe this…” she said.

“The day I will die that day you will understand” he sounded like an adamant teenager.

“Don’t you dare say any such thing” she scolded him as she knew what exactly Shivay is going to go through after some days.

“No one scolds their friend… and I am just your friend… no one kidnaps their friend from his marriage… no one keeps the track of doses of medicines of just a friend… but you do… you do because…” he stopped and looked at her. Her eyes were controlling the tears very hardly, he continued “…because you love me… you love me enough to let me go… you tried to make me hate you, but I failed to hate you… because Om told me that you had some reasons to kidnap Sahil and yesterday when mom said that you have returned the money I was so happy that… that I got sure that you are hiding something from me” he completed. She allowed her tears to flow down.

“Shivay… yes I had some reasons… but I don’t want to let you know what were those… but please don’t ever ask me that why can’t I love you, because friendship is the most purest bond of relationship… and I want  us to live happily as two friends till the time we are together” she said holding his hands.

“I know Anika, you are planning something major to leave me and go but I promise you before you go away… you will say it from your mouth that you love me… not as a friend but as your soul” he said placing his hand over hers. She smiled.

“Did you forgive me?” he asked to which she nodded a no “it will take time Shivay… for you as well as Inesh… you know me right? That it takes time for me to forgive someone” she explained. He looked down feeling guilty.

“Okay but forgive me first and then that Inesh… I am much spacial friend as compared to him” he said stroking her hand.

“Yes you are much special as compared to him” she said smilingly.

“Sure just a non special friend?” he asked like a kid to be sure.

“Yes… and I am not a sl*t to keep thousands of boy friend” the sentence just slipped from his mouth and immediate reply came from Shivay “keeping thousands of boy friend never means that anyone is sl*t”

“Ohhh Mr. Ego you know that?” she asked.

“Yes… and Anika I love you and I know you love me too… just few days and you will believe it by yourself” he said and winked. After long he seemed a bit normal.

“Okay challenge accepted” she said upping her shoulders.

PRECAP- SHIVAY AND INESH MEETS AGAIN… Any idea what will happen when they both meet again? Well keep on thinking and I will be back with the next part soon.


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    He asked her to forgive him first as he is more special…. ???
    Inesh and shivaay face off……. Big dhamaka….
    Waiting for it…. Post soon

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  8. Emotional one di
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    1. Nilash

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      Yes because he loves her na
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