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Inesh sat on his knees looked down and then continued “Anika… I Love You…” Inesh said in a go. Anika’s eyes went broad after listening to that. Shivay stood up.

Anika turned back and looked at Shivay. She could feel the raise of his anger. His eyes were red. He looked away and she looked back at Inesh.

“Get up Inesh” she said in a very polite manner. Inesh got up.

“Anika I know you always considered me as your friend but can’t we just give a try to this relationship? I promise you to provide with everything you desire… please don’t say no” Inesh said but his tone was not so polite as expected but demanding.

“Inesh stop… let me speak now” Anika’s tone was still polite. Shivay who wished to kill the man who dared to propose her girl was still controlling himself.

“Okay” Inesh said and they both sat on the chair.

“See Inesh I know you from past four years… yeah I agree that I share every single problem of my life with you… look for you every time when I am in problem, but Inesh I can never see you through the vision you are asking me… I donno by which action of mine you felt that I may love you but let me make it clear that I can’t love you… you are just my friend” Anika completed.

“Why can’t you love me… what is the problem? I know you more than Shivay… he knows you only for two years but I know you more than that. What is there in Shivay that is not there in me?” Inesh asked holding Anika’s hand.

“Inesh every individual is different… I have no reason for loving you but why are you even trying to grow this type of relation between us?” Anika asked. She tried to be as calm as she could.

“Because I love you damn it” Inesh banged on the table and as a result the hot coffee fell on Anika’s back palm.

“Ahhh…” Anika cried aloud. Tear oozed out of her eyes. Shivay came running towards her and held her hand.

“Waiter… waiter please bring ice… Anika you fine… please don’t cry… please… waiter please bring ice” Shivay looked here and there and continued to shout for ice.

Ice got arranged soon and he started to rub it over Anika’s back palm and blowing air.

“Relax… it will be okay…” he said. Anika was sitting still wincing in pain. Her eyes turned red as she was controlling her tears from falling down.

“Mumma… what happened to this didi?” a small boy asked looking at his mother.

Shivay and Anika both looked at the boy and smiled. Anika called the boy. The boy looked at his mother. His mother gave him permission and he went to them.

“What is your name?”Anika asked the little boy.

“Rohan” the boy replied smilingly.

“Rohan beta… your didi will be fine soon, her best friend is with her na” Shivay said.

“Ohhh shit… you are her best friend?” Rohan said and hit his forehead with his palm. Shivay and Anika smiled looking at the antique of this little being.

“What happened Rohit? You don’t have best friend?” Anika asked ruffling his hair.

“No.. no.. I have best friend also and girlfriend also… I thought you are his girlfriend” Rohan said innocently looking at Anika and then at Shivay. Anika blushed and smilingly bent her head down.

“Ohhooo… you have girlfriend too?” Shivay asked and Rohan nodded, looking that Shivay continued “…how mane girlfriends do you have?” Rohan looked back at his mumma and papa who were laughing listening to the words of her small child.

Rohan called Shivay and Anika close by the movement of his fingers together. They went close to his mouth and he whispered “don’t tell my mumma papa okay?” he asked before saying.

“Okay” Shivay-Anika replied in unison.

“Promise?” the boy asked.

“Promise” Shivay Anika said together again.

“Pinky promise?” the little boy extended his pinky finger. Shivay looked at Anika and Anika at him. They smiled thinking about how Anika taught Shivay to do pinky promise. Both of them intertwined their finger with that little boy’s and said “pinky promise”

“Wo… I have five girlfriends… and their names are… Adhya, Eila, Karobi, Keya and Saanvi… and you know they are very beautiful” he whispered.

Shivay and Anika smiled and kissed the boy’s either cheeks together.

“But didi… doesn’t’t he looks like uncle?” the boy asked pointing at Shivay.

Anika now bursted out laughing and Shivay rolled his eyes. Rohan saw that and pulled Shivay’s cheeks and said “you are too cute UNCLE” and ran away to his mother. Everyone present there started laughing looking at his actions. Shivay too could not help but laugh.

“You feeling better now?” he asked looking at Anika.

“Yes… let’s go” Anika said rubbing his shoulders. She got up and started to walk away when Inesh held the same spot of her burn and pulled Anika.

“Ahhh…” Anika winced in pain again. Shivay could not take it more and punched Inesh turning back.

“It’s enough you Mr.” he howled out loud.

“I am extremely sorry… I did not intend to hurt her… I am sorry Anika” Inesh said looking at Anika.

“Today it was her birthday and you dared to hurt her… now don’t you dare look at her” Shivay warned.

“Shivay… believe me I did not intend to hurt her… I am sorry Anika” Inesh repeated his words again looking at Anika.

“It’s okay Inesh” Anika replied and held Shivay’s hand “let’s go please” she said.

Shivay turned and walked away. Inesh banged on the table again and left the place.

Shivay Anika reached their home. Shivay made Anika sit over the couch and went to bring medicine. He came back and found Anika weeping.

“Is it paining still?” he asked taking out the medicine and wiping her tears.

“No…” Anika said and captured Shivay’s lips. Shivay was shocked to respond and after realising what is she doind, Anika left him.

She was embarrassed when Shivay rested his forehead with hers and said “don’t regret this… it was just a moment and nothing much” he said holding her face in his hands.

“I am sorry” she said and hugged him and allowed her tears to flow down.

After sometime he applied medicine over her wound. “Now what should we do? It’s already evening” Shivay asked.

“Let’s go out for dinner” Anika suggested.

“Okay done… you just don’t move that hand much” he said pointing towards her burn.

“It’s just a small burn” she said.

“No… everything related to you is never small for me” he said.

“Okay no arguments… I am getting ready… you too get ready” she said.

“Be careful while getting ready… no actually let me make you ready” Shivay said.

“What? No… you just go I will be here in ten minutes” Anika said and got up.

Shivay winked and smirked looking at her. She went to get ready… he slipped into her room when she was changing and closed his eyes. She was wearing a small mini frock then.

“What the hell… go out you idiot” she said trying to close her exposed thighs.

“Arre I did not see anything… you took time so I came in to check till where you reached.” he explained.

“Shut up and go out” Anika pushed him out.

“You look awesome and hot baby” Shivay said and ran away from there.

“You are becoming extremely naughty these days” Anika said.

“Thank you baby” he said from outside.

“Pagal” she muttered.

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