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‘DING DING DING’ the clock struck twelve.

“Baar baar din ye aaye…
Baar baar dil ye gaaye…
Tum jeeyo hazaro saal…
Hai ye meri aarzoo…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you…” Shivay sang aloud while clapping.

“Thank You” Anika replied smilingly.

“Tring tring… Tring tring…” Shivay’s phone rang. It was Om video calling. Anika smiled and grabbed the phone from Shivay and picked up the call.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY Anika….” the entire Oberoi Family shouted out loud. Anika was amazed and shocked and happy to see the entire Oberoi Family wishing her in spite of what she did.

Tears started forming in her eyes. “You all remember my birthday?” she asked trying hard not to cry as she has promised Shivay.

“How can we forget our daughter’s birthday?” Jhanvi said.

“Jhanvi aunty…” she said and allowed her tears to flow down. Shivay sat beside her and started to rub her back to calm her down.

“Puttar stay happy always… and yeah this billu isn’t troubling you much na?” Daadi asked to lighten the environment.

“Daadi…” Shivay said making puppy eyes.

“Hey that’s my stunt, don’t copy you copy cat” Rudra said.

“No no Rudra… Kanji aankho wala copy cat billa” Anika immediately said.

“But Anika cat and billa is same” Shivay said trying to correct her.

“I will say copy cat billa… Any problem? And if you have problem than its yours problem… not mine” Anika retorted.

“Okay okay Ms. Dictionary urf translator” Shivay said folding his hands.

“Shut up…” Anika hit on his hand and continued “…no Daadi he isn’t troubling me, that is the most shocking thing I know but your Billu has become a good boy in four months when I wasn’t there” Anika said.

“How can anyone torture this antique piece when she has the guts to lock me inside the room” Shivay said full on with his attitude looking at Anika.

“Matlab?” again the entire family responded together.

“Nothing nothing…” Shivay Anika said aloud.

Everyone bursted out looking at their condition.

“Okays okays if everyone is dones can I talks to this girl called Anika” Pinky asked sounding angry. Anika then noticed Pinky sitting at the corner with an angry face.

“Pinky aunty…” Anika looked at her and then looked down feeling ashamed of her deeds again.

“Stop calling me Aunty” Pinky howled. As a result tears formed in Anika’s eyes again.

Pinky continued in her angry tone “how dare you do all that to my son… how dare you hurt him and me?”

“Mom maybe she had some reasons so she did that” Shivay tried to explain but got cut in middle by Pinky “are you Anika?” Pinky asked and took a pause. Shivay nodded no “then stop interfering between me and Anika” Pinky’s angry tone overruled. Shivay stared at Anika who was a weeping mess by then.

“Yes now you answer… why did you do all that? Firstly you ran away from your own engagement, then you kidnapped Sahil and took money from us and then you returned the money… you did not stop after this also… you kidnapped my Son on the day of his marriage… what do you want from us?” Pinky asked.

“I… aunty… believe me… I” Anika tried to explain between her sobs when again Pinky interrupted in between “stop crying first… I hate myself when my daughter cries because of me” Pinky said looking away.

“Choti maa” OmRu said allowed not able to believe her later words after what she said previously.

“What?” Pinky asked as if she don’t know anything.

Anika still did not realize and was crying.

“I said stop crying” Pinky said again but this time her voice was filled up with love, concern and care.

Anika looked up to be sure that it was Pinky only.

“Don’t cry MAA” Anika said wiping off her own tears and continued “…see I am not crying” Anika said.

“So now you get to remember what have I asked you to call me” Pinky said smiling through her tears. Anika nodded big yes and held her ears.

“I am sorry” She said and continued “but why did you behave like that? I got really scared that you are seriously angry with me”

“I was… because you did not contact me after you got your Shivay and I behaved like that cause I wanted to scold you and I had no other topic” Pinky looked away.

“Maa, after coming here I got a bit busy but believe me I was not with Shivay too” Anika said.

“What is this? Mom… you are my mom… you should say these words to me and not to her” Shivay said. Everyone else started laughing looking at this insecure side of him.

“Yeah… kaash Anika was my daughter and you my son-in-law” Pinky said.

“What the hell?” Shivay said “I hate you Anika… you carry on with this mad family… I am not going to talk to them” Shivay pouted and got up.

“Anika your kidnap plan was super awesome… I mean no one got to know, good job beta” Pinky immediately said to stop Shivay.

Shivay turned back and asked “Mom now don’t tell me that you knew AniOmRu’s plan”

“Billu… I am their mother, isn’t its obvious that they will share everything with me” Pinky said looking at Anika then at Om and then at Rudra. They three looked at each other and smiled.

“Shivay look at my Anika… she is so gorgeous and beautiful as compared to that NAGINI” Pinky said.

“Mom it’s Ragini” Shivay tried to correct his mother.

“I will call her Nagini…” Pinky said and another round of laughter followed.

“You all are just impossible… now leave all this… cake cutting” Shivay said and went into the kitchen to bring the cake.

He brought the cake decorating it with candle.

Anika blew the candle and cut the cake. Everyone sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY together. Shivay side hugged Anika.

“Ahem ahem” Oberoi Family did. Shivay Anika blushed.

“Okay okay now it’s already late… you all go and sleep” Shivay said.

“Haan haan we are going… we can guess bhaiyaa that you want to spend alone time with didi” Rudra winked.

“Shut up Rudra” Shivay said.

“Shivay… Anika do whatevers you want to… but baby afters your marriage” Pinky teased hi-fying Jhanvi. Anika ran away blushing hard while Shivay looked down and said “Mom…Kya yaar”

“Pinky… I am also here… and OmRuPrinku also” Daadi said.

“Ohhh haan… mummy ji you go… this is adults topic” Pinky winked looking at Jhanvi.

“You will get scolded by mummy ji now” Jhanvi whispered in Pinky’s ear.

“Okay chalo bye… Good Night” Shivay said.

“Haan jaa jaa” Om said in a teasing tone and ended the call.

After ending the call Shivay went to the balcony and saw Anika standing there. He sat on one chair and Anika on the chair beside his. She rested her head on his shoulder and he started to ruffle her hair. She dozed off to sleep like that and Shivay put his head above hers and slept.

Next morning they got late because of their late sleeping the previous day and decided to go and meet Inesh first and they will go out for lunch. They went to the place Inesh asked Anika to come.

Inesh was waiting for Anika there already. He got a bit uncomfortable looking Shivay. Shivay understood that and decided to sat at some distance.

“Anika wo… I want to say something” Inesh stammered.

“Yeah say na” Anika said.

Inesh sat on his knees looked down and then continued “Anika… I Love You…” Inesh said in a go. Anika’s eyes went broad after listening to that. Shivay stood up.

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  1. Yeah really enjoyed it especially pinky &annika conservation i want see annika saying no to that stupid guy & want to see annika bond with obreios

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much dear. Of course a big no. If she says yes then either Shivay will kill Inesh or he will kill her 😛
      Anika Oberois bonding are there in the next episodes too. 🙂


    Very nice

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Manav

  3. Ashwinee

    Thank you thank you thank so much ash!!!!!this update made my day more happier?Awesome update dramebaz!!! And this time I had a fair idea about the proposal and it turned out to be one and OMM pinkys is awesomes??

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Winee. I am so happy that I made your day happy 🙂
      Ha ha ha…. aapke dimaag ko hamara sat sat naman

  4. Pakhi007

    I loved it to the core………
    The bond between Anika and Oberoi family is just amazing????
    Especially this pinky is super se bohot uppar….
    They love her more than anything….
    “Kaash Anika would be my daughter and you my son in law” ROFL ????
    Inesh proposed her….. Why❓❓
    It would be great to see more of OM moments with Anika…..
    And I hope the answer to the proposal is a big ?❌ NO

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Pakhi
      Haina?? I also love this kind of bond. Haan ab kya karu Pinky is the closest character to my heart.
      He he he… she said her man ki baat 😛
      Of course na she will say no warna hamare billu ka kya hoga

    T C A S S ?

    1. Nilash

      Thanks a lot UF

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely…

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Niki darling

  7. Niriha

    Awesome…lovely update dear

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      Thank You so much Niriha

  8. ItsmePrabha

    Darling Yeh epi meri chehre pe itni badi smile laayi ki ..meri mummy ko lagne lagi ki mein sach mein badi si pagal ho gayi hoon..bas godji se prardhana hai ki woh mujhe asylum mein na daal dhe..aur ek important baath poochna hai..kya anudi ki khaan teek haina …matlab billuji ka gaana sunn ne ke baad usse kuch hua toh nahi na..i am concerned about her…and Oberoi Family with anudi is a great combination..would love to read more such scenes ..especially pinky aunty aur anudi ki combo is amazing..kuch bhi ho jaye omru billu ko tease karna nahi chodenge..par aaj pinky aunty ki teasing is best.. arre ab yeh inesh ke bache ne meri anudi ko propose kiya..i know anudi na kahegi..par agar usne anudi ko thang kiya na usse chameli,chamki,chandini se itni maroongi ki bhaag jayega banda.. eagerly waiting for the next..isliye jaldi post karlo darling..

  9. Pushpa

    Nilu……this is nice…..hw i wish anika calls pinky ma i mean now……and of course she will say inesh sorry yaar my heart & soul belongs to only my shivaye no one else…… and say i luv u shivaye as she looks at shivaye…… nilu u dun hurt shivaye buss…ok?

    1. Nilash

      Push Anika and Pinky is the purest form of bond according to me. And I love them from the deepest corner of my heart. But I donno about the serial. Naahhh Push that’s used up plot na so I went for something very different. Okay but for somedays he will get hurt reason you will get to know. 😉

  10. Alekhika20

    Awesome update

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      Thank You so much Alekhika

  11. Anika di ka birthday
    Hmmm that’s why Shivay bhaiya was clam
    Beat that Inesh black and blue idiot.
    Pls Anika di reply is NO
    Di I will not able to comment regularly as my boards are there from 6 march

    1. Nilash

      Yep that’s why he was so calm.
      Black and blue beating coming coming
      of course no warna Shivay ka kya hoga 😉
      Okay Ritu no problem. You concentrate on your studies and do best bester bestest
      Loads of love and luck to you. I know you will rock the exam.
      Take care and stay healthy

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