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A man came in front of her holding candle much down his face so that she does not gets to see him. She feared it to be the same man who haveS called her that morning giving her threats. She tried to shout but the man closed her mouth with his palm.

He dragged her and made her sit on a chair. He left her and switched on the lights.

“Surprise… surprise…” he cried aloud.

“Shivay…” she looked around and was mesmerized to see all the paper ribbons hanging up in the ceiling in garland shape, she turned around to find fresh flowers arranged nicely in a vase and scented candles all over the room.

“What? Madam you may forget but I will never forget” he said she pressed her eyes. After looking at her reaction he continued “baby… you have promised to return by two hours but see its already late evening… just some hours and its yours birthday” Shivay said smiling widely.

“Ohh.. yeah… its my birthday tomorrow… thank you so much” Anika said. Tears welled up in her eyes.

“Okay… now please do not spoil the environment by crying… just enjoy the night baby” Shivay said patting and rubbing Anika’s back.

“Arre yaar… this tears always betray me… okay fine I am trying not to cry… and what special did you make… you said about some special dish right?” Anika asked.

“Achcha listen… since its already quarter to ten so let’s have some soup for now… but the moment clock struck twelve we will cut the cake” Shivay said.

“Cake?” Anika asked.

“Yeah… my hand made cake for you… wo all the ingredients is supplied by Mrs. Bakshi… I called her and said that my woman has locked me inside the house so I asked her to buy these ribbons, candles and those fresh flowers… she just dropped all these in a bag from her floor and I received… see I am so smart” Shivay said doing Rudra’s smartness act.

Anika kept on looking his reactions and actions. Her heart throbbed realising what is waiting for her in the near future. “I am sorry…” Anika said and hugged Shivay. Her tears rolled down her cheeks. She can neither accept that she loves him nor she can allow him to go away from her. He wrapped her up “it’s okay” he whispered in her ears.

“I… promise… I promise that… till the day we live together… I would never… ever ever shout on you… I am sorry” coming out of the hug and caressing his face Anika said. She hugged him back.

“It’s it’s fine… now I said that no tears… please you are ruining the environment” Shivay said in order to change her mood.

“Ohh yeah… okay… so Mr. Romeo…” she stopped in middle and cut her tongue realising what she uttered, he chuckled looking that she corrected and continued “…wo I meant Shivay… Shivay so we are not doing any emotional talks today… my tears…go in, you are not allowed to come out for today… it’s my birthday” Anika said wiping away her tears.

“Okay… madam already one and half hours left” Shivay corrected her about the time.

“Yeah yeah I know… ufff I am dying to have the cake” Anika jumped off.

“Yeah yeah… I was waiting for Devi Bhukkhar Maiyaa roop of yours to come out and now it came out… fine as I said we will have soup for now, you go and get freshened up” he went away and she went to her room.

The best dress of her was arranged over her bed nicely with matching accessories. “My gown” she screamed holding the gown. She remembered the last time she wore this was the day Shivay proposed her. “I love you bagadh billa” she muttered.

“I love you too cracked lady…” Shivay replied in his high voice from the kitchen.

“Anika… this Shivay, uff how he gets all the time? Okay fine… just get ready and go out” she went to the washroom to get freshened up.

After twenty minutes or so she went out wearing the simple yet beautiful cottony violet gown letting her wet curls to sway over her shoulder.

“You look beautiful gorgeous” Shivay complimented her. She blushed to his compliment really after a long time.

They had soup as planned. Anika wrapped Shivay’s hand and sat beside him over the couch resting her head on his shoulder.

“Hey… what is your plan for tomorrow?” Shivay asked.

“Nothing… I want to spend some time with you” Anika replied tightening her hold.

“Hmm… then we are staying back at home and playing video games… done?” Shivay asked.

“No please… I always loose… I would love to play chess or ludo either” Anika said.

“Noooo… not at all, I am not playing those… you cheat a lot” Shivay said nodding big big no.

“It’s my birthday…” Anika’s argument tone took over.

“No… it’s my girlfriend’s birthday” Shivay said arguing back.

“And FYI I am your girlfriend” Anika retorted back.

Shivay smirked and smiled through the corner of his lips.

“What’s so funny?” Anika asked without realising.

“Did you mean what you just said?” Shivay asked pressing his hands over her.

She recalled and tried to get up replying “No..” but Shivay pulled her back and she landed over his lap.

“No…?” he asked while grinning.

“Leave me you… you bhagad billa… you bhiga billa… you kanji aankho wala billa” Anika tried to get up and was hitting him while he just wrapped her around not allowing her to go away.

“Hey… hey stop it… he he… ha ha… just stop… stop” Anika shouted as Shivay started to tickle her. Their laughter filled the room. After so long the two souls were genuinely happy around each other. Anika’s phone rang.

“Okay… now stop… let me pick up the call” Anika said.

The phone screen showed Inesh. Shivay’s expression soon changed looking at his name. Anika turned towards Shivay’s face to which he smiled though unwillingly.

Anika picked up the call answering “hey hi… what happened? Why are you calling me so late?”

“Hello… wo… can you meet me tomorrow for an hour or two?” Inesh asked hesitating.

Anika looked at Shivay and whispered in his ear “Inesh wants to meet me tomorrow for an hour or two… shall I say yes? Or I..” Shivay cut her off in middle and whispered back “yeah… answer him yes… just for two hours… and rest twenty two hours you will be with me” Shivay said like a small child who is keeping a deal of her/his best friend with another friend. Anika smiled while Shivay looked away.

“Okay Inesh… so where you want to meet? I am free for two hours” Anika said looking at Shivay. He smirked and smiled again.

“At cafe?” Inesh asked.

“Okay done… hey time?” Anika asked before cutting down the phone.

“Eleven… yes done eleven” Inesh replied and they hung up the phone.

“Someone is jealous” Anika teased poking her finger over Shivay’s belly.

“No… I am not jealous” Shivay answered trying to behave that he isn’t jealous.

“Hmmm… then why that someone smiled when I granted just two hours to Inesh?” Anika asked smiling and raising her eyebrows.

“Because…” Shivay was explaining when Anika interrupted again “because…” he looked at her irritated and said “wait… I am explaining” “yeah yeah” Anika replied back immediately.

“Because, it got proved that I am much important to you as compared to that Inesh… ha ha” he made silly sound at last.

“He is my friend boy… why to get jealous of him?” Anika asked.

“Beacuse… nothing… you won’t understand… leave it” Shivay said.

“Okay left…” Anika replied though teasing smile continued to play on her lips.

‘DING DING DING’ the clock struck twelve.

PRECAP- SOMEONE TO PROPOSE ANIKA how many hands raised for a jal kukda Shivay? And how many wanna guess that who is going to propose Anika? Why is Inesh calling her? Think think and I will knock back again soon over your screens.


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    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much UF



    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Manav

  3. Pakhi007

    Awesome as usual……
    Shivaay is indeed the Romeo…….
    He had to work very hard?? to bring the decoration items…….. Bichara!!!
    Devi bhukar maiya….. ????
    I feel shivaay is gonna propose Anika…

    1. Nilash

      Thanks a lot Pakhi
      He he he… yes yes he is Romeo 😛
      Haan he did so much work, but you don’t feel bad na he did for his Anika 😉
      Supense suspense… but you to know now 🙂

  4. ItsmePrabha

    Amazingly beautiful epi Darling..As usual hamari guess ek dum sahi nikli hai..woh banda billu hi hai..par anudi current situation ki stress mein apni B’day ko hi bhool gayi..bichari..koyi nahi when billu is here why Phear..par billu aur Mrs. Bakshi ko bohoth mehnath karni padi hai…’Devi Bhukkad mayya’ yeh naam tho hum donno pe kitna acha suit karegi na..hehehe…aur yeh billu na antaryaami ban gaya hai ..sab pata chal jaa rahahai usko..well chantomai sri sri bhagad billa maharaj ne anudi se yeah baath accept karvaaya ki woh uski GF hai..and then the happy moment..aww kitna cute hai donno..par inesh ka bacha unka happy moment karab kardiya.. huh….aur yeh precap mein mujhe kuch gadbhad kyun nazar aa rahi hai..matlab agar billu propose karega toh woh jal kukda kyun banega..dont tell me tum kisi aur ko laa rahe ho..then let me tell you agar woh meri shivika ke beech aaya na usko toh mein apni anudi ki nayi chamki se itni maroongi ki usko apna naani ki yaad aa one jaldi post karlo darling..kyunki mujhe jaan na bhi toh hai propose kisne kiya hai..till then Buh bye..Take care..

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Prabha. Haan bechari bhool gayi but Mr. SSO hai na…. usne yaad dila diya. Haan bechaare bahut zyada kaam kiye 😛 he he he he Devi bhukkar maiyaa real me mera naam hai, meri best friend bulati hai mujhe 😛 okay abse will share the name with you too. He he he… Billu to tha hi CC. Inesh ka bachcha… he he he

  5. Ashwinee

    awww awww awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww beautiful update ash!!!!
    waiting for the proposal and jal kukdi avtaar of sso

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Winee
      Ha ha ha… ye jalkukda bahut kuch karega 😛

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely my rocking girl

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Niki darling

  7. Qwerty123

    ? for jealous shivaaye…..inesh is gonna propose her..
    .i know i am correct.. there is no one other then inesh. …
    Hai shivaaye ki insecurities???

    1. Nilash

      He he he… You are always correct adrling 😉
      Waahhh this is nice, you are loving his insecurities 😉

  8. Alekhika20

    awesome update

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Alekhika

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