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Anika reached the police station and marched to inspector’s room.

“What’s the status of those two bodies?” she asked sitting over the chair.

“Ohh hello miss… who the hell are you? And how dare you speak like this to me?” Inspector answered checking his phone.

“This is me.. Mr. Anand” she stood up and showed her card.

“I… I am sorry mam… I just failed to recognise you… I am sorry” the inspector stammered. “Mam… coffee or cold drink?” he asked as the gesture.

“Nothing… just update me about the status of the two bodies” Anika said rolling the circular paperweight and looking here and there.

“Mam… one was a girl and other was a man… middle aged man” he answered.

Anika looked at him with shock listening GIRL from his mouth.

“Girl? But sir has told me about two men” Anika said trying to join the dots.

“Yes mam… that is most confusing… this girl committed suicide in the get up of a man… with beard and moustache, after bringing her body here we carefully rechecked and then we founf out that she is a girl. And mam… her name is SUDHA… her family is waiting for her body outside” the man said.

“Her family is waiting outside? But you cannot give away the body to them until we find out the mystery behind her” Anika said.

“Yes mam… please you talk to them once, they are adamant to take away the body today” Mr. Anand said.

“Hmm… and what about the other man?” she asked.

“Mam… he is Debsurya Haldar, according to our investigation till now… we got to know he committed suicide due to some pressure above his head… and mam he has no one to look after him, he is all alone” Mr. Anand explained.

“Hmm so Mr. Haldar and this Sudha definitely has some connection…” Anika said thinking something “…okay listen just update me when the postmortem report comes” Anika said. Mr. Anand nodded his head and she went out. After consoling Sudha’s family she went to her destination.

Anika’s phone rang and this time it was Shivay calling.

“Hello” she picked up the call.

“Hey where are you? I have made something special for you” Shivay said smelling his newly discovered dish.

“Why is he behaving so calm?” Anika thought but Shivay’s words broke her trance “are you there?” Shivay asked.

“Yeah… yeah yeah… I will be there in an hour or so… just wait actually I got stuck at the huge traffic after the shopping” Anika answered.

“Shopping?” Shivay asked narrowing his eyes.

“Yes… I was angry so thought to release the anger by shouting over and bargaining at the street shops… it really helped, I am still at the market… do you need something?” Anika asked.

“No… you just come back fast”Shivay said and hanged up the phone.

Anika started her car. She reached soon and barged into IGP’s room.

“Sir” she uttered panting heavily.

“Arre… sit sit, drink water… why did you come running?” he asked.

“I lied to Shivay that I came for shopping so I have to return soon… leave those sir… the people who committed suicide today are very suspicious… I mean a girl committed suicide in the get up of a men.. but why? And then the middle aged men… it’s getting confusing sir”Anika said.

“Anika… if I ask you some day to kill Shivay… are you ready for that?” IGP- Mr. Chatterjee asked.

Anika’s eyes went wide in shock. Here she was getting much confused with the case and her respected tutor is asking her to kill someone whom she loves more than her life.

“I want an answer Anika” Mr. Chatterjee spoke. Anika’s thought chain broke and her eyes traversed up to meet his.

“I am ready to kill Shivay also sir to save my COUNTRY… and COUNTRYMEN… no one is dear to me as compared to my first love… my country and countrymen” Anika said looking directly into his eyes.

“And if I ask you to choose between Shivay and Sahil then?” Mr. Chatterjee asked as if he is asking a child to choose between mango candy or strawberry candy.

“Sahil sir” Anika replied instantly without giving it a thought.

“And why?” his question continued.

“Sir… if I save Sahil now then he will grow up to serve his country and as a result income of our contry will increase reulting in the development of our MOTHER NATION… and if I save Shivay now then no change will be there in the value of country’s income.” Anika’s answer was straigh forward.

“I am proud of you Anika… now I am sure that you are ready to die for your country” IGP patted Anika’s back with tears in his eyes.

“Yes sir” Anika saluted and then bent down to take his blessings.

“You know what… I always wanted a daughter… but God just blessed me with son both the time… but the day I met you in our training camp on the beginning of your career I have thought you as my daughter only… anytime if you need anything then please don’t hesitate to share it with this father” Mr. Chatterjee said. Anika hugged him while he brushed his hands over her hair.

“Now go… Mr. Romeo is waiting for you” he said smiling.

“Ufff… now not you” Anika blushed while answering and ran away from there. Mr. Chatterjee stood smiling looking at that girl.

After around forty five minutes Anika reached her house and opened the door. Shivay switched off all the lights. The entire flat was dark. A soothing music suddenly started to play. Anika stepped in very carefully and switched on the torch of her phone. Beautiful scent made the environment more mesmerising.

A man came in front of her holding candle much down his face so that she does not gets to see him. She feared it to be the same man who have called her that morning giving her threats. She tried to shout but the man closed her mouth with his palm.

PRECAP- THE MAN… I know you all will guess so no questions for now. But then also any guesses? ;P Following some chapters will portray the growth of relationship amid SHIVIKA cause its highly needed before another revelation. So how many interested for lovey dovey Shivika moments?

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  1. Pakhi007

    Anika stole the limelight in this chappy!!!
    I am loving this bold and hatke Anika…..
    So country is her first love…….
    The convo between Anika and her boss was great??….. It portrayed the patriotism of her and to what extent she can go for the sake of nation…….
    But I felt bad when she said she would kill shivaay, if needed……. She would save sahil rather than him…… This was little emotional for me???(maybe coz I love shivaay ??)
    The Man is for sure shivaay(I feel)……..
    Shivika lovey dovey moments – desperately waiting for it

    1. Nilash

      Yeah yaar I also love this Anika a lot.
      Thank You so much Pakhi I just tried to potray the feeling that actually a loyal police officer has.
      Haan Pakhi she will do anything and everything and you will get the prove soon 😉
      Haan… okay okay… you can love him but he will love only my Anika di 😛 😛
      Thank You so much dear

    T C A S S ?

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much UF

  3. Niriha

    Awesome fabulous update dear…loved it eagerly waiting for next part

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Niriha

  4. ItsmePrabha

    Darling this one is awesome..loving this anudi like anything…her patriotism level is amazing…aur billu… he is so cute..SIR aur anudi ke scene mujhe bohoth acchi lagi..and the MAN is obviously SSO(i think)..and i am hell excited for Lovey-Dovey jaldi post karlo darling…

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Prabha. Yes yaar I am also loving her and the best character I think I have ever wrote.
      He he he… yes yes of course warna aur koi kaise aayega unke flat ke andar 😉 😛
      Haan lovey dovey Shivika to abhi padhne ko milega aur phir uske baad aur interesting updates lined up hai 🙂

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

    1. Nilash

      Thanks a lot Niki darling

  6. I was correct hi hi hi
    I just love anika di in this way
    Why is Shivay bhaiya behaving so calm?
    I think anika di’s boss is a good person
    The MAN is ofc Shivay bhaiya
    Now I got to know why anika di said that she can’t marry bhaiya.
    Does Omru know about anika di?
    Lots love Di

    1. Nilash

      Yes yes yes you was correct
      Yep my fav character 🙂
      Well you got to know the reason.
      Yes OmRu know about her.
      Love you too

  7. Alekhika20

    Awesome update

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Alekhika

  8. Pushpa

    Nilu this is owsm….but please dun hv anika shooting shivaye please…..

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Push baby.
      Well that’s another twist about the shoot. I promise you will love it

  9. Qwerty123

    Mr..romeo.. yah that kind of suspicious that y is he not reacting about her disappearence… todays one was lovely and it reveal all the truth.

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Aashu
      He is not suspicious because he was busy and lost with Anika’s bday preps.

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