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“Now explain it to me Anika. Who is this Inesh? What were you two discussing in front of the washroom? Did you ditch me and left me alone on our engagement day for this man? Answer Anika… I want an answer” he slammed his palm over the door.

“Shivay…” Anika shouted trying to push him but he was strong enough for her.

“This is not my answer Anika… I want a damn b****y answer… do not you dare to test my patience” his sound had hit its peak as his force over his grip grew.

“Okay fine…” she tried to push Shivay again and this time she succeeded as his grip became loose.

Anika continued “…yes on that day I have left you on my will, I wanted to prove that only love for a person cannot overrule the love for anything else. Yes I have kidnapped Sahil but the reason was never money that you always thought but something much bigger than that. I was not a girl who will remain bound to a man by sacrificing her everything… did you get that Shivay? And yeah about Inesh… do you even know what friendship means? Do you even know to respect a person as a friend? If so then you won’t have asked me the question. He is my friend. My damn b****y friend who was always there with me whenever I needed him. He is the reason I am still alive. But no for you he is my affair. An affair about whom I never wanted to share with you. Now if you have atleast a bit sense then please leave me.” she completed and jerked her hands. After freeing her hands she walked into her room and slammed the door on the face of Shivay.

He still stood there thinking about what Anika said. Flashes of their engagement came to his mind.


(Four Months Ago)

“Ohhoooo someone is looking super happy” Rudra teased tickling his brother.

“Ha ha ha ha ha… stop it… stop it…” Shivay could able to say this between his laughter.

“Congratulations big bro… now officially we are getting a bhabhi” Om patted Shivay’s shoulder.

He smiled looking at the happiness of his brothers’. His eyes were dying to see his bride. But she was taking this long to get ready for the first time.

“When will she come?” he muttered eyeing the stairs hitting one hand by the other.

“Sabra ka phal meetha hota hai janab…” Om said in his ears from side making Shivay to look at him.

“Sabra ka phal?” Rudra got confused and started applying his not so active brain to find out what is Sabra ka phal, but he at last asked his brothers only as his brain ditched him.

“Ufff why this dumbbell is so duffer?” Om asked looking at Shivay but he was busy waiting for his bride.

“Buddhu sabra means patience… that was a muhawra… which means… the fruit of your wait is always sweet” Om explained.

“Oh is it? Then one day Soumya will definitely say me that she loves me” Rudra closed his eyes thinking something.

“What?” Om asked narrowing his eyes.

“Nothing nothing” Rudra opened his eyes and suppressed his smile.

“Wow… breath taking” came out from Shivay’s mouth. Om looked at Shivay and then realised that their bhabhi is at last coming down.

“Take deep breaths bro… you have to bear all the tortures of her from today” Om said and hi-fied Rudra.

“No no my Anika isn’t like that” Shivay immediately answered without moving his gaze from his queen.

“Ahem…ahem…” OmRu did together when Shivay’s trance broke and he looked upto them. He blushed. Yes the great Shivay blushed. He has fallen for this girl again from head to toe.

Anika came and stood beside Shivay when her phone rang. She looked at Shivay as if taking permission for picking up the call. He permitted her and she went behind a pillar to speak to the caller. She came back after five minutes. Her happy face was gone by then. Dark emotions played over her face.

As she said “stop this engagement… I just don’t want to get engaged to this man” she completed, threw her phone and ran away from the spot. She was lost before anyone could catch her. Shivay took up the phone and checked her call list that showed only numbers from his family members and last number saved as SIR. He called it back but by then the sim of the other side was already destroyed.

He could not believe what had happened just a few moments ago. All the elderly relatives started bad mouthing about Anika.

“Stop it…. Stop it” Shivay shouted aloud to shut everyone’s mouth. Everyone was silent but his inner soul cried that she has ditched him. He went to his room and closed the door not allowing anyone to go in.

All the happy faces turned to dull one. Every relative departed sympathizing them.

But the midnight call on the landline of Oberoi Mansion had hit everyone to the core.


“I don’t know Anika what you meant. I don’t know this Inesh about whom you never said to me. You have become a mystery for me since the day of our engagement. I tried to behave normal with you after we came to Kolkata hoping you will share the reasons for everything but you turned more mysterious. Who are you? You can’t be that soft and innocent girl. You are someone about whom I can never imagine.” all the thoughts jumbled up in Shivay’s mind.

Anika came out from his room and without uttering a single word she prepared lunch for both of them. Shivay noticed her face. Her eyes were dull and blurry indicating that she was crying. He had no courage to go and speak to her after the way she behaves few hours ago. She silently arranged the food in two plates for both of them.

“Have food” she said in a straight cut voice and started having her.

He took baby steps till the dining table and sat in front of her and started to have the food without uttering a single word. She waited on the table until Shivay finished his food. He was stealing glances of her very very angry avatar while stuffing in the morsels. His food got over and she took away the plate and washed them. She cleaned the kitchen and went back to her work table. Shivay went to her room and stood at the door step and was staring her.

“Wo… can I… can I go out for sometime?” he asked stammering fearing that she will show her anger again.

PRECAP- BOMB BLAST… any guesses? What do you think? Who is Inesh? Who must have called Anika? What must have happened there after? Loads of questions. Keep thinking.

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