Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction (Chapter 9)


Hi friends,I’m back with the 9th chapter of my ff. I’m teling you all again and again that your comments mean a lot to me so pls do comment and I appreciate honest comments.
**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Chapter 9-Battlefield!

Sultan Yaldoz and his troops were only a night away from Dilli, but he was stopped midway by Iltimush and his troops,Yaldoz was not surprised ,he knew that they had to face such a situation,Iltumish was a far-sighted Sultan. “I’m not surprised by this act of yours Sultan Yaldoz , after all what else could have we expected from you.” said sultan Iltimush with a faint smile,Altunia,Nasir and Yakut also gave a short laugh to anger Yaldoz. Yaldoz boiled with range hearing Iltimush’s words and declared a war against them,things were going as per their plan, an angered Yaldoz would certainly take a wrong step and they will use this as an opportunity to defeat him.

The swords clashed,the warriors bled, the war was a tough one but Iltimush was proud of Altunia,Yakut and Nasir they were fighting fearlessly ,the blood thirsty warrior in Altunia had already woken up,he was killing the Yaldoz soldiers mercilessly this,on the other hand Nasir and Yakut were calmer, even they killed but did not seem as merciless as Altunia. After a long and tough battle ,Yaldoz was finally defeated and captured.”I give you a second chance ,return to Ghazni and rule peacefully there.” Said Iltimush looking at Yaldoz with some hope in his eyes,to his surprise ,Yaldoz laughed and replied ” You and your men are fools! I did not expect this from you….a part of my troop have already attacked on Dilli,I’ve heard your daughter and her friend are protecting Dilli, poor girls they have no idea that is is going to cost their lives.” “YALDOZ! I will kill you with my bare hands if any thing happedned to them” Iltimush roared in anger , Altunia’s hands turned into a fist and before Iltimush could say further they found Altunia on his horse ,holding his sword and riding towards Dilli with a lightening speed. As he was riding back to Dilli he had only one thought in his mind -to save the princess,he didn’t know why but more than anything else,he was worried about Razia. “I will kill anyone who gives even her a scratch!”he said to himself.

Credit to: Anumita

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