Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction (Chapter 8)


Chapter 8-Evil Eyes

Sultan Yaldoz had successfully reached the Thar desert of Rajasthan through a secret route,no doubt Iltimush had been cheated by one of the Rajputana kings under him. The king helped Yaldoz in his plans against Iltimush.
Sultan Yaldos was an ambitious,brutal,cruel and stone hearted ruler of Ghazni,for him,women were just a mean of pleasure,he had many wives and many mistresses. He was a tall man in his mid 60s,he had a pair of emerald fish eyes which made his evilness prominent. Conquering Hindustan had always been his dream.
On his way to Dilli he had only one thing in his mind , Hindustan ,but he was not a fool who would underestimate sultan Iltimush,”Be prepared Iltimush has certainly been informed about our arrival.” he ordered his general in chief.

Dilli –
The atmosphere of the palace was gripped by fear and anxiety. Razia and Fatimah had made all the much needed arrangements for the protection of the palace and the people living outside the palace premises were shifted in the premises .Fatimah knew that they had to focus on the protection of the Harem the most and so she instructed the women in the Harem to stay inside,equipped with knives, chilli powder and hot,boiling water for their defence.
Soon the troops and Nasir,Altunia and Iltimush got ready to head to the battlefield,they knew the route Yaldoz had taken and hence were going to challenge him midway,as far as possible from Dilli.

The time finally came when everything was as per their plan. Nasir gave Razia a hug then he looked at Fatimah who was standing just beside Razia and said”I had never even dreamt of you as a royal spy! But if abbu has chosen you, you definitely deserve this position.” Fatimah smiled at him as a reply and Nasir smiled back at her, he gave her a small salaam which Fatimah returned with a proper salaam,and Nasir jumped on his horse. After Nasir Iltimush came and gave Fatimah and Razia a warm hug he did not miss the worry in his daughter’s eyes ,placing a hand on Razia’s shoulder, he said”Raza, if I don’t return,then the responsibility of the Harem would be on you my child also,the security of Dilli shall be your responsibity.””No abbu,never ever say such things,we will win and you will return you all will!” said Razia hugging her father tightly,releasing himself from the hug ,Iltimush jumped on his horse,before Yakut jumped into his hose,as he turned to Razia and Fatimah and said”Shehzaadi and Fatimah Sultan has given you the responsibility of Dilli,he can never be wrong he knows very well that no one else could be a better choice so stay stong,” Razia nodded in return with a smile , she knew that Yakut was concerned about her,afterall this is the first time she has been given such a responsibility.
After Yakut Altunia came forward,”Shehzaadi,I know it has not been a very long time since we met,but stilI..I want toask you,do you trust me?” he asked with serious and deep voice ‘”Of course,I do, I completely trust you not because we had covered a long distance together,but because abbu trusts you the most and he can never be wrong in judging people.” replied Razia with a faint smile “All the best to both of you!” Altunia said with a sigh displaying his concern for Dilli and the princess before he jumped on his horse “And you too “Razia said softly gazing at him as he rode away with others.

Precap-Battle between Sultan Itimush and Sultan Yaldoz

Credit to: Anumita

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