Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction (Chapter 7)

sorry for any mistake(s) if I had made in the previous chapter, here is the 7th chapter
Chapter 7- Get Ready For The Battle

To Razia’s surprise, they (she,Altunia and his troop) had actually reached Dilli and that too in the same night Razia turned to Altunia and and gave him a thanking look in return, Altunia lifted his hand and gave a small salaam to her,none of them uttered a single word yet had expressed their gratitude to eachother.

On reaching the palace Nasir gave Razia a tight hug,while Iltimush welcomed Altunia and his troop “Your help was a much needed one dear,thank you.” Iltimush said to Altunia giving him a hug”Oh please sultan,do not embarrass me whatever I’m today, is only because of you.” he replied with an emotional smile.

After they were done Iltimush began discussing their plan of action Razia and Fatimah were given the responsibility of the palace and Hrem(place where royal ladies including mistresses lived) they had to protect the women and children,while Iltimush, Nasir and Altunia were to fight in the battlefield .

“Abbu, why can’t we go to the battlefield?” Razia asked to her father, Altunia did not miss the fire in her eyes”This girl is certainly something else.”he thought in his mind,now he respected Razia even more”Because shehzaadi,it’s your and Fatimah’s duty to protect the palace and the locals Yaldoz’s main target is Dilli remember?” said Yakut with a smile”Yes child, Yakut is right you and Fatimah are going to stay back dear.”said Iltimush Razia nodded in agreement and looked at Fatimah ,her main concern was the people of Dilli and the Hrem,she knew that her father really trusted her,she also knew that Altunia was a reliable friend she was confident of her war skills but still she was nervous,”What if I fail to protect my people and fulfil my duties ,no no, I would rather die than failing in fulfilling my duties and responsibility” she thought in her mind .

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