Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction (Chapter 6)


Hi friends I’m here with the 6th chapter
**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Chapter 6- Surprised!

Royal palace,Dilli-
Prince Nasir was giving instructions to the soldiers regarding warfare , his mind raced to Razia,his favourite sister,he was worried about his little sister she had never covered such a long distance alone. Unable to concentrate any longer Nasir drew back his sword and marched back to his room. Sultan Iltimush who had been observing Nasir dicided to finally reveal Fatimah’s truth to him so that he becomes assured of Razia’s safety and would be able to concentrate on the upcoming war with Fatimah and Yakut.

‘Come son,I want to show you something,.” said Iltimush while leading Nasir to a secret chamber attached to his room on entering the place Nasir could not believe on his eyes , he saw Fatimah dressed as a royal messenger , surely she was not one of them, he immediately went to her and asked “What are you doing here Fatimah.” Nasir did not realise that he was holding Fatimah’s hand and this action of his had grabbed the attention of the people in the room including the sultan himself. Fatimah immediately took away her hand and as soon as Nasir realised that everyone’s attention was on them he immediately stepped back . Clearing his throat Iltimush stepped in between them and said “Son I’ve always hid the fact from everyone that Fatimah is actually one of my best spies and is a senior one,she participates in war planning with me and Yakut.” before Nasir could say anything, Yakut appeared before him greeted him and Sultan and took Fatimah along with him for further discussions about the upcoming battle to a table at the corner of the chamber.”Why does he always has to drag her aside.” Nasir said to himself giving an angry look at Yakut which did not go unnoticed by Iltimush although none other in the place noticed this but Iltimush failed to understand the reason behind this,even Nasir was not able to make out what was actually irritating him. He gazed at Fatimah she always looked beautiful,no matter what she wore because she had a heart of gold,he knew it,”Why do I care,why can’t I tolerate that she’s least interested at me?” Nasir asked himself in his mind, but he was sure of one thing now, Razia’s safety because he knew that Razia was capable of protecting herself moreover Fatimah’s spies are keeping an eye on her,he was sure of it.

Credit to: Anumita

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