Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 52


Chapter 52- The letters

Yakut’s village –

Though the sun had set , Razia , still preferred to roam around and explore the forest , on the opposite bank of the river. She actually didn’t realise that she was a bit late by now , Yakut could not accompany her since he was busy with the preparations for a village festival that was to be held the next day. Razia was lost in the beauty of the forest , when she
finally realised that she was late “ Oh , I must return now.” she murmured and turned to go when she heard a growl coming from behind the screen of bushes a distance away , coming into the forest with a sword and just a dagger , soon , she could see , a few pairs of eyes that glowed in dark “ Wolves!” she exclaimed but it was too late to take an escape rout , she took a deep breath and took out her dagger , it was a pack of wolves , Razia took her position , on of them pounced on her but she successfully managed to defeat the ferocious animal by slitting it’s throat with her dagger , the pack seemed to have turned even more aggressive now , now the animals surrounded her , two w
wolves pounced on her but she gave them a tough fight and at last , defeated them , her right arm was bleeding profusely , , the wolves together stared to approach her , Razia took a step backward and to her misfortune , she tripped and fell down “ My be , today is my final day on this earth” she thought in her mind , one of the wolves prepared itself to pounce on her , but just then , a sharp dagger hit it’s neck , summoning it to death , it was none other than Yakut , he jumped in front of Razia and took out his sword , three other men were with him , together they gave the pack of wolves a good fight and at last managed to defeat them . After the fight was over , Yakut looked towards Razia , standing a distance away , with her palm covering her injury , trying to stop , the bleeding , his heart heart sank seeing her like that , he threw a way his sword and rushed to her rescue , “ Are you alright?” he asked her , Razia nodded a yes and he protectively took her into an embrace , a lone tear escaped from one of his eyes , he couldn’t see her like that , suddenly Razia’s words echoed in his ear ‘ Love , you smile without a reason , you feel complete , you turn protective towards the special person.’ “ Does that mean , I am in love
with…Razia?” he asked himself in his mind to his heart and to his surprise , it was a ‘yes’ , his heart confirmed his feelings.


Razia was on rest for the whole evening and the next day too , though she was bored of sitting alone in her room , and watching the view of the valley from her room’s window , she
had no other option , she was not allowed to step out of her room at all , further , those villagers were so kind to her , it was her duty to respect their wishes and decisions.
The festival night soon came , Razia , finally was finally out of her boring room , while Yakut was always there with her , she enjoyed a lot dancing and singing in the festival , the festival was to last all night , Yakut had finally decided to confess his love to Razia , no matter what would be her reaction , he would at least be an honest friend to her. After the festival was over , they (The villagers and Razia and Yakut) had their dinner and sat together for casual talks , as the night was nearing it’s end , Yakut grew more eager “ Razia , I
need to talk to you , it’s important.” He said “Yes , I am all ears.” Razia said enthusiastically , “ Not here , in privacy.” with these words , Yakut got up and helped Razia to gert up as well.
Walking along the river bank , they were enjoying the night sky as well as the cool breeze , walking through the snow covered grass Razia finally broke the silence “ Yes … so you wanted to talk about something.” “ Yes , yes … actually , I wanted to say… I know you….” but before Yakut could complete , a little boy ran up to them and said “ Razia aapi , Razia
aapi , a royal messenger is here , he’s asking for you.” Razia and Yakut looked at each other and rushed back to the village with the boy. The royal messenger who was waiting for her arrival , stood up at once , seeing her , after giving her a salam , he said “Shezadi Razia , I’ve brought a secret letter for you from Shezaadi Zehana.” hearing Zehana’s name , Razia grew anxious and ordered the messenger to read the letter aloud , the villagers were curious as well as confused .

The messenger started reading the letter to her –

Dear Razia ,

I know you are hurt and might be feeling humiliated after all the events in Dilli six months ago , but , I also know that you know your duties and responsibilities , Dilli is burning in the fire of Rukknuddin’s ruthless rule , and there’s only one person , people want back , and it’s you ,. In these 6 months our lives have changed , the situation is worsening day by day . Dilli needs you , Dilli Sultanate needs you , please come back Razia and claim back your rights and your throne.

Your friend
As soon as the messenger finished reading the letter , Razia turned to the villagers and said ‘ I don’t know how to thank you all for your support and hospitality , please allow me
and Yakut to leave for Dilli.” the village head smiled and ordered the villagers to help Razia and Yakut prepare for the journey , the messenger left as soon as his job was done , now , he had to reach Kashmir as soon as possible.
The night had not ended yet , but was at the verge of ending , the villagers got busy as soon as the village head ordered them to do so , Razia turned to go , but suddenly , she remembered something and turned back “ You were saying something , be quick , we do not have much time.” she said in one go , Yakut looked deep into her eyes , and smiled ‘
Yakut … what is it?” she asked again as she grew impatient “ I wanted to say that….that… It’s already dawn.” he said still looking deep into her eyes with a sad smile , Razia looked at the sky and noticed that the night had ended , she was confused , this was surely not the ‘important thing’ he wanted to talk about , but before she could ask anything her said “ Be quick go now.” Razia looked at him , confused , but she did not have much time , she nodded and went away , tears swelled up in Yakut’s eyes as he watched his love going towards the village head’s house “ How could I confess my feelings to you Razia ,and that too when your destiny is right in front of you , my love might become an obstacle
for you and I can’t see you loose , at the end of the day ….I love you , I love you more that I love my life.” with these words he sighed and went to pack up his stuff for the journey.
Soon , the sun had raised and shone brightly on the winter sky, Yakut and Razia bid a farewell to the villagers and rode on their respective horses through the thawing now , towards Dilli.
To be continued

Precap- Altunia receives Zehana’s letter.

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