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Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 52 continued


Chapter 52 (continued)

The sun shone brightly in the winter sky of Kashmir , the last night brought with it heavy snowfall and storm. Dressed as any other ordinary man , Altunia walked through the snow covered forest route , he had to take this route in order to reach his cottage as soon as possible , his newly found friends were waiting for him there , it was just a small celebration as winter was nearing it’s end and it was the season’s last heavy snowfall. Carrying some food items with him , he made his way towards his village.

Reaching there , he found his friends already waiting for him “ Where were you , our stomachs have started to growl due to hunger , we’re starving.” one of his friends complained as soon as he entered his cottage “ Sorry for the delay my friend , but , the market place was , as usual , a bit crowded.” Altunia replied with a polite smile. Altunia served the meal and they all sat together prepared for a hearty meal “ Mirza , we all know you since around six months , but you had never told us much about yourself , where are you originally from , why you left your home…nothing.” one of his friends asked “ True , but , do friendship require any such information?” Altunia tried to avoid his question “ No , but still , alright , alright , at least tell us if there’s any special person in your life , I mean our bahabhijaan , or future bhabhijaan.” Altunia’s smile faded away , he replied , raising his hands till his face “ Yes , what shall I tell you. What do you want to know.” he replied “ Anything” the friend asked again , Altunia smiled and replied “ Dua ke liay jab haath yeh uthaoon , toh dekhon unhey lakeeron may , kya kahe khata humnay ki , per , saza unhooney li. (When I raise my hands for prayers , I see her in the lines of my palms , what should I say , I did the mistake , but she took the punishment.).

After having the lunch Altunia and his friend were enjoying each other’s company when they heard a loud knock at the door , Altunia got up and opened the door and was surprised to find a royal messenger at the door “ Shezadi Zehna had sent a letter for you.” the messenger handed over the letter to him after giving him a proper salaam , hearing Zehana’s name , Altunia hastly opened the letter , through the latter , Zehana informed Altunia how Razia and Yakut had to leave Dilli , about the misdeeds of Rukknuddin and how Fatimah was insulted at the court , but she did not inform him about the letter she sent for Razia . Altunia folded back the letter , he was fuming with range , but somehow managed to compose himself

“ When you go back , tell Zehana that I’ll be there as soon as possible.” he said and closed the door as soon as the messenger left , then he turned to his friends who were looking at him curiously “ My friends , now , the time has come that I reveal my true identity to you all , I am no ordinary farmer but the Subedaar of Bhatinda , one of the richest and most important region of Dilli Sultanate , I was on exile but the time has finally come , I need to return , the sultanate needs me.” he confessed , Altunia’s friends were shocked as well as happy for him , with a heavy heart , they prepared for his farewell. Before leaving , he turned to his friends to say a final good bye to them ,he knew that perhaps they would never meet again. Then , without wasting a single minute , he jumped on his horse and rode away with the speed of light towards Dilli “ The throne belongs to only Razia , it’s her right and I’ll neither let anyone snatch away her right , nor will I let Dilli Sultanate fall into wrong hands. Rukknuddin…..enough of your misdeeds , you’ll have to pay for Ftimah’s insult.” he said to himself in his mind , while riding towards Dilli.

Precap – Razia and Yakut reach Dilli , they find out that Zehana had already informed some of their trusted ministers and soilders about their arrival . Razia begins to discuss the plan of action with the soldiers.

  1. Wow….. Again its a trio… Mirza razia n yakut…. Hope They will together fight against rukunudin n shahturkan… I love the song mere maula… Male n female version.. Thanks for using its lyrics.. Waiting for alzia Reunion…. Thank u so much for the update anumita… I must say u described the scenario amazingly…. As always fabulous

  2. very very nice. waiting for alzia union.

  3. Thank you all.

  4. Sana167

    Love the update! Waiting for nasir-fatima reunion and teaser!! love ur update!

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