Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 47 Contd.


Chapter 47 continued

Razia ignored the pain and got up as quickly as she could , but she found the chamber empty , ahe rushed towards the doors and tried her level best to open it , but could not succeed , she started banging the door “ Please open the door , someone , please open the door.” to her good fortune , Yakut was passing by ,to fetch some water from the kitchen , he heard her cries and at once rushed towards Altunia’s chamber , the opened the door and was shocked to find Razia in a panicked state , her hand was bleeding “ Razia ! What’s wrong?… What happened where’s Altunia?” Yakut panicked seeing his fiend in that condition “ We don’t have much time Yakut I’ll explain everything to you later on , we must rush to abbu’s chamber now , or else , everything would be finished .” Razia said while dragging him toward Iltimush’s Chamber.
Meanwhile , Altunia broke opened Iltimush’s chamber doors “SLTAN ILTIMUSH!” he roared Iltimush raised from his seat , confused and shocked , Altunia too out his sword and put it on Iltimush’s neck “You killed my abbujaan ….and that too , for a mere throne of gold?” he asked in a low , dangerous voice Iltimush sighed , he knew one of the other day , he had to pay for his deeds no matter under what circumstances he had to do so , he knelt down before him and said at last “Yes , I am the murdered of your abbujaan , all the misries you and your family had to face . Whatever punishment you’ll give me , I’ll accept wholeheartedly” “ Fine , blood shed for bloodshed , death is your punishment.” with these words and no second thought , Altunia , swung his sword , penetrating it through Iltimush’s neck , at once , Iltimush’s soul left his body and parted away , at the same time , Razia , along with Yakut entered the scene ,Altunia looked up with his face stained with Iltimush’s blood. Razia could not believe her eyes , she was too shocked to even utter a word , a lone tear escaped one of her eyes “You…” Yakut was about to attack Altunia when Razia stopped him “ Yakut….stop.” were the only words that she could utter at that moment. Yakut gazed at her in surprise , but he was wise enough to understand what she really wanted and let the matter slip away from his hands.

Meanwhile , hearing such crashes and cries , the palace guards and the royals were alerted. The royal family as wellas Iqbal , Zehena and Altunia’s mother arrived the scene . Everybody’s eyes widened at the sight in front of them, Qtub palmed her mouth seeing her husband in the state , Shamshaad , quickly grasped her into a tight hug. Altunia’s mother marched towards Altunia , she shook him violently and asked in agony “WHY?Why did you do this? Altunia , say it , say it that you didn’t do this say it…SAY IT.” “ Yes ammi yes I did it ,… ammi , he’s responsible for all that you , Zehna and I had to go through . He killed abbu . I avenged abbu’s death ..he.” but before Altunia could complete , his mother gave him a tight slap ‘ Did you ask me about that , did you confront me? DO YOU even know under what circumstances Sultan Iltimush had to kill your father?” she shouted at him , Altunia frowned in confusion , his mother then narrated the whole incident to him that took away , his father from him , the sword from Altunia’s hand fell on the ground , he fell on his knees , his facial expression changed , he looked at his blood stained hands “O! What did I do?” he asked himself. “ Guards , arrest him NOW. “ his mother ordered . Razia looked up , her eyes were red with tears and her face had an unreadable expression “ Order the ministers to reach the court now , set up the court. And bring him there , in front of me.” she ordered Yakut.

The court was set and the ministers seated themselves there , they were all shocked after getting the news of the Sultan’s sudden death , Razia entered the court , as she walked towards the throne , the ministers got up , showing there respect to her , Razia’s face showed no expression , nor sorrow , neither anger. She stood in front of the throne and ordered Altunia to be brought in front of her , her order was followed , Altunia was chained , he could not look up , he was down with shame and guilt, . “ I Shezaadi Razia , being Sultan Iltimush’s successor , take up the responsibility to decide Ikhtiar-Ud -Din- Malik Altunia’s punishment.” she announced , folding her right hand behind her back as a gesture of a just Sultan , she continued “ I send you to exile as a punishment. You are ordered to leave Dilli at once and shall not step into Dilli’s soil until I myself call you.” she declared ,. “The session is over,” she declared and left the court.

The night was nearing it’s end , the sun was abut to raise , and hence , there was a very faint blue hue in the sky. Dressed up as an ordinary man , Altunia , took some of his belongings and made his way out of the palace , Yakut , Iqbal and Nasir stood there , not to bid him a good bye but to ensure that he is out of their sight . Crossing the entrance of the city where , the guards gave him a disgusting look , he tuned back only to find that the vision of the palace had faded , he then again turned to go and made his way , the sun began to raise , and it’s reddish-orange rays , made his vision clearer , there was a hollowness inside him , and this emptiness was eating him up alive . He dared not to turn back , he had a long way to go , he wanted to go as far away from Dilli as possible , for this punishment would be worse that death for him and he knew it. He somewhere deserved it.
Precap – People deny to accept Razia as their Sultan

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