Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 47


Chapter 47 – The Terrible Night!
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Iltimush was not at all surprised at the reaction of the people , he was in fact , expecting something like this suddenly one of his ministers raised his voice “Pardon us Sultan but we cannot accept a woman as our new Sultan , we all have lots of respect for you but this…is not possible sultan the right place of a woman is behind the curtains not on the thrown at the end of the day , we all are living in a society and must follow some basic norms of this society in order to live peace full.”
To this , Iltimush replied with a calm smile “If you all can accept a ‘slave’ as your Sultan , then why not a woman and who made such norms that pulls our society backwards rather than letting it develop and flourish?” Nobody had any argument with this statement of the Sultan .
“ Sultan is right , we all had already seen Shezaadi Razia’s courage , presence of mind and capability , she possesses everything we want to see in a perfect Sultan , beside that , it is the decision of the Sultan and his family members himself . And we only consider a sultan the one to be placed after the God , I support this decision of yours Sultan.” One of Iltimush’s favourite and the most intellectual minister , Rannpal Sigh Rawat said. “Does anyone have any justified reason to say that my daughter is not fit for the thrown?” Iltimush asked aloud , the ministers opposing his decisions bent their heads low , they did not have any argument for this.

As the dark night rolled on , everybody left departed to their respective homes and chambers. Rukkknuddin was quiet late since he was too upset with his abbu’s decision , he carelessly entered in his chamber when a fallen glass plate struck into his right foot , he hissed in pain , it was then when he took notice of the chamber , nothing was at it’s place , the vases were squashed at the floor , the glass bowls and glasses shattered into pieces , and Shah Turkan , in floor , sitting with an expressionless face , he kajal smeared , he bangles broken and her hands bleeding , alerted at once , Rukknuddin ran to his mother “ Ammi , ammi…. what have you done to yourself , see , your.. hand.” Rukknuddin panicked , but Turkan took away her hand from his “Since you were born , I had only one dream t make you the Sultan-e-Hindustan! But today.. I I can see my dream broken into hundreds of tiny pieces Rukknuddin.” she said in a low shattered voice as a lone tear escaped her eye. “No, no I can’t let this happen it’s you it’s only you who has the right on the thrown …only you.” She continued while getting up, wiping away the kajal that had stained her eyes and face , she rushed out of the chamber , leaving behind a confused Rukknuddin.

On the other hand , Iltimush was explain to Razia about politics and the importance of her position and duties. “ You have to be cold and strong as well as sensitive and very caring at the same time , you will have to be a leader in the battlefield not a mere solider , you ought to know how to distinguish between a true friend and a foe behind the mask of a friend, you must be calm while handling conspiracies and just while handling situations. Razia , meri bacchi , the throne of Dilli Sultanate is blood-stained , rivers of blood has been shed by many just to gain the throne , the history is the witness , whenever there has been any event that changed the mindset of people , that made history , there has been losses , either of loved ones or of humanity . Razia , promise , me ,promise me that if you’ll ever have to shed blood of others , you’ll shed for your people , for your Sultanate , not for the throne , if you ever have to choose between your loved ones and the Sultanate , you’ll choose the Sultanate.” Razia , who was listening to her abbu with utmost concentration , finally promised “Yes Abbu , I promise you , I promise you that for me , my people and the Sultanate will be the first priority ,….always.” Iltimush was relived hearing this “ But abbu , you will always there to guide me no?” she asked innocently Iltimush sighed and replied “ We never know Razia , what out tomorrow is.” Razia frowned , she could not understand what her abbu meant “ I think it’s too late , you should take rest Abbu. “ Razia said . She took a few steps towards the doors , as she proceeded , ther hand was slipping away from that of her abbu , a sudden chill passed through her spine , she was feeling hell reluctant to leave alone her abbu behind , but could not make out why , she then looked back , and found her abbu smiling , safe and sound , she too quickly passed on a smile and left his chamber .

After Razia left , Qtub entered Iltimush’s chamber with a bouquet . “Mubarakho Sultan (Congratulationa sultan)” she greeted him while giving him the bouquet , Iltimush welcomed her with a warm smile while accepting her gift “I’m glad you came , I guess we didn’t have any personal meeting since my birthday celebration ?” he asked “Do we need one? I don’t think so.” she replied with a sarcastic smile , she was just being hones , to herself and to him. Iltimush’s eyes looked down , immediately , with his head bent , he knew what she meant but he didn’t know what to do , there was no question of crying over split milk , he raised hi eyes and finally asked “I’ve really hurt you ..no Qtub ?” his eyes were teary , tears swelled up in Qtub’s eyes “Yes.. you have.” she gave an honest reply “ I know I can never undo my mistakes but , …can you forgive me Qtu?b , I.. I fell in love twice! Once with you and once with…Turkan , I couldn’t help…I..” he chocked in between “ As a wife , I might be able to forgive you Sultan , but … I am sorry , not as a woman.” she said with a hint of disgust in her voice “Please Qtub , I missed you like anything , your touch , your hug , your lap..please may be for the last time!” Iltimush asked for a hug spreading his arms , this time Qtub couldn’t stop herself from letting her get carried away with her emotions and finally hugged Iltimush , cry , that was what she wanted to do in his arms and she did so , she cried , cried , cried and cried her heart out. “ I think you should sleep now , it’s too late , Iltimush said , breaking the hug , Qtub smiled at him weakly and left , but before , leaving his chamber , she looked back , she had a feeling that something wrong was going to happen.

Meanwhile , Altunia was busy with some important documents in his chamber , he was busy arranging them when a sudden knock at the doors of his chamber disturbed him “Who can it be at this hour? I think it’s Razia . Oh no , how could I forget , I forgot to congratulate her , to tell her how happy I am for her.” with these words he went to open the doors , but to his surprise , when he opened the doors , he found Shah Turkan instead “Yes ?” he asked quiet confused “I need to talk to you Altunia .” she said sternly “ Sorry but I’m in no mood to do so.” saying so , he was about to close the doors when Tukan blurt out “It’s about your abbujaan Altunia , still you don’t want to listen to me?” hearing this , Altunia turned up looked up at once “What do you mean ?” he asked restlessly
Razia , after visiting her abbu , went straight into Fatimah’s chamber , she wanted to share her excitement and nervousness with her best friends , it was all planned that the trio will meet at Fatimah’s chamber , Yakut was already there. “Welcome Sultan-e-Hidustan , welcome.” Yakut greeted her with a shower of roses as she entered the chamber “I am soo happy for you , we are really happy for you Razia.” Fatimah came forward to congratulate er. After spending some time with them , Razia bid them a good night and exited from the chamber , Yakut too went into his chamber. Razia made her way towards Altunia’s chamber , she was eager to tell him how she was feeling and the reason she took up the responsibility.
Razia excitedly knocked the doors of Altunia’s chamber , but there was no response, she knocked a few times , not getting any response , she herself pushed the doors and it opened effortlessly , to her surprise , there was an uneasy silence in the chamber accompanied by complete darkness she was surprised because Altunia never liked complete darkness his chamber was always lit up by torches and aromatic candles , she had an uncanny feeling that chilled her spines but she ignored it and, bought a torch placed just outside the chamber and lit a few candles and some other torches , it as then when she could have the complete view of the chamber , everything was either broken or thrown on the floor already untidy with squashed food items and drinks , alerted at once , she searched for Altunia , she was relived to find him standing at the balcony of the chamber , he turned back , his eyes made it clear that something bad had happened and he was angry … he was having no control over his anger , he looked no less than a mad man , tensed at once Razia rushed towards him but he gestured her to stop with his hand “Did you know that your abbu killed my abbujaan , but kept mum?” he threw the question she feared the most at once. Razia froze at her place “Who told you all this?” she asked him instead “Yes …on No ? You knew it right? You father killed my father for the throne?” he again questioned her , this time more sternly “You don’t know the whole truth Altunia …” Razia desperately tried to explain him but was cut in between “ YES OR NO?” he asked her in a loud voice , grabbing her by her shoulders , a sharp pain stung her arms due to the harsh grip , but she ignored it and answered finally “ Yes he did , but he told me there was a reason , he never had any selfish motive Altunia he was…” but before she could complete , he shook her harshly and shouted at her “ HE LIED TO YOU!” saying this , he left her , he grabbed his sword “Altunia wait you are too angry to think of anything else.” Razia tried to stop him by gripping his arm , but he pushed her away , with such a force that she fell on the floor and hurt her palm by a piece of glass , but Altunia was too angry to even realise what he did and marched out of the chamber , locking her inside.

Precap – Altunia places his sword on Iltimush’s neck “I’ll accept whatever punishment you will give me .” Iltimush said , kneeling before him.

Credit to: Anumita

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