Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 50 continued


Chapter 50 continued

Nasir peeped into his Chamber and found Fatimah standing there with her back at him , the man who had just entered his chamber stood near her , Fatuimah , said to him without turning back “ I had waited for this day for six months , a whole six months , I’ve waited to tell you … to tell you that how much I LOVE YOU , I know , the marriage,… and all those things were unexpected by , me .. now , now want to make everything right , I love you N..” she stopped suddenly when the spy put his hand on her shoulder “ I love you too Fatimah!” he said cunningly , Fatimah at once got alerted , though she had not turned back yet she knew that this was not Nasir’s hand , she turned back and her eyes widened with shock. ,

On the other hand , Nasir who had witnessed this preplanned event by Turkan , was shattered , he felt as if somebody had smashed his dreams of glass , his heart broke into thousand pieces and he died a hundred deaths as Fatimah’s words echoed in his ears , Turkan , who by the time , also reached there with Rukknuddin and had ordered her messenger to set up the court by calling all the ministers acted to be too angry and shocked “ Great , shezaadi Fatimah , great, what a player you are , you managed to manipulate both , Shezaadey Nasir and your lover , Khalib.” she clapped with sarcasm while entering the chamber , Nasir by then was too shocked and lost in thoughts to say anything , his heart as well as his trust was broken , he looked at her with teary , disgusted eyes , Fatimagh was not a fool she was clever enough to guess what actually had happened and who was behind all these “ Shezaadey Nasir , listen to me.” she said while approching him but Turkan stopped her “ What’s left to listen now , poor shezadey Nasir , he loved you with all his heart and soul.”

Turkan taunted , Fatimah couldn’t hold back her anger any longer , she had tried to keep calm and ignore the lady as much as possible but she had crossed all her limits now , raising her hand in air , Fatimah slapped Turkan across her face “ STAY IN YOUR LIMITS YOU MERE MISTRESS!” she yelled at him , Turkan was not expecting at least this , seeing this , Rukknuddin rushed to his mother’s rescue and held Fatimah by her hair , a sharp pain strung her head “ You mere slave , how dare you insult my ammi , apologise , RIGHT NOW.” he said while gritting his teeth , Fatimah was a lady of self respect , she punched him across his face and warned “ You … better stay in YOUR LIMITS.” , saying so , Fatimah was about to approach Nasir when Rukknuddin got up again held Fatimah by her hair once again , this time , more harshly “ I’ll show you your position today only.” with these words , Rukknuddin marched out of the chamber , pulling Fatimah by her hair , Fatimah yelled and cried with pain and stuggled to free herself but all her efforts went in vain.
Rukknuddin pulled her by her hair all the way to the court ,reaching the court , he pushed Fatimah so harshly that she fell on the floor and hurt her lips , but she ignored the pain , her knees and right elbow ached like anything , by the time ,Nasir had also reached there , the ministers present there started to murmur in surprise Fatimah’s hair was all messed up by now , Rukknuddin then addressed the ministers “She cheated the sultanate , she ought to be punished!” he yelled , Fatimah looked at Nasir with hope-filled eyes but Nasir turned his head away after giving her a disgusting look , feeling utterly humiliated , she got up with a lot of effort and asked “ Why is everyone silent , a woman is being insulted here.” but to her dismay , everybody remained silent , no one spoke Turkan smiled evilly and vicariously seeing this Fatimah said in a low , dangerous , shaking and angry voice “The court , where a woman had been insulted shall have to kneel before a woman only.” “And you.” she continued pointing towards Rukknuddin “Shall face death in the hands of a woman only.”

Rukknudin smiled and said with pride “ I am Sultan-e-Hind , and no one can dare to even touch even a strand of hair of mine.” saying so , he was going to hold Fatimah by her hair again when Nasir spoke up at last “ Rukknuddin , as you know , abbu had always respected women , no matter what , hence you have no right to insult a woman in his Sultanate.” “ Shezaadey Nasir is right , we should not forget that Fatimah is a woman .” some ministers added ,

Turkan put her hand on Rukknuddin’s shoulder gesturing him to stop now “ We had enough , send her to exile , all we needed was to send Fatimah away.” she whispered in his ears , to which Rukknuddin nodded “ As per the laws and the wishes of your husband and the court ,I’ll not sentence you death , but you must leave Dilli forever and never show your face to it’s people.” he ordered her “ I would have left the place anyways , the palace , my so-called home , where people talk about respecting woman but ironically , no woman is safe here , and people here ,who can tolerate all your crimes , all your tortures on them , but cannot see a woman taking over the throne , talk of ‘respecting woman!’ how humorous that is.” she gave a humorless short laugh , a lone tear escaped one of her eyes , but she wiped it away immediately and made her way towards the exit doors of the court , when she came across Nasir ,

she had at least a little hope somewhere in her heart , she looked at hi with teary eyes but he turned his face away , the little hope she had also vanished away her face became expressionless , she blankly walked away , not even turning back for once , her self-respect , her esteem , her worth had been hurt , on that day , when Rukknuddin crossed all his limits of crimes by insulting a woman , his death countdown began.
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Precap- Zehana sends a letter to Altunia as well as Razia.

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