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Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 50


Chapter 50 – The Insult!

After Iqbal’s last rites were done , Nasir came into Rukknuddin’s chamber which was , at that time empty , he saw the blood-stained sword still laying on the ground , he carefully picked the sword , seeing the blood in the sword, his eyes moistened with tears but somehow he controlled himself “ Rukknuddin Firoz! I promise you that your death shall come with this blood-stained sword.’ he whispered to himself and marched out of the chamber with the sword.

The sun spread it’s golden rays on Yakut’s village , the snow that had covered grasses and lifeless trees began to thaw. It had snowed quiet heavily the last night , the sun had peeped out of the clouds after almost a week and hence , such intensity and warmth was expected. The sun rays that managed to enter Razia’s room by the little gaps of the curtain managed to wake her up , Razia reluctantly opened her eyes , she clutched the heavy blanket covering her closer to her. “ I need to get out of this lovely bed though I don’t feel like doing so.” she murmured and finally got up to join Yakut and others at the breakfast .

Fatimah stood in front of the mirror combing her wet hair by her hands , “ Is this the right time to confess my love to Nasir , shall I ? No , no I can’t wait any longer I want to see the smile return on his face, today evening , I’ll confess my love To shezaadey Nasir.” she said to herself in her mind , but her thought process was interrupted by the a soft knock on the door , she turned back to find Zehna with bottle of etter (naturally extracted scent) in her hands , “ Am I allowed to enter ?” she asked for permission with a soft smile “ Zehna , you need not to ask before entering this chamber , you’re like my sister dear.” Fatimah said welcoming her in. “ Aapi , see , I’ve brought this etteher for you ,.” Zehna said while handing over the bottle to Fatimah “Oh thank you so much Zehana.” Fatimah thanked her . “ Wear this scent on the special occasion when you’ll finally confess your love to him.” Fatimah looked at her surprised and then smiled shyly ‘ Aapi , Razia had told me .. just a day before…” Zehana turned sad remembering the horrible night “ Zehna , we can’t actually undo our past , so , it’s better if we focus on our future and present , life is too small and too unpredictable , today we all are here , who knows , what will happen tomorrow” Fatimah said absentmindedly “ Aapi , then why wait for tomorrow , why not today , confess your love to Nasir bhaijaan today only , today evening.” Zehana suggested Fatimah , to which she nodded and they shared a warm hug.
But they were unaware of the fact that Turkan’s spy had overheard their conversation.

Soon , it was evening and hence time for Fatimah’s surprise to Nasir , Fatimah knew that at that time , Nasir would be busy with his daily sword practice and special war trainings , using the opportunity she secretly sneaked into his chamber with her maids “ Decorate this chamber with the best skills you all can have.” she ordered them , while she herself made sure everything was done in accordance of her plan , she was looking gorgeous in her golden jewelery and red attire.
But she was unaware of the fate awaiting her.
On the other hand , Turkan made one of her male spies as Nasir and revealed her plan to him “ Is that clear to you Faiz?” Turkan asked Faiz , the spy after revealing her plan to him and he nodded . On the other hand , somehow , with the help of a maid , she made Nasir , leave his practice and return to his chamber , while Nasir was walking towards his chamber , he saw a man entering his chamber , curious as well as alerted , he noiselessly followed the man and peeped into his chamber.
To be continued….
Please ignore the bindi Fatimah’s wearing.

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    Wow!!!! Interesting!!! Waiting for more Fatima and nasir scenes! Thank u for an awesome ff!

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      Plz can u tell me when will u continue?

  2. Awesome episode anumita….tysm for the update.. Will wait for next

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