Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction (Chapter 5)


First of all, I’m really sorry my friends, I was too busy in my family functions this weekend and so had no time to update. But I’m finally here with my 5th chapter
Chapter 5- Malik Altunia

Within 3 days of a tough journey Razia found herself in front of Bhatinda’s enterance , no doubt Bhatinda was one of the most important capitals of Delhi Sultanate at that time so it was not very surprising for Razia that the security of that place was tough and that of the palace was tougher. But Razia was given an easy acess to the palace because of the royal dagger that she was carrying with her the guard immediately recognised her as soon as they saw her dagger .
Meanwhile in the Bhatinda Royal Palace, Malik Altunia was informed about princess Razia’s arrival . As soon as Altunia got the news he rushed to welcome her, Iltimush had done lots of favours on him and thus he had a lot of respect of sultan Iltimush and the his family he was a tall dark masculine man in his early twenties,he had thick black long hair touching his broad shoulders , he had sharp features with a sharp mind and sight ,he had a pair of emerald green eyes which made him look even more handsome. Beside being an attractive and really skilled warrior,he was a just and kind leader,loved by his people,like sultan Iltimush he also had never seen women as an inferior species but have always thought them to be equal.

As soon as he reached the Deewan-e-Khas(place/hall where meetings and parties for/with special guests were held) , he found Razia waiting there, at first he could not recognise her and thought her to be a royal messenger who had come with the princess”Where is the princess?”he asked Razia, smiling faintly Razia answered”In front of you ,I’m the princess,Razia.”she answered him with a hint of pride showing him the royal dagger , Altunia at once recognised the dagger he immediately apologised to her and asked her to sit , Razia did not miss the surprise in his eyes when she told him that she is princess Razia ,she her face was covered with a yellow cloth extending from her turban she cleared her throat and said “I’m not here to sit, Dilli needs your help and that too immediately,father could not trust anyone else and so he had sent me as the royal messenger.” after Razia explained the whole situation , Altunia wasted no time and ordered his soldiers to get prepared for heading to Dilli .

Razia- We’ll reach Dilli within 3 days
Altunia-No, we’ll be there by today night itself
Altunia-Princess Razia you only get ready for the journey, leave the rest on me and my troops.

Razia sighed and removed the cloth from her face, exposing her angelic face “As you wish , but we should not forget one thing,we need to reach Dilli as soon as possible Yaldoz can attack with his troops at any instant of time.”she said with a stern yet low voice. Altunia could not stop himself from admiring her courage, will and far sightedness, he had not seen any woman as brave and as beautiful as her.
Soon they , along with the soldiers were off to Dilli. On their way to Dilli, riding with a lightening speed, Altunia shifted his glance to Razia who was riding beside,on her white horse , he had never seen such a courageous and strong willed princess,she reminded him of Iltimush , he then immediately shifted his concentration back to the path they were travelling through.

Precap- Razia and Altunia reach Dilli , Nasir comes to know about Fatimah’s truth.

Credit to: Anumita

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