Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 46 Contd.


Chapter 46(continued)

The sun rose giving a reddish orange hue to the sky , completely unaware of the fate awaiting her , Razia woke up with a smile on her lovely face. After freshening up , she made her way to Altunia’s chamber , but just when she was about to knock the doors when ,she was interrupted by a servant “Salam shezaadi! Sultan Iltimush wants to meet you now , it’s urgent.” the servant said giving a proper salam , Razia nodded her head and said “OK you may leave now , I’ll be there in a while.” she turned towards Altunia’s chamber and went towards her abbu’s chamber.
Reaching there he found him standing next to his crown , caressing it with his right hand , sensing her presence he turned towards her and said “Razia , meri bacchi , I had to meet you , it’s urgent.” “What is it abbu?” she asked , confused . Iltimush sighed and took his crown in his hand “Razia ,it’s time for me to retire from my position and unburden my shoulders with the responsibility of this huge Sultanate which is yet to grow larger and for this , I need a heir whom I’ve finally chosen . Razia’s face lit up hearing this , she was expecting either Nasir or Iqbal’s name to be announced “Who’s the person abbu , abbu I can’t wait tell me no.” she asked excitedly “Patience my dear , patience , let Qtub and ammihuzoor arrive , their presence is really important.” he said , soon , Qtub and Shamshaad arrived “Sultan , I think it’s the right time to reveal your successor’s name.”Qtub said “You’re right Qtub begum , so , I would like to unofficially declare , my able daughter RAZIA AS MY SUCCESSOR!.” Razia’s face became pale hearing this , her smile was replaced by a tensed look , never even in her wildest dreams had she thought of becoming the Sultan of Dilli Sultanate “A..abbuu..I can’t , it’s a joke right?” she asked , praying it to be a joke “No it’s not , I have chosen you as my successor , I have chosen your shoulders as the carrier of the burdens of a Sultan’s responsibility , I had seen your ability , long ago , when you were just a girl of seven , you were interested in warships and politics rather than playing with flowers and making earthen pots, you are the chosen one Razia and I’ve taken this decision after a lot of thinking and discussions.” Iltumish said in a stern voice. “Abbu , but I had never even thought of ….I mean I and the thrown? Abbu I don’t have any confidence on myself , how will I manage such a huge empire ant your subjects , will they accept me? I ..don’t feel that I’m capable of…please , I’m sorry.” with these words , Razia rushed out of the room with teary eyes.
Entering her chamber , Razia closed the doors behind her , she was beyond shocked , for the first time in her life , she was afraid , she was feeling scared , she laid on her back on her bed , blankly staring at the roof above her head, her mind was flooded with thoughts , just then she heard a soft knock at the door , “Razia , open the door child.” Qtub called out , getting up at once she rushed to open the door , once inside Qtub closed the doors and made Razia sit on the bed “Why are you reluctant Razia , what’s the matter child?” she asked sweetly “Matter ? Ammi matters , the most important one , nobody is going to accept me as the successor ,second , I don’t have confidence on myself only.. and the third , what about Nasir and Iqbal bhaijaan?” she replied “ First of all Iqbal and Nasir , both have happily accepted their abbu’s decision , neither of them wants the thrown , second if you can lead a battle , tactfully handle the rebels and love selflessly your people then why don’t you have confidence on yourself Razia? And as far as your subjects are concerned , nothing is beyond ability , prove your ability to them and they’ll accept you as their Sultan with all their heart . Beside that , I even have a reason , nobody knows about it but… Shah Turkan and her son , Rukknuddin are behind the royal thrown, if not you you abbu might choose Rukknuddin , think about it Razia , don’t be so selfish dear , what will happen too us and our people if Rukkuddin is seated on the thrown?” Qtub explained , Razia was blank everything seemed messed up she closed her eyes and asked her heart “Do I love my country enough to face every problem , every injury , just for it’s sake for it’s people’s sake?” and the answer was a ‘Yes’ she opened her eyes , there was a fresh glim of confidence in her eyes “Yes , Yes ammi , I will I will take up the burden of a Sultan’s crown on my head .” she said , this time there were no confusions , no fear , she knew what she wanted , she knew what she deserved.
Qtub was rejoiced hearing this , she hugged Razia tightly. Razia and Qtub then went back to Iltimush’s chamber , where they found Shamshaad and Iltimush waiting for them , Razia went to Iltimush , who was sitting on a couch , she knelt down and placed her hands on his lap “Abbu , I’m sorry , please forgive me , I became selfish , but now I’ve realised my mistake , abbu , I am ready to unburden your shoulders of the responsibilities of this Sultanate , I’m ready to become RAZIA SULTAN.” she said , Iltimush was relived , a tears of happiness escaped his eyes and he pulled his daughter into a warm , fatherly hug .
At the evening , Iqbal and Zeehna’s marriage (Nikah) was held , it was a grand ceremony , many kings and subedaars became part of the precious moment of the royal families of Dilli and Bhatinda , Razia was too busy as well as nervous about people’s reaction regarding her father’s decision , while Altunia as he was the brother of the bride was also really busy with the wedding tasks and as a result they did not get chance to even steal a glace at each other.
After the marriage was over everybody congratulated the royal couple as well as their respective families. Iltimush then took his seat on the thrown and requested for everybody’s attention ‘” My dear friends and ministers , may I have your attention please! Today , is a very special day for me and my family , today we got a daughter like Zehana and also , today , I am going to announce my successor’s name to all of you. Yes , I have chosen my successor and I am a proud father to announce my younger daughter Razia as my successor!” he declared while taking Razia beside him , by her hand. Everybody , including Altunia was shocked , on the other hand Shah Turkan and Rukknuddin were devastated , range slowly built in Turkan’s veins as she turned her hands into fists. Everybody started to whisper among themselves , surely , nobody had expected this.

* Things were running as expected , but a tragedy was to change their lives , something, that changed a straight forward lady into a shrewd politician.

Precap – Shah Turan reveals the secret to Altunia about his father’s death. On the other hand Iltimush asks Qtub if she can forgive him.

Credit to: Anumita

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