Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 49

Chapter 49-The Blood-Stained Sword!

Razia then closed the window with a slam , she sighed and further lit the room with more candles and the darkness vanished by it’s own , it has been one week since she has been staying here , yet she felt as if it was all a nightmare , her worst fear. Sighing , she laid herself comfortably on the bed , covering herself with a warm blanket , the nights here was becoming colder day by day , she closed her eyes but again Altunia’s image flashed in front of her , she opened her eyes immediately as if she didn’t want to see his face , but at the end , sleep came to her after much tantrums.
On the other hand , Yakut was gazing at the moon from his room’s window , he could not make out even an inch of what had actually happened to him , all of a sudden , he was having strange feelings whenever Razia was around him , now he had butterflies in his stomach whenever she would invite him to take a stroll at the evenings “ What’s wrong with you Yakut? Why are you behaving like that all of a sudden?” he asked himself but failed to find any sought of answer , tiered and fed up , he decided to finally go to bed.


Royal Palace , Dilli-
With a sword in his hand , Iqbal marched into Turkan’s chamber “ SHAH TURKAN!” He called aloud , seething in anger , seeing Turkan , he gripped her neck “ You awful woman! How could you stoop so low , you were the one who told Altunia about his father’s death!” he roared slamming her against a wall , Turkan was desperately trying to free herself but failed “ Today , I’ll see you end.” Iqbal said , just then Ruknnuddin entered the chamber seeing his mother in such condition , he roared “IQBAAL!” , swinging his sword high , he charged at Iqbal but Iqbal being a skilled swordsman defended himself deftly and in no time they were engaged in a deadly sword fight , Iqbal was winning of course , and Turkan knew that if he wins , it would definitely mean death for then , hence wasting no time she got hold of a pouch of chilli powder that she always kept with her , wasting no time , she quickly threw it on Iqbal’s eyes , the brave-heart got distracted for a second but even that time was enough for Rukknuddin to act , seeking this opportunity , he swung his sword high and slit Iqbal’s neck , everything became still and silent , Iqbal’s blood stained Rukknuddin’s face , and he dropped his sword.


Razia woke up with a jerk , she felt miserable and thirsty , she quickly grabbed the glass of water kept beside her bed , she was sweating profusely “ What’s wrong with me? Why am I feeling so miserable , I hope that everything is alright in Dilli , I can’t even send my family a letter.” she panicked an uncanny feeling gripped her , similar to the one she had when her abbu died.


To be contiued

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    What gonna happen next…iqbal died…..bechari zehna…so worried..can’t wait for the next…thanks for the fast update…

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