Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 46


Hi everyone , I’m back , I wanted to clear the confusions regarding the chapter nos , It’s chapter 46 not 48 and the last chapter was 45 (Continued ) not 47.
Chapter 46 – Will She Become The Sultan?

The wedding preparations were at full swing , by the nightfall , everyone retired to their respective chambers being dead tiered , but there was someone who had other important issues to look upon , it was none other than Sultan Iltimush , he called upon Nasir , Iqbal , Rukknuddin and Razia in his chamber , neither of them had even a hint of what’s cooking up in the Sultan’s mind.
“My dear children , I’ve called you all here so that we all could spend some quality time together , please be comfortable to sit .” he welcomed them , Razia helped Nasir to sit on the bed and seated herself beside him , Iltimush ordered the servants to bring some snacks. “While the snacks and drinks are brought , let me ask you all a question , it’s a geuine one , doesn’t have anything to do with any of the upcoming matters.” he said rubbing his palms together “Go ahead abbu , you’re free to ask.” Iqbal said with a broad smile “Let me proceed then , suppose all four of you are in a battle field , fighting together for the Sultanate against a very powerful kingdom , you are winning the battle but just when you are about to reach your enemy king , you find out that they have held the ordinary people of Dilli as hostage and have put them forward , now if you have to proceed , you need to proceed , you need to face them first , what will you do? Remember , they are your own people.” Iltimush put forward his question “I’ll continue anyway , they are just a few ordinary people , I’ll give some money from the royal treasure to their families as a penalty.”Rukknuddin replied at once “And what about you Razia?” he asked turning towards her “Abbu , winning the battle is important , but we can’t risk lives of innocents .” she replied at once “Razia is right , even I think so.” Nasir said “Me too.” Iqbal added “Then what would you do in such a situation so that you’ll not have to risk your people’s lives to win the battle?” he asked them both Nasir and Iqbal were left confused , they looked at each other and replied “We don’t know. We might need some time to think.” Nasir said “And you Razia.” he asked her , Razia frowned and thought for a while “If they are at sitting position , we can make them fall and before our enemies can realise what we’re upto ,we shall attack them , keeping our people at the safe side , and if they’re seated , we can attack them from the sides , as a surprise attack since they had kept the people in the front they were definitely not expecting such an attack.” she said confidently “Excellent , my child , great.” Iltimush praised his daughter , he was now very much sure what he wanted , and was confident about his decision.

After having the snacks and drinks , Rukknuddin and Razia left , Nasir and Iqbal were left with their father “Nasir and Iqbal , I want to ask you both a question, What will be your reaction if a woman becomes my successor and not one of you?” he asked them , Nasir and Iqbal were not fools , they understood what was going on in their abbu’s mind thy smiled broadly , Nasir replied “Abbu , you mean our sister Razia? Abbu , we’ll be the happiest and the most fortunate brothers then , she’ll make our dynasty proud .” “Yes abbu , we never wanted the thrown , we are with you in this decision of yours .’ Iqbal added , Iltimush was relieved he said “I’m really fortunate to have sons like you both , Gazni is a huge empire , I shall give you both it’s responsibility , half of the Gazni would be under Nasir , and half , under Iqbal.” he hugged his sons and continued “Tommorrow , after Iqbal and Zehna’s marriage , I shall announce her as my successor .”.

Everything seemed to be well and good as planned as they wanted but the Sultanate and the royal family was unaware of the tragedy on it’s way towards Dilli , a tragedy , that changed the course of time , a tragedy , that made a soft-hearted princess, Razia who never had even dreamed of becoming the sultan , into a woman , for whom , becoming the Sultan was the only ambition she had , only to save her family and the Dilli Sultanate.

Precap – Iltimush tells Razia that he wants her to sit on the thrown , Razia is shocked and says that she’s incapable of doing so .

Credit to: Anumita

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