Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 48 continued


Chapter 48 continued

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Chapter 48 continued…..

It was dawn , the beginning of another day , Yakut and Razia both were riding on their respective horses “ Yakut , where are we off to ?” Razia asked Yakut , all of a sudden , breaking the unnatural silence between them “ Where I originally hail from , my home , towards my place , near the Himalayas , (Himachal Pradesh) , we will be staying there until the ministers and the Sultanate realise their mistake and come to you begging for forgiveness , as far as my wits say , it won’t take long.” Yakut replied with suppressed anger. “ Calm down Yakut , you seem to be mad at the ministers since yesterday.” Razia tried calm her fuming friend but might had failed since he did not give her any reply but kept on riding through the fallen red and yellow leaves on their path , monsoon was nearing it’s end and autumn was on it’s way towards Hindustan.
“ We shall be reaching there by the afternoon .” Yakut finally said breaking the awkward silence between them , by then the sun had raised and their vision was clearer , the atmosphere had turned a bit cold now as they made their way through the mountains towards their destination.

Dilli , Royal Palace –
I t was already afternoon and thus , was the time for lunch , but nobody seemed to be hungry , Qtub was sitting on the floor of her chamber trying to stop the flow of tears from her eyes but failed miserably everything changed witin a night and yet she , once the Malika-e-Hind was helpless , suddenly she felt a warm palm on her shoulders , she turned back to find Shamshaad standing behind her with a plate full of delicious dishes “ You haven’t eaten anything since yesterday please have something.” Shamshaad requested “ How can I ammi , when my daughter’s life is in danger?” she asked “ Her life is not in danger , Yakut is there with her , he won’t let anything happen to her.” Shamshaad assured her daughter. Everything seemed to be as still as a painting , ruined as tarnished statues and as unpredictable as the direction changing direction of wind.

Meanwhile , Yakut and Razia finally reached their destination , Yakut’s village was a small yet a beautiful one , Razia was left speechless when her eyes laid on the scenic beauty of the village , the river that separated the village from the nearby woods was crystal clear , flowing with dancing fishes in it , the trees had yellow and red and green leaves on them , the weather was cold , yet the sun spread it’s warmth keeping a balance , the mountain ranges were lush green with a cover of coniferous forest on them. “ Beautiful!” Razia exclaimed , “ I know that.” Yakut replied with a smile , the soothing sight of Nature had finally managed to bring a smile on her face “ Thank God she smiled finally.”

Yakut said to himself in his mind. They were welcomed warmly by the humble villagers , Yakut narrated the whole tragedy that shook the Sultanate to them and they readily agreed to help them. “ You can stay here as long as you want , please accept our hospitality Shezaadi.” the village head requested Razia and bowed in front of her “ Please , don’t , it’s my pleasure that I got to meet people such as you all.” Razia said with a smile. Yakut and Razia were showed their respective rooms in the house of the village head , after freshening up , Razia decided to give Yakut a visit , she knocked doors of his room softly , Yakut opened the doors and was surprised to find Razia “ Do you need something?” he asked out of curiosity “ No , I just wanted to thank you.” Razia replied , “ Please come in.”

Yakut welcomed her , while Razia entered his room , he continued “ We are childhood friends Razia , as a friend , this is my duty , had it been you in my place woould you not have done the same?” , Razia turned back and smiled broadly at him , she took his hands into hers and finally said “ I feel blessed to have a friend like you.” saying so , she gave him a warm hug , a strong yet messed up feeling struck Yakut , he had never ever felt like that before , he felt complete , but he ignored the feeling and hugged her back , though he was very much confused “ What kind of feeling is this?” he asked himself in his mind.
He was feeling complete and wanted the hug to last forever , yet did not know , why this was so. But their moment was interrupted by the call of the village head’s wife from the down stairs , “ The lunch is ready.” she called out for them , Razia broke the hug and said “ They must be waiting for us , let’s go.” , Yakut noticed her teary eyes , he wiped the tears away by his thumb “ You have a long way to go Razia, you need top be strong.” he said to her , to which Razia nodded , before they left to have their lunch.

At the evening , Razia decided to take a stroll in the village , she put on a shawl since it was a bit cold by the evening , warping the woolen shawl , she was walking through the green grass , beside the river when she was interrupted by a voice behind her “ Talking the evening stroll all alone ?” she turned back to find Yakut a distance away smiling at her “ Why don’t you join me?” she invited him and in no time , they were indulged into their never ending conversations and laughter, after a pleasant evening , when the sun had set they joined the villagers at the community dinner, after the dinner , Yakut and lead Razia to her room , she was enjoying her stay in the village as well as their company , before entering her room Razia turned back and said with a smile “ Good Night Yakut.” Yakut smiled back and said looking deep into her eyes “ Razia! Always keep smiling like that. Good Night.” he greeted her , Razia smiled and went into her room ,sighing , Yakut too went into his.

Royal palace , Dilli-
Iqbal was pacing back and froth in his chamber “ How did Altunia come to know about his father’s murderer , no this was not only an accident , there is a lot more , I need to find out , I need to. “ he said to himself. Iqbal was a clever man , he put his spies into action to find about the whole thing and to not his much surprise , he found out after almost a week that it was none other than Shah Turkan behind the mishap, ‘ Turkan and Ruknuddin , you are gone , now.” he said to himself seething with anger , just then Zehana entered the chamber , she was shocked to see her husband in that state , she had never seen an angry Iqbal , “ Calm down shezaadey , what’s wrong?” she asked in a panicked state , “ Zehna , that.. that Shah Turkan and Rukknuddin , they are responsible for our misery , for the Sultanate’s misery.” he finally revealed. Without hesitating , he took his sword and marched out of the chamber.

Razia closed the door behind her , she examined her room and found it completely dark , a complete dark room reminded her of the terrible night that had just gone , she hastily lit a candle and fixed it in a candle stand. The weather , though a bit cold was pleasant , with the candle-stand in her hand , she approached the window that was open , the sky was clear and the moon lit the dark sky , gazing at the beautiful moon , she said to herself “ Why me , why did all this happen only with me? Malik Altunia ! Khuda maana tha tujhai , per khuda cheena mera tunay , chayn cheena mera tunay , khuda tu ho nahi sakta! ( I thought as my God , but you snatched my God and my peace , you can’t be the God.)

Guys , is Yakut falling for Razia? Well you all will come to know , but one thing I assure you that , he is not going to turn into a ‘villain’ , he will remain as the greatest support of Razia as a Sultan as well as a person.

Precap- Iqbal marches into Turkan’s room with a sword in his hand , he holds Turkan by her neck , Rukknuddin comes and sees this.

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