Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 48


Chapter 48 – Her Struggle Begins!

The sun had finally raised , but there was a terrifying darkness over the Dillli Sultanate. Razia entered her chamber and as soon as she did , she fell on her knees and broke down , crying and howling as if her whole world has been destroyed and indeed, it was. Yakut and Fatimah rushed to her aid , Yakut took her into a warm hug “ It’s alright , everything will be alright … I’m sorry Razia I couldn’t save your abbu I…” Yakut chocked in between as alone tear escaped from his eye, Fatimah couldn’t hold back her sobs and finally the strong woman broke down , it was a black day for the city. “ Why with me Yakut , why with me?” Razia asked between her sobs like a helpless child. Everything had changed in a split of seconds , their lives , their relationships and their responsibilities , especially Razia’s. But this was just the beginning . “Razia , you need to be at the court today , your crown ceremony will take place today itself.

On the other hand , Shah Turkan woke up , she realised that she had slept on the floor itself and Ruknnuddin was missing. Suddenly the doors of her chamber opened and Ruknnuddin rushed in “Ammi ammi , do you have any idea what had happened , what have you done ammi?” he asked in a panicked state , his tears defined his sorrows and his eyes had raw fear in them , he narrated the events that had taken place , Turkan got up at once , she did not intend to cause any harm to Iltimush , perhaps after Rukknuddin , the only person she loved selflessly , she cupped Rukknuddin’s face with trembling hands “Thi….this can’t be true.” she said and rushed out of the chamber.
She hurriedly reached Razia’s chamber and rushed in without any permission , there , she found her getting ready to attend the court , she made Razia turn to her and asked in a helpless tone “Why? Why did you let Iltimush’s murdered live? Why didn’t you sentenced him death , because you’re in love with him?” Razia removed Turkan’s hand from her shoulders and replied “ I know what I had done , and Shah Turkan , you are asking me what I had done , the reason behind this tragedy is you. What did you think I’ll never come to know , be thankful to me that I have not ripped your head off your body , get last , I don’t want to see your disgusting face.” Turkan was helpless , she left the chamber angrily.
Razia entered the Deewan-e-Aam , grandly dressed , she stood in front of the throne , the ministers seated themselves
“ Please begin the crown ceremony.” Yakut asked the priest (May be called Kazi , not sure please pardon me) , just when the priest was about to begin the ceremony one of the people standing there shouted “ We can’t accept a mere woman as our Sultan , this is wrong.” “ Yes yes , we don’t accept a woman as our ruler .” a woman added and soon there began an uproar “ WE DON’T ACCEPT SHEZAADI RAZIA AS OUR NEW SULTAN, THIS IS WRONG!” Yakut and the royal family were tensed at once “ They are right “ a voice echoed it was none other than Shah Turkan , who entered the hall with Rukknuddin. .“After all , Razia is a woman, how can this be possible?” Rukknuddin added , Yakut’s hands turned into fists but he couldn’t do anything for this would only mean imposing a decision on the people by force , which was barred as per Iltimush’s laws .
People supported Turkan and her son “Who knows , maybe all Shezaadi Razia did , she did for the throne?” Turkan added fuel to the fire , and the people and the ministers foolishly supported her . Razia was deeply hurt , she couldn’t bear this anymore , she raised her hand gesturing them to stop , and so they did “ If this is what you all think of me and want, then be it , I respect your decision , because for me ,my people comes first.” she said in a broken voice , tears swelled up in her eyes but she dared not to let them spill.
“Now the question is who would be crowned as the new Sultan.” Turkan came to the point as her eyes twinkled with greed.
“ Well , since Shezaadey Iqbaal and Shezaadey Nasir have already made it clear that none of them wantsto become the Sultan , we are left with only one option .” a minister said “ Of course Rukknuddin.” Turkan announced hurriedly. The Royal family could not believe what they heard this was a complete and straightway insult to the Sultan and the royal family. But they were all helpless,. “ Razia has crossed her limits as a woman and thus , deserves a punishment,” Turkan announced with an evil smirk, “ENOUGH! .” Yajut shouted , he had enough of his friend’s insult.

He turned to Razia and said “ Razia , there’s no need to stay back here , where no one values your good deeds and sacrifices . Let’s go from here and you all who are feeling so proud of themselves by snatching from Razia , her right , will one day lament upon yourselves , one day , you all will realise you mistakes.” with these words , Yakut held Razia’s hand and dragged took her out of the hall , Qtub wanted to stop her but couldn’t.
One one hand , where Yakut and Razia made their way out of the border of Dilli , Rukknuddin was being crowned on the other hand , less did the people know , about the fate awaiting them.
My UTs are going to start from this Monday so I won’t be able to update my ff till Saturday. Sorry for that but my Exams are really important.

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  1. Exams come first… Its ok…. Nice track… I hope razia meets altunia… Turkan n ruknudin are snakes….thanks for the update anumita..

    1. Anumita

      Well , they will meet but not so soon. In my ff , like shown in the serial , they actually never could spend much time with each other as lovers , though had plenty of time for misunderstandings to flourish between them and for their duties. Beside giving much importance to Razia’s character as a Sultan as well as a woman , I have decided to also highlight the love story of Altunia and Razia and how they longed for peace in their lives.

  2. I m excited to watch their love story..

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