Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 45 Contd.

Chapter 45 (continued)

Altunia took his and Razia’s breakfast from the royal kitchen and went straight into Razia’s chamber , his mind as flooded with thoughts and worries , entering her chamber , he found her lost in thoughts , he knew she was sad and thus , decided to cheer her up , plastering a fake smile , he greeted her while entering the chamber “So, what we have…today , naan, shaahi paneer , tadka daal… and..and yes , my favorite tandoori paneer.” he said while placing the plates in front of her “Stop faking a smile, I know you are sad , and I even know the reason , the pain of separation , is eating you alive, right?” she asked all of a sudden with teary eyes , Altunia looked at her like a vulnerable child looking for someone to sooth him “And you?” he asked her , Razia chocked , she had no words , she just shook her head as a lone tear escaped her eye “What if…Mirza in the future one of us would need to choose between ‘us’ and our people , our country , whom would you choose?” she asked him finally , Altunia was lefty dumbfound , he had no answer , both were equally important for him , he sighed and thought for a while , then he questioned her instead “What would you do , whom will you choose?” “My people , our people , my country.” she replied without thinking even for a second , she knew what she wanted , not confused like him , she had a glim of confidence in her eyes at the same time , a splash of raw fear about his reaction to her reply . Seeing this , Altunia smiled , all his confusions were wiped away bu a single reply “Same here” he said at last. “I’m dying from hunger” Altunia said as he realised that such talks might spoil even the few hours he had to spend with his beloved , Razia giggled and said “Me too.” “Then what are we waiting for , attack the food , it smells delicious.” he said and tore his naan into two.
After having a hearty breakfast with Razia , Altunia left her chamber since he had to join in the marriage preparations.
Razia was getting bored , Altunia had strictly instructed her not to get down from her bed , if she did , it would be enough to anger him , he would get panicked , but to her surprise , Fatimah entered her chamber , greeting her a good morning , Fatimah made her drink a glass of milk with turmeric so that she would get well sooner. “I’m sorry , I couldn’t come to see you actually Shezaadey had high fever last night and..” before Fatimah could complete , Razia held her hand “I know Fatimah , you don’t need to give me explanation” she assured her , just then Yakut also entered the chamber “Huh…. it’s a really busy day today but why would Shezaadi be bothered , she got away from all these due to her injuries.” he teased Razia while entering the chamber “Yakut, I’m seriously inured ok and by the way I’m not afraid to join you all , if Altunia had not asked me to take a bed rest for the whole day then, I would have..” she said throwing a pillow on Yakut who caught it in mid air . “Ohooo , now Shezaadi Razia who always did what she wanted to finally started to be submissive towards somebody.” Yakut pulled her leg. “Enough you both now , I’ve to leave Shezaadey must be waiting for me.” Fatimah said getting up “Wait wait wait , one minute , one minute , Fatimah, you are blushing?” Razia asked after observing Fatimah carefully “Fatimah, what happened? Please say that what I am thinking is true true true.” Razia said excitedly , guessing already that finally the time has come “Razia , I’ve finally fallen for him , I’m in love with your Nasir bhaijaan.”” Fatimah finally confessed “What? That means you too will start behaving crazy and over sweet now , smiling around without any reason and all.” Yakut said teasing both of them “When you’lll fall in love no , then you’d realise.” Razia spat at him “Realise what?” he questioned “You’ll realise that the person is an inseparable part of your world , whenever she’s around , your heart will start beating faster than ever , you’ll never realise when you’ll start smiling thinking about her and…” before she could complete Yakut interfered “I had enough for today , please , no more. Now decide how should Fatimah express her love to Shezaadey Nasir?” he diverted the topic “Yes yes, look Fatimah don’t be very quick , not at least now , after he gets well surprise him by confessing your feelings.” Razia advised Fatimah “Yes , you’re right.” Fatimah agreed .
And this way , the three best friends spent the rest of the morning.

Precap – Iltimush puts forward a question in front of his sons and Razia , to test them , he later ass Nasir and Iqbal a special question.

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