Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 45

Chapter 45- Two Days To Go.

Razia broke the hug and said “It’s too late , I think you should go and take rest.” Altunia smiled and said “I would love to take rest here only.” Razia rolled her eyes and shifted aside , Altunia then climbed up on the bed and laid down , encircling his arms around Razia , holding her close to him , the warmth of his body had a soothing effect on her minds and wounds and soon , she drifted into a deep slumber.

The sun rose , spreading it’s golden sun rays on Dilli , Altunia woke up rubbing his eyes , he found his lady love still sleeping peacefully , he thought it’s better to let her sleep , so he carefully moved aside , the medicines had a good effect on Razia , thus , her sleep was not disturbed by the movements . Altunia went into his chamber , freshened up himself and got ready to join everyone at the breakfast hour , tomorrow would be a big day for the Sultanate since Zehna was going to get married to Iqbal “Tomorrow…Zehna will get married to Iqbal …that means…day after tomorrow , I and ammijaan would return to..Bhatinda? That means I have only two days left to spend time with Razia , after that , we don’t know when shall we meet again.’ he said to himself while adjusting his turban , he was tensed ,he did not want to leave her alone but he knew he had some responsibilities towards his people.


Meanwhile , Nasir woke up , his wounded leg was aching like anything , with his eyes , half opened , he tried to turn around but felt a strong grip on his shoulders , he finally completely opened his eyes , getting back to his senses and his eyes widened in surprise he found Fatimah sleeping beside him holding him tightly , he was beyond surprised , he then looked around and was surprised to find out that he was not in Deccan but in Dilli , in his chamber , he understood that he was brought here in unconscious state and it was Fatimah who took care of him the last night , his subconcious mind had some memories of the last night , he had faint memory of a woman crying beside him saying I love you , but it was Fatimah who took care of him the whole night “Does that mean …no no Nasir it must be a dream.” he murmured , not wanting to wake her up but being a spy , even the sound of a falling pin could wake her up and Nasir’s murmurs were far louder than that , she woke up and looked up only to find Nasir’s gaze at her , and they shared an intense eye-lock , but their eye-lock was broken all of a sudden when a vase fell down due to a pigeon that had entered the chamber , they both straightened themselves , feeling too embarrassed and awkward Fatimah broke the silence an asked “ How are you feeling now?” “Better …umm so you took care of me the whole night?” Nasir replied and asked “Yes, you had fever , wait here , the servants will help you to freshen up , and I think even I must..freshen up.” she replied Nasir smiled and hmmed “Will my longing ever come to an end , will she be ever mine?” he asked himself after she left. Coming out of the chamber Fatimah wondered how would Razia be feeling , thus she decided to give her a visit.

Meanwhile , Iltimush had held a meeting with Qtub and Shamshaad “Qtub, I want to ask you… that , for you , is there any difference between your children , on the basis of their gender?” he asked her politely , although confused , honestly replied “No , all my children are equal to me.” “That means it won’t matter to you whoever becomes the next Sultan?” he asked again Umm no , not at all .” she replied “And ammihuzoor , you?” he asked turning towards Shamshaad “No….why would that matter to me too?” she replied , then, it’s clear , all my children are equal to you both , so , I just wanted to unofficially announce that……

beside Nasir and Iqbal , there’s one more name in my mind and that is mu daughter Razia.” he said in one go , putting his hands together “WHAT?” asked a shocked Shamshaad , Qtub was too shocked to say anything .
“Razia is a woman Sultan and a woman can never rule over men.” Shamshaad snapped at him “Why can’t theyif they’re worthy enough?” Iltimush questioned , a little annoyed “Because she is a woman , Ammihuzoor , even you know that she’s capable of handling this position and might win over the thrown leaving behind her brothers.” he continued “Our society , our people would never accept her Iltimush.” Shamshaad said , a bit softened by now “They would , they have to if she proves herself.” Iltimush said in a low yet stern voice.

Precap – Razia fins out about Fatimah’s feelings for Nasir.

Credit to: Anumita


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    hey anumita , soooooooooo srry dear didn’t see ur epi’s so srry , today read alll , actually was busy , sooo sorry yrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUVED EVERY BIT OF ALL UR EPI’S . U R A GREAT WRITER DEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST AMAZING……. U R JUST FAB… MINDBLOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUV U SWEETHEART , HOPE U HAVE FORGIVVEN ME. PLZZZZZ YRRRR SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOO SRRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Arrey… No need to apologise , even I was busy with my xams this week and updated almost after ten days , not this one but the previous one. It’s alright , I understand.no need to say sorry.

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    Alzia scene…. Lady love ha…..this episode was super se uper….. Awesome yaar…. I will wait for the next…. Thank you thank you….. Upto infinity….. Anumita… For this ff… U r just amazing … With these skills… You have a very bright n shinning future… May god bless u dear..

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    Hi…I am a silent reader…i read all ur ff frpm epi 1…all ov them are fantastic…I know the pain of curiosity that what will happened next…but u r a busy soul i can understand.
    U r a very good “afsana nigar”…ur ff rocks n so r u…good luck for ur upcoming result…plz pray for mine too.

    • Anumita

      Thanks JH every comment from each of my sweet readers means a lot to me. Sorry I couldn’t update until now but today I might. And yes…all the best for your result.?

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