Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 44


Chapter 44- Confessions And A Long Night!
Razia spat out the blood continuously flowing from her broken lower lip , she did not really regret about killing Shash-Ud-Din , that traitor would have killed her instead , but her abbu wanted him alive and she hated disappointing her abbu . Just then her eyes caught a horrible site , her Nasir bhaijaan trying to get up , but his wounded foot is not allowing this to happen , forgetting everything else , she quickly rushed to his rescue , since , Shamsh-Ud-Din was dead , there was big mess all around , Nasir somehow got on his feet with Razia’s help , “Razia , abbu…huh abbu wanted…him alive.” he said huffing due to some unknown reason , he walked barely a few steps before falling on the ground , wet with blood , straight on his stomach , “Bhaijaan!” Razia shouted alerting their soldiers , Nasir was immediately taken to his tent immediately , the healer came to him as soon as he was called
, after checking him , the healer called in Razia “I am really sorry to say but , the arrow that hit his leg was coated with a deadly poison , and it’s anti-venom is not available in Deccan , we need to rush him to Dilli , otherwise saving your brother….would be a difficult task shezaadi.” he said with a worried tone “We shall leave immediately , the army general would talk with Shams-Ud-Din’s family and Deccan’s people.” she announced before rushing out of the tent. A lone tear escaped from her olive-black eyes “No Razia how can you loose hope and get weakened , no Razia , you need to take the charge , you also have to be your family’s streanght , Allah , help this child of yours.” she prayed.

Razia was riding with a lightening speed , she had already sent a messenger to inform her family about Nasir’s condition .

As the messenger read out aloud the message sent by Razia at the royal court , everybody gasped in horror , Fatimah’s heart fell into her stomach when she heard the news , tears started to swell up in her eyes , the was mess in the palace , the royal healers were called , and the anti-venom was brought.
Soon Razia arrived , before Qtub could ask anything she gestured her to wait and sai “Ammi , we don’t have much time , I’ll tell you the whole truth later , but for now , it’s important to save bhaijaan , he’s unconscious and his body is turning blue , we need to treat him first.” she said in one go , all Qtub could do was to node a yes .

The anti-venom was given to Nasir , but the healer said that if fever gets over him , he might not survive , this shattered the family including Altunia , he had developed a good friendship with Yakut and Nasir . Fatimah somehow composed herself and and asked Iltimush “Abbujaan , can I stay back at Shezaadey’s chamber overnight? You all look so tired, even Razia is injured , I think you all should take rest , if needed , I’ll surely call for you.” Iltimush nodded in agreement , he caressed her head , and left with everyone , Fatimah was left alone with Nasir in the chamber , the candles were almost out , she took some candles and lit them with the help of the torches present in the chamber , it was raining cats and dogs and , the unpredictable weather was enough to invite a fever for Nasir , Fatima was a sensible and cautions woman , she looked through the window of the chamber , a lone tear escaped from her eye.
She took a vessel filled with water and a piece of cloth made of cotton , after dipping the cloth in the water , she gently placed it on Nasir’s forehead , he was feverish! , This tensed her , she sat on her knees and took Nasir’s hand “You…You asked me no , before leaving that whether , I love you or not? Shezaadey , the answer is YES I do , I really do , I know , I took too much of time to confess this , but I was helpless , I did not realise this until I heard about your condition …Shezaadey…please don’t give me such a severe punishment , I LOVE YOU ….I really do , I cannot even imagine my life without you now. Please don’t leave me , I’ll die , please get well soon , talk to me , I promise …I promise that as soon as you get well I shall confess my feelings to you …but please get well , I…I can’t see you like thhis..pl..” Fatimah said between her sobs , for now , all she could do was to take care that his fever does not raise and cry her heart out.
Turkan was pacing back and forth in her chamber “Ammijaan , I am not getting it that why are you so tensed about Razia being sent to battles to lead the troops?” Ruknuddin asked blankly confused, at his mother’s behavior “Exactly my dumb son , that’s what I am exactly worried for , as far as I know Iltimush , he’s doing this purposely , he considers women equal to men..and….” she paused “And?” Ruknnuddin asked “And Razia is capable , no one knows this better than me and Iltimush.” she completed “You mean Razia and ..and successor of Abbujaan? Haahahaha..ammi…haha..ammijaan …please say this is a joke , if it is then it is the funniest joke ever , a woman and on the royal throne…ammijaan ..you are thinking too much.” Rukknudin said after a hearty laugh , Turkan frowned a little “Yes …may be..you are right …I am thinking too much.” she said.
Iltimush was dressing Razia’s wound by himself there was a calm silence in the room “Abbu..I ..I am sorry , I couldn’t follow your order…..I had to… kill Shamsh-Ud-Din..he otherwise he would have killed me.” Razia said with teary eyes , at this Iltimush smiled and said “I have full faith in you my dear , I already knew it , I just wanted you to confess it to me , there will come many such situations in life when you’ll have to choose to be cold and turn your heart into stone , time compels us to do so , for the sake of a better tomorrow , even I had to face such a situation , even I had to kill someone , who was once ,…my friend.” Iltimush said staring at his hands. “Abbu …but there must be some reason no …and whom did you kill?” asked a curious Razia “Think again ,if I tell you the truth , will you be empathetic to me , will you not think wrong of me?” Iltimush asked her instead.
I am really sorry for making you all wait so long , but I had my exams going on.

Credit to: Anumita

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