Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 42 Contd.

Chapter 42 (continued)

Arrangements were made for their (Rukknuddin , Altunia , Nasir , Iqbal and Razia) departure , and it was made sure that no one got to know Razia’s involvement in the battle until they were faraway from Dilli. “My best wishes are always with you warriors!” Iltimush said to them before they begun their journey to Gazni. “How far is Gazni from here?” asked Iqbal “12 Days and one night.” replied Rukknuddin “No….4 days and one night.” Altunia said with a glim in his emerald green eyes “ 4 days and one night? But this is impossible.” Nasir exclaimed “Let Hazrat Ali think that , leave the rest on me , after crossing this region , we shall follow another path , I know many such paths.” Altunia replied , to which Razia smiled , this technique of his was not new to her.

True to his words , Altunia led them through a completely different route to Gazni and within 4 days and one night , they stood in front of Hazrat Ali’s suba (region) , the gates opened up for them , for precaution , they had brought troops with them , but they weren’t enough “See , that Hazrat is all set to capture us , he has double the number of troops we have brought with us , we have 20,000 soldiers and he, he is ready with 40,000 soldiers” Rukknuddin said , studying the region from a cliff where they stood “You know that , I know that…..but he doesn’t .” Razia said with a smirk , she ordered the troops “Put up around double the tents you all need , and make sure our tents are put up at considerable distance from Hazrat Ali’s region.” Altunia smiled , admiring her presence of mind , “Now , shall we proceed for the peace talk?” Altunia asked “No , not until Hazrat sends some of his trusted guards to fetch us , as per his messenger.” Nasir replied .” “Hmm trusted guards , well well well , let’s see their loyalty , let us welcome them first.” Altunia said with an evil smirk , Nasir understood what he actually meant and smirked back at him.

Soon , Hazrat’s guards arrived , little did they knew that they were to be attacked , Iltimush’s troops attacked the few trusted men Hazrat sent and killed them , they hid their bodies in the forest and accompanied Razia , Altunia and Nasir , dressed as Hazrat’s men , so that nobody could recognize them , Rukknuddin , Yakut and Iqbal were to stay back to look after the tents and instruct the troops.
Reaching Hazrat Ali’s palace , they were welcomed , they sat at the Deewan-e-Khaas , surrounded by Hazrat’s trusted men (Who were actually Iltimush’s men dressed as Hazrat’s men)
“So , tell me Shezaadi Razia , what is the reason that brought you here? Don’t think I am surprised that Iltimush sent even his daughter , everybody knows how capable Shezaadi Razia is .” Hazrat said with a smile , to this , Razia smiled and gave him a salaam “Ji Shukriya (Thank you) , coming straight to the point , Sultan Iltimush wants you to maintain peace with him even when Shamsh-Ud-Din would get arrested for revolting against the Sultanate , in return ,we assure you that you shall remain in power.” Razia said confidently , “Well , if I don’t? You know how deep my friendship is with Shamsh-Ud-Din .” Hazrat said raising his eyebrows “I see , then Sultan Iltimush might strip you off your powers as soon as we inform him of your decision.” Razia said with a sigh , to this , Hazrat gave a humorless laugh “You’ll inform him if you get to go out of this palace , Guards! Capture them.” he ordered , but to his surprise , none of his ‘Trusted Men’ moved an inch “What are you doing Hazrat , asking our men to capture us only?” Altunia asked with a smirk , at once , Hazrat threatened them “I have already 20,000 soldiers waiting for you.” “And we have 40,000 soldiers with naked swords waiting for just a signal , just at the entrance of your region Hazrat!” Altunia said with a bit loud voice “The choice is yours Hazrat , power or friendship.” Nasir said coldly , Hazrat understood that there was no loop hole to this and thus , reluctantly nodded as agreement. Razia smirked , after she was ensured that the whole situation was in their hands.

After ensuring that the situation was within their control , Rukknuddin , Yakut , Razia , Altunia , Iqbal and Nasir left Gazni , heading back to Dilli . “Razia , you promised him that he won’t be stripped off his powers , but what if he does something like this in future? And you have not even taken Abuu’s permission.” Iqbal asked Razia , “Bhaijaan , sometimes , for the sake of people’s well being and good , we need to break promises , Abbu taught me this as a child , and I used his teachings here.” Razia replied , her gaze fixed at her path. To her ,it was only an involvement in saving the sultanate , but little did she knew that she was paving her way to the royal throne.
Yakut smiled listening to what Razia said “Sultan was right.” he thought in his mind.

Precap – A battle in Deccan!

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