Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 43 Contd.


Chapter 43 (continued)

After six days of tiresome journey , Nasir and Razia with their troops finally reached Deccan’s border , Razia raised her hand to stop the troops that followed them “We shall set out tents here , send a message to Shamsh -Ud-Din , as a last chance given to him for a peace treaty , if he rejects our proposal , we shall not wait any longer and announce a battle against him.” Razia ordered the soldiers . Razia’s orders were strictly followed , tents were set up and a proposal of peace was sent to Shams-Ud-Din , which he rejected. “As expected , he must face his ill fate now.” Nasir said , hearing the news of Shamsh-Ud-Din’s rejection “Send another message to Shamsh-Ud-Din now , that he should be ready for a battle tomorrow.” Nasir ordered his messenger.

Royal Palace , Dilli-

Fatimah was taking a stroll at the palace’s beautiful rose garden , the garden consisted of varieties of roses from all over the country , the maids and guards greeted her as she passed through the garden , enjoying the beautiful scents of roses and other flowers , but her moment of tranquility was disturbed by a familiar and arrogant voice “Talking a stroll all alone, need some company?” Rukknudin said with an evil smirk , Fatimah rolled her eyes and continued to walk , that was all she could do for now , but Rukknudin ignored her actions and continued “These roses are really fortunate that they could feel your touch , can I get as fortunate as them?” “Enough Rukknudin , you should better stay in your limits!” Fatimah said in a low , dangerous tone “Ohh , now a slave has also dared to speak up in front of a royal ?” Rukknnudin asked with arrogance “I guess you are forgetting who am I now Rukknuddin , I am Shezaadey Nasir’s first and until now , only wife and might remain as his only wife , and just with a single gesture of my finger , I can throw you out of the garden now , and trust me , ammijaan and naanijaan won’t ever question me , neither would abbujaan do that.” Fatimah said with confidence , ,
Meanwhile , Altunia was passing by the garden and overheard their conversation , he smiled at Fatimah’s answer , hearing this , Rukknuddin boiled with range and grabbed Fatimah’s wrist “How dare you!” he shouted at her , alerting the guards and the maids who , came rushing toward them , seeing this Altunia decided to interfere and teach Rukkuddin a lesson but before he could take even a step forward , Fatimah , twisted Rukknuddin’s hand in turn and pushed him in such a way that he landed flat on his stomach on the ground , Altunia came rushing towards them , Rukknuddin’s face got stained with mud and dirt due to his fall , seeing this , everybody present there burst out into laughter , “See , now that is his real face , thank you Fatimah for showing us his real face.” Altunia commented with an evil smirk , “If you ever , I mean ever disrespect any woman , I shall not think twice before breaking your hand!” Fatimah warned , him before she walked away with Altunia , Rukknuddin was trembling with range , he wanted revenge “You must pay a heavy amount for this insult you mere slave!” he said to himself , with fury in his eyes.
At Deccan Battle Ground-

Razia and Nasir were all set for a blo*dy battle , they along with their troops were waiting for Shamsh-Ud-Din’s troops to arrive , and soon they did , Nasir examined Shamsh-Ud-Din’s troops “They are with bows , arrows and swords.’ he said to Razia “Hmm , I can see that , we must be careful with our shields and swords.” Razia said , gazing at her enemies , Nasir tightened his grip around his sword and raised it high and let out a war cry “HAMLAAA!” , at once their troops charged at Shamsh-Ud-Din’s troops “HAMLAA!” Shamsh-Ud-Din ordered his troops before the two troops clashed their swords , Shamsh’s troops charged arrows on Razia and Nasir from which they successfully protected themselves with their shields , Razia , slit the throat of the soldier about to attack , she was busy countering the enemies when Shamsh-Ud-Din threw a spare towards her , within fraction of seconds , Razia , held the spare on air just when it was about to pierce through her body , “Don’t attack from by back like a coward Shamsh-Ud-Din , If you are a true warrior , then come into the battle ground and fight me!” Razia shouted at Shamsh-Ud-Din , who was fighting , sitting on his elephant , saying so , she cut one of his men into two pieces , making her face stained with his blood , Nasir saw this from a distance and decided to stay by his sister’s side , he feared for Razia , but at the same time admired her courage , but couldn’t reach her as Shamsh-Ud-Din’s men surrounded him “I need to deal with them first.” he thought and started to fight with them single-handed , he was an excellent sword fighter and fighting with ten men at a time was not a big deal for him but this time he was desperate to be on his sister’s side . On the other hand , Razia and Shamsh-Ud-Din was engaged in a deadly sword fight , both were too good at their skill , and was a tough competition for each other , all of a sudden Razia gave a hard blow to Shamsh-Ud-Din knocking him down on the ground , but he got up at once and resumed the fight , meanwhile , Nasir had killed all the men who surrounded him , he rushed towards Razia , who was not very far away from him , suddenly Shamsh-Ud-Din , pushed Razia , making her fall on the ground , he was about to slay her with his sword , but Razia swiftly managed to roll on the other side and quickly got back on her feet , and gave Shamsh-ud-Din a hard blow with her sword , and Raised her sword to slay him when Nasir suddenly called out ‘Razia , no , abbu wants him ALIVE.” Razia looked at her brother’s direction , taking the moment as an opportunity and got back on his feet and punched Razia on her face ,blood oozed out from her lips and she fell on the ground , quickly turning back , she realised that Shamsh-Ud-Din was about to attack her, she tightened her grip on her sword and her sword clashed with that of Shamsh-Ud-din , making an ‘X’ , laying on the ground , she was not able counter all his attacks , meanwhile , an arrow hit Nasir’s left leg making him fall on the ground “Razia!’ he cried , seeing that Shams-Ud-Din was about to attack his sister , but Razia was too quick , before Shamsh-Ud-Din could realise , her sword pierced through his chest , making blood split ou on her face , and the next minute , Shamsh-Ud-Din’s lifeless body fell on the ground , Razia finally got on her feet , but suddenly Nasir’s words rang in her ears ‘Abbu wants him alive’ .

Precap – Nasir and Razia reach Dilli , Iltimush reveals a shocking truth to Razia .

Credit to: Anumita

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