Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 43

Chapter 43- The Battle Of Deccan and The warrior Princess!

As soon as they reached Dilli , the warriors were welcomed by the people , Iltimush with his family (Including Turkan) stood at the royal entrance to welcome them. Qtub and Shamshaad were relived that Razia was safe while Shaazia and Yasir were happy for their sister.
As soon as they entered the palace , Yakut and Iltimush excused themselves and went into a secret chamber to know the whole progress , Yakut told Iltimush how Razia showed her presence of mind , and took the whole situation into her own hands , how Nasir and Altunia made the win ,a cakewalk for others. “Hmm , I see , as you know , there will be a battle with Shasmsh-Ud-din , in Deccan and we need to be quick , I have decided to ….” Iltimush paused , lost in thoughts “To?” asked a curious Yakut ‘To let Razia and Nasir take the lead in the battle , Altunia has to stay back due to the wedding preparations , now that is the ultimate test for her , if she passes the test , a few questions and a completion , then…I shall announce her as MY SUCCESSOR!” Iltimush exclaimed. “That would be best Sultan.” Yakut agreed.

Soon after lunch , Nasir and Razia were called upon by Iltimush into his chamber . When they reached , he congratulated them and made them sit beside him “As you know that we need to take control over Deccan and capture Shamsh-Ud-Din as soon as possible , everything is not very well even now , so … I want you and Nasir to take the lead and lead our army against Shamsh-Ud-Din. “ Iltimush said with a worried look on his face. Razia raised from her place “My each breath is taken form my country , for your subjects , Abbu , order us , we shall leave the instant you ask us to.” she said confidently “Yes abbu , just order us , we are ready.” Nasir added . “Then that is it , prepare for the battle now , you both will depart with the troops by the evening ,and Razia , I have a lot of expectations from you.” Iltimush said , looking at Razia , after that , they left to prepare for the battle.

By the evening , all the preparations were done for their departure , Qtub and Shamshaad reluctantly agreed as they were worried for Razia , it was the first time she was going for a battle
Before her departure , Razia went to meet Altunia to bid him a good bye , reaching there, she found him busy with something , but before she could call out his name , Altunia sensed her presence and said “I knew you would come ,.” he turned back , he knew it was Razia “How did you….without even hearing my voice.” asked a confused Razia , Altunia took her hand into his and replied “I can sense your presence , even if my eyes and ears are closed , because you…reside in my heart and I can always see you from the eyes of my heart.” Razia smiled and hugged him tightly “I am really nervous Mirza , I have never fought in a battleground before.” she said while hugging him , Altunia hugged her back and assured her “So what , you are a skilled warrior , aren’t you?” she just hmmed and closed her eyes ,enjoying the beautiful moment with the love of her life

On the other hand , Fatimah was making Nasir wear his armor at his chamber , she could feel his gaze on her but choose to ignore it and was avoiding looking up , after she was done , she looked up into his eyes and said with a smile “All the best , may success be yours and here , this holy thread “ she said picking up a black thread “Let me tie this in your arm , it is for your well being .” she tied the thread on one of his arm “Thank you .” Nasir thanked her with a smile , he then took her hands into his “You have so much respect for my family right?” he asked her “Thank you for everything Fatimah!” he exclaimed , “Can I ? “ he asked spreading his arms a little for a hug , Fatimah smiled at his innocence and hugged him , he hugged her back and they shared a warm hug “Do you love me ?” Nasir asked all of a sudden , not breaking the hug , Fatimah , couldn’t answer him , she was confused , things weren’t clear to her , all she could do was to break the hug and say “You are getting late , Razia might be waiting for you , at this , Nasir smiled and said “It’s alright , I’ll wait.” and turned to leave.
Bidding a good bye to their family , Nasir and Razia , got on their respective horses and started to go , before leaving , Nasir turned back to find Fatimah , looking at him , through the window of her chamber , she smiled at him and he smiled back , for some unknown reason , he was feeling as if something might go wrong. He did not want to leave Fatimah alone , but had to.

2) This season of Razia Sultan ..the story retold is soon going to end , but don’t worry , the story would continue from season two and the real , intense story will start from the second season, and soon after the end of first season , I’ll start the second and final season. The first season is the first half of the story , the second season would be the 2nd half of my ff.

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