Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 42

Chapter 42- Another battle to be handled!

The mehendi ceremony in the palace was in full swing , the full moon peeped out of the dark clouds that surrounded the sky , Yakut was also present at the hall , enjoying the ceremony as well as ensuring the palace security , when one of his spies , disguised as a waiter , secretly passed a small chit to him , alerted at once , he slipped out of the hall , reached his chamber and closed the doors of his chamber , he quickly unfolded the chit , and found it empty , he then applied a special , watery ink on it and some codded sentences appeared that he could read easily , reading the secret letter , his eyes widened , with a sigh , he put the letter in his pocket and went back to the Deewan-e-Khaas ,
reaching there , he skillfully , took aside Sultan Iltimush , so that no one finds it weird , and whispered something to his ears , at once , Iltimush became tensed “Let the ceremony get over , we’ll discuss this at your place.” Iltimush said in a cold , deep voice , to this , Yakut nodded and they headed back into the hall.
After the ceremony was over , Iltimush met Yakut at his chamber “We must call all the spies and your sons , as well as other generals , Malik Altunia ought to attend the meeting , things are worse now , the subedaar of Deccan is planning to revolt against us and this time , he’s not alone , at least ten other subedaars are with him , at least ten , and if , so many people revolt at a time , we might loose.”Iltimush said , pacing back and forth “Deccan’s Subedaar , Shamsh-Ud-Din Hazrat , ,is getting all these support because of Hazrat Ali Mohhamud , one of the most powerful subedaars of Gazni , the region we recently conquered , fro Yaldoz , all other subedaars will blindly follow what Hazrat will say , we’ll have to capture him first.” Yakut suggested , Iltimush nodded in agreement “Violence is not always required my son , you need to have that kind of mind , I know what I have to do , but
let’s see what my sons do , I’ll use this situation as an ultimate test to see their capabilities and talents as a leader.” Iltimush said with a smile , Yakut understood his point and smiled back , just when he was about to order the guards , Iltimush said in between “Wait …I also want Razia here! I haven’t given her training in warship and administrative skills to sit and home and become a homemaker like other princesses , she was always different , had a fire inside her , let’s see what happens if it is kindled.” Iltimush said , drawing together his eyebrows , Yakut was surprised , but at the same time happy for his dearest friend , he nodded and ordered the guards to call the princes , Razia and Altunia.


After sometime , all the princes and Altunia came in one by one “I know you all are curious , and want to know why I called all of you at this hour , we’ll begin the meeting as soon as another member arrives , the person might have got late due to some reason or the other.” Iltimush said calmly “Abbu , I guess everybody is here , I , Nasirbhaijaan , Iqbalbhaijaan , Altunia , Yakut , you. Who’s missing?” asked a curious Rukknuddin , but just when Iltimush was about to answer him , a voice came from the doors “I’m here abbu , sorry for being late , actually I was busy helping Zehna.” Razia said while entering the chamber , everybody except Yakut and Iltimush was shocked.
“Then do those homely stuff only , abbu , what is the need to include a woman in such a meeting.” asked Rukknuddin , annoyed to find Razia there “Only those who deserve to be here are here , and Razia deserve this.” Iltimush replied in a firm voice looking at Razia , who smiled back at her father. Iltimush then narrated and discussed the whole situation to everybody , Razia was fairly active and this strengthened Iltimush’s confidence in his daughter. “We need to arrest Shams – Ud-Din then ,as simple as that .” said Ruknnudin confidently “No , he’s not alone , to uproot a tree , we need to destroy it’s roots , we have to destroy the root of this revolt first.” Altunia suggested to Iltimush “Altunia is right.” Iltimush declared “That means Hazrat Ali?” Razia guessed at once “Yes , now make arrangements , we need to have a peace talk with Hazrat Ali.” Iltimush declared.
Precap- , Yakut , Altunia , Razia, Nasir and Iqbal reach Gazni for the peace talk with Hazrat Ali.

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