Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 38 and 39 brief


Chapter 38 and 39

Razia could not believe her eyes , she was shocked to see Ruhana’s dead body “Ruhana , but why would anyone want to kill her …I .I must inform ammi , no no noo , I can’t do that, she’ll get tensed , yes Altunia , he’s the only one who can help me out , I must find the murderer and punish him’ she said to herself.

Reaching Altunia’s chamber , she found him , writing something , she called him “Mirza , Mirza , leave all these stuff , I need your help urgently , please come with me.” saying so , she grabbed his hand and started to drag him towards the place where she found Ruhana’s body “Razia but…What is the matter, at least tell me .” Altunia kept on Questioning her but she decided to remain quiet. On reaching the place , she showed Altunia the dead body and narrated the whole story to him “Hmmm, Razia , don’t inform this to anybody except Fatimah , she’s an excillent spy and can tactfully uncover this mystery” Altunia said to Razia , Razia nodded in agreement “But , where should we hide this body now?” asked a tensed Razia “Right,wait I’ve an idea.” Altunia replied as his face lit up at once.

Fatimah was busy making a painting in her chamber when Razia and Altunia arrived there.
“Fatimah , we need your help” Razia exclaimed , heedlessly entering her room”Oh, when did you both come , I’m sorry I was so much engrossed in making this painting , I…” but before Fatimah could complete Razia cut her in between “Leave all these stuff and come with us , we need your help.” Fatimah was confused but decided to follow Razia to her room , and left the painting that was almost done on her bed only.

Reaching Razia’s chamber , Altunia and Razia explained everything to Fatimah , Fatimah was shocked as well as upset hearing the whole story and decided to take up the case in her own hands.

Meanwhile , Nasir reached Fatimah’s chamber since he wanted to spend some time with her , before entering her chamber , he decided to knock the doors , finding no response , he finally entered her chamber , but was surprised no find her not present there , just as he was about to leave when an uncovered painting laying on the bed caught his eyes , he picked up the painting for a closer look and was astonished to find it his , it was actually his portrait , it was so beautifully crafted that it looked almost real , he was mesmerised to see the portrait “Hmmm , so there’s a lot more to know about my wife , she can also paint , but.. this painting seems to be incomplete , let me complete it.” he said to himself and took away the painting with him with a smile.

Chapter 39

Rukknuddin and Shah Turkan were in a state of panic , when Rukknuddin went to the palace backyard to displace the dead body safely , he could not find it , this meant only one thing somebody had found the body and had displaced “ You should have been careful , if you had displaced it that night only , we would not have been in a state of panic right now.” Turkan yelled at her son “Me ? Why are you putting the blame on me now , you only asked me to hide the body in the palace backyard.” he yelled back at her “There’s no use of arguing right now , all we know that someone has found the body and we don’t know who , and here , in this palace , I don’t find any well wisher of ours , and if Sultan comes to know about our whereabouts , the thrown will definitely slip from your hands my dear son.! “ , she said narrowing her eyes.

Fatimah had inquired the royal guards , but found them clueless , “Well , the murder is a cold-blooded one, that is for sure but no matter how clever a murdered is , he/she leaves behind a proof , until he is an excellent assassin , but I don’t find Ruhana worth to be assassinated , and an assassin would never dare to hide the body near the palace , it’s either a part of a deadly conspiracy or….Some was caught red-handed by Ruhana.” Fatimah said to Altunia and Razia who were listening to her with utmost concentration.
“Come , let’s check the backyard , maybe we can get something valuable there.” she instructed Razia and Altunia .

The sun was about to set , Fatimah , Altunia and Razia returned to their respective chambers , disappointed since they could not get any proof that would help them. Fatimah was too tiered , she entered her chamber and had almost forgotten about the painting , when suddenly she found it laying on the bed “Oh , I just forgot about it.” she said to herself as she picked up the painting , having a closer look , her eyebrows raised in amusement , the painting had been completed and beside Nasir , someone had made her portrait , as if they are enjoying a garden stroll , unknowingly , a faint smile curved on her beautiful face , she understood who had completed it.

The next morning , when Fatimah woke up , she found herself on the couch of her chamber , she then only realized that she had fallen asleep sitting on the couch , gathering up herself and the clues , she sat on the bed with a rose-sharbat(a drink that has cooling effect) . Taking a sip of her drink , she took a paper and started to writeup all the incidents and clues she knew one by one , she also made a map of the interiors and exteriors of the palace , drawing up all the clues and the map together , she narrowed her eyes and said to herself “Well , my doubt seems to be growing stronger.” she rolled up the sheet and was about to leave her chamber when Nasir arrived there “Were you going somewhere?You seems to be in a hurry.” he asked her entering her chamber “Oh , no no , I was in no hurry, I was just going to meet Razia , that’s it .”

she answered at once “ Then , may I disturb you?” he asked her flashing a smile at her “Disturb ?Oh please , you can never disturb me.” Fatimah replied with a smile , she then lead him inside , they had a hearty breakfast together and had general talks . “So , you can paint as well?” she asked him all of a sudden that startled him , he gulped his drink and replied with a smile “ Yes , sometimes , I must say , you’re an excellent spy , I thought you’ll never come to know.” to this Fatimah smiled back , somewhere ,in her heart , she missed her job as it was her passion.

After spending some quality time with Nasir , Fatimah headed towards Razia’s chamber , on her way , she was stopped by Rukknuddin “You seem to be in a hurry , I’ve heard one of Malika-e-Hind’s maids is missing and you are investigating on the matter?May I help you in any way?” he asked her with an evil smirk , getting too close to her , backing off at once and sensing his intentions , Fatimah plastered a fake smile “Great , but I thought that this matter was a confidential , thanks for your offer but I think , I am enough for this matter , and yes thank you again , now , you have proved my doubt , correct , I’ll soon unveil the guilty.” she said sarcastically , making it very clear that she’ll keep an eye on him and his mother before she left.

Precap – Altunia , Razia and Fatimah reach a chamber , lead by a dog “This chamber is of Rukknuddin and that Turkan .” exclaims Razia as she enters the chamber.
Will the trio be able to prove Turkan and Rukknuddin guilty , or Turkan will successfully play her card and will have a hairy escape?

Credit to: Anumita

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  1. Woah…..at last the mystery revealed.. Cute moments of nasir n fatimah…. I hope they will be able to prove them as murderers… So excited for the next episode….loved it… Thank u anu…. Nice storyline… Brilliant imagination.. Creative writing… All qualities of fabulous writer… Keep going dear…. Amazing…

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  2. Another fantastic episode!!! I really enjoyed the moments between Nasir and Fatimah…. Waiting for the next episodes……. And Anumita di mark my words you are an amazing and outstanding writer…..

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  3. Sorry for late comment, this chapter is so amazing n very interesting
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