Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 40 continued


Chapter 40 – Mirza At The Rescue! (continued)

Quick , we ought to find out eveidences against them before they return.” Fatimah instructed , “Altunia , I think you should go and return Mirza (dog) to Yasir , before anybody doubts on us , the rest , I and Razia would handle.” Fatimah said to Altunia , Altunia nodded and took away the dog from there. Fatimah went to the balcony and Razia was searching in the room , when all of a sudden she heard a vice that came from her back “Razia!” , she turned back at once only to find Iltimush with Rukknuddin and Shah Turkan , Iltimush seemed to be angry “Abbu” she called as a mere whisper , hearing this , even Fatimah rushed in and froze at her place when she saw Iltimush , she was not a fool and sensed at once what Turkan and Rukknudin were up to “Abbu …abbu they .. they had murdered….” Razia was about to complete , when she was cut in between by Fatimah who held her finger from pointing towards Turkan and Rukknuddin and cut her in between “Abbujaan , she means we had doubt on them in relation to Ruhaana’s sudden vanishing.” Fatimah said , hurriedly . Iltimush raised his hand in annoyance and turned towards Razia ”Runnuddin and Turkan had already told me everything , I know Ruhana is missing ,

Qtub told me this morning only , but I am highly disappointed to know that you are raising finger on your own brother , Rukkkuddin , what proof do you have against them?” he asked her “Abbu , Yasir’s dog could smell blood from this room.” Razia said desperately “That must be the blood of Turkan , she had got a cut on her finger , see.” he said showing Razia , Turkan’s bandaged index finger , “The investigation , from now on , would be handled by my spies , and you , you two , wil stay away from all these.” Turning towards Fatimah , he continued “I did not expect this from you , you are matured enough , . Fatimah , today , you have highly disappointed your abbujaan.” he said before he marched out of the room , tears started swelling up from Raia’s eyes but she did not want to cry before the two evils , she looked at them in anger , Turkan and Rukkudinn smirked victiriously , Fatimah , boiled with range but somehow prevented it from dominating her facial expression , and left the room , with Razia ” We had a hairy escape this time ruknnu , but , we ought to be careful from now on , this Razia is different.” Turkan warned her son after they left.

Razia was too angry at her self and her fate to even utter a word and rushed into her chamber and closed the door from inside , Fatimah knew her in and out and thought that it would be better if she is left alone , so she let her go and went into herchamber , even she was angry . The afternoon rolled on and and soon , the sky became orangish red as the sun was about to set , Razia was lost in her own world , thinking about how her abbu was unjust today , when she heard a knock at the door , she opened the door to find Altunia , he came in and closed the door , Razia was confused , but before she could ak anything , he threw her a question “So , you find it funny , you are not scared of me , and the name you suggested for Yasir’s dog?” he asked raising an eyebrow “Why should I be scard of you?” Razia questioned him instead , confused , he snacthed her arm and pinned her to the nearby wall “You should be.” he said as an evil smirk played on his handsome face , trapping her , between him and the wall , to this , Razia rolled her eyes , she was in no mood to get involved in any sought of romance “Mirza , please , you don’t know what had happened today.” she said in a broken voice “And you don’t know me.” Altunia said , tightening his hold , coming closer to her ,

Razia tried to push him away but overpowered her “No you cannot go away without any punishment ,.” he said with an evil smile , Razia could , no more control her tears from escaping from her eyes , seeing this Altunia left her at once , “Razia , I was just …I was not going to punish you , how can I ever , do that , did I hurt you any way? I..I am sorry .” he said , afraid of even seeing a single tear in her eyes , he took her into a warm hug and assured “I’ll never , ever hurt you , I promise.” “No …I..I am not hurt because of you , I trust you Mirza , I am hurt because of abbu himself.” Razia said between her sobs hugging him back tightly , hearing so , Altunia drew his eyebrows together , breaking the hug , he wipped off her tears and cupped her face with his palms “What is the matter , whic is bothering you , why are you so frustrated.?” he asked her , concerned at once.

Razia then narrated the whole incident to Altunia , Altunia was not a fool , he was experienced enough to understand at once that Turkan purpously did this “They are upto something , something big and bad …very bad.” he warned Razia , while Razia nodded in agreement .

Precap – While Turkan and Rukknuddin get away with their unforgivable crime , Zehna and Iqbal’s mehendi ceremony starts , while , another battle is announced.

Credit to: Anumita

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  1. Alzia love story is the best….unconditional love…???…… Shah turkan is evil but i must say dimag hai jo galat kam me use karti hai ??…. Illutmish blindly loves n trusts this turkan. . feelind sad for the trio… Better luck next time….
    Alzia seen was beautiful…. Thanks anumita…..ur Ff is rocking yaar… Bcoz of u…loving it..

    1. Your welcome

  2. yashasvi ( yashu )

    firstly i am sooo sry fr not commenting actually i was very buzy just now i read all the 3 of them all rr just amazing …. i cnt control my laugh yrrr yasir’s dog name altunia n change kra bhi toh mirza…hahaha….. sooo funny….. i always think that this iltutmish was such a good n wise man that he appointed his daughter as sultan bt wt happens him in front of that evil turkan…. god knows…… alzia rocks…….wowww wt a brain does mirza has , pehle he predict kr diya……… one thing today i want to say that acc to me iltutmish was the best father at that time n mirza the best husband…. b’coz both of them in 13th century supported razia…. salute to them n hats off to anumita di fr her creative imagination………….

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