Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 40

Chapter 40 – Mirza At The Rescue

Shah Turkan was fuming with anger ‘I knew it must be some insider who displaced the body , but , Fatimah , she’s a mere slave , why would she take up the things in her own hands ,no , there is something we’re missing out , an ordinary slave cannot carry such attitude , we must find out before it’s too late.” she said to Ruknnudin who nodded in agreement.

On the other hand , Fatimah had already informed Altunia and Razia about her recent finding and doubt “I knew it , it must be them only.” Razia said gritting her teeth “But we do not have any evidence against them.” Fatimah said “Well , if we don’t , we;ll find , Yasir has recently bought a pet dog , and believe me , it’s really intelligent and quick in actions.” she said excitedly . Reaching Qtub’s chamber , the saw Yasir playing with his dog , Yasir , being a kid of barely 5, used to reside with his mother “Yasir , what a beautiful dog you have , what is it’s name?” asked Razia playfully , ruffling her little brother “Appi , when did you come . Oh , he? His name is ALTUNIA.” he said innocently pointing towards his dog who was lost in his own world , Razia and Fatimah struggled to hold back their laughter , while Altunia’s face reddened due to embarrassment , he sat beside Yasir and took him in his lap “Uh.. Yasir , don’t you think ‘Altunia’ is such a name that is suitable for humans only , why don’t you give it any other name?” he asked “Yes , you are right , wait , I have a name in my mind.’ Yasir replied as his face , lit up at once “Yes , tell me what is it?” asked a relived Altunia “What bout MIRZA?” asked the innocent child , at this Altunia’s face hung at once , this time , Fatimah and Razia couldn’t hold back their laughter and burst out into laughter “Yes Yasir , Mirza is the perfect name for your dog ‘Altuniaaa’ .” she said between her laughter , stretching the name ‘Altunia’ Altunia glared at her and gave her a ‘I’ll see you later look’ , at this Razia started to laugh even more “So , she’s not scared of me , she finds it funny , let me show you Razia , a glimpse of real ‘me’.” Altunia thought in his mind “Anyways , Yasir , can we take your dog for a while? We need him.” Fatimah requested Yasir “Bhabijaan , why not , just order me , you don’t need to request me.” Yasir said with a smile , at this , Fatimah kissed his forehead and took the dog with them.


Coming out of the chamber , Fatimah sat on her knees and ruffled Mirza’s (dog) furs , “Mirza(dog) , can you smell blood ? Even if you get the slightest smell of blood , then lead us to that spot where it is the strongest.” she whispered to the dog , at once , the dog ran through the corridors , followed by the trio and at last they reached Ruknnudin and Turkan’s chamber which was near Qtub’s chamber , where they weren’t present Mirza (dog) stopped there , “This chamber is of Turkan and Rukmmudin , Fatimah , your doubt was correct.” Razia said turning to Fatimah.

Credit to: Anumita


  1. Pooja

    Even I couldn’t control my laughter..???
    Ohh sad mirza….. Cute n funny episode. … Enjoyed it… Thanks anumita for all the effort & time u r using for making this ff so adorable & marvellous…. Love it yaar

  2. Sneha

    Seriously I was laughing so hard at that dog scene my brother came in asking what happened.. LOL… Please continue writing like this…..

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